LinkedIn Learning – Lifetime Access

Actual Cost: $29.99/month or $239/year

This is NOT a stupid Library Card and PIN login available and sold online for petty price. This is an authentic account of your own email,

Whats inside.

LinkedIn Learning – Lifetime Access @ $49

Up to 3 Days Delivery

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4 thoughts on “Special Offer: LinkedIn Learning – Lifetime Access @ $49

  1. amemon

    I am interested in this but not sure What do you mean 3 months warranty & lifetime of the shop .. pls clarify ? .. does it mean that it can stop working after 3 months?

    • Hi Amemon,

      Yes it is Lifetime, but my supplier only give 3 months warranty, meaning he will replace the account if there’s a problem with in 3 months.


  2. arslanjan81

    Hi, I had a Lynda account that i got from you, it doesn’t work now, Is this Linkedin Learning replacing that or is it a new offering?

    • Hi arslanjan81,

      I’m sorry but this LinkedIn account is from different supplier. My old Lynda supplier is no longer available.


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