Unlimited Goögle Drïve for Life

+ 1TB ÖneDrive

* Do not use our Unlimited Google Drive as your main and only backup cloud
* Always make another backup like 5TB OneDrive (+Office 360)

Basic Package $50

24-48 Hours Delivery

Payment Details and Activation Below

Members Exclusive
For non-members, please email

*Please use Unlimited Google as Personal use only
*Do not use this as you main and only backup cloud
*Always make another backup like 5TB OneDrive for Life

This content is for members only.

15 thoughts on “Special Offer: Unlimited Goögle Drïve for Life for $50 Only

  1. GenardT1

    Hi Nick, I love your products and will be upgrading to unlimited download and I will also be purchasing the extra storage space!!!!!!!

  2. PrinceDumpling

    Are there no more custom packages left?

    • Hi,

      Custom package is no longer available.


  3. James008

    Hello, So just to be clear…

    For $40 I get an Unlimited Goögle Drïve for Life + Amazon Prime for 6 months + Office 365 for life + 1TB of OneDrive all for $40!

    with a custom edu email based on my name?

  4. Fireball

    What exactly is the difference between the basic and the custom name package? Does custom name package mean that your Google Drive will be added to my existing Google account?
    If yes, would the basic package mean that I have to use a new Google account to access Drive?
    Sorry for the stupid question!

    • Hi Fireball,

      Basic is random name, while custom can be any name you want. But we have to create new edu email on both package and we cannot use you existing G account.


  5. roboutet

    Is the Lynda.com offer still valid? The link doesnt seem to work.

    • Yes, Please clear your web browser cache and cookies and check again.


  6. omkargite36

    Is this still valid Bro?

  7. jph641

    Does this give you a .edu email?

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