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So, there I was in my cubicle at the same job I’d been at for the past 5 years. It was a normal Friday morning where I was doing my normal corporate job duties.

However, I was really nervous and my palms were starting to sweat because I was about to do something VERY abnormal.
I was about to walk into my bosses office and tell her I was quitting my job!

My heart was racing as I walked to her office door and knocked on it. It probably would have been easier if I could just tell her that I had accepted a job at another bank. But how do you explain to someone that I was quitting my job to build a niche site empire?

How do you tell your boss that you’ve been working after hours at home for the past few years trying to figure out how to build and rank little niche websites in Google and that things had really started to take off?

I’m not sure I found the perfect words, but I got my point across. I was grateful for the time I had worked at the bank, but I was super excited to go out on my own and pursue building profitable websites full time!

I was absolutely relieved that my boss was supportive of my decision, and she was also genuinely excited for me!

I quit my job on March 11th, 2011 and I’ve never looked back since. I’ve been a full-time internet entrepreneur since that day and looking back I can see that it was the best “career” decision I ever made.

In the first year after quitting my job, I averaged over $10,000 a month from my niche websites. And my income has just grown from there.

Since 2011, I’ve built a number of different internet based businesses ranging from small niche sites to software companies and even eCommerce businesses.
However, the backbone of all of these businesses has been the same: Organic traffic from Google.
That’s right, FREE traffic from Google has allowed me to go massive affiliate websites, software businesses, and much more.
My name is Spencer Haws, and I’m going to teach you, in step by step detail, how you can build, rank, and harness the power of Organic Traffic from Google to power your business.

Not Getting the Traffic You Want?

You aren’t alone.

Do you have a website that just isn’t seeing the results you want or getting the traffic from Google you’d expect?

Through NichePursuits.com, Long Tail Pro, and courses I’ve created, I’ve worked with hundreds of website creators struggling with the same problem.

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

You wake up anxious because you are going to check your analytics even though you know your traffic hasn’t gotten any better since yesterday.

The worst thing is you don’t know why you aren’t getting any traffic.

Where is the Google love!?

You don’t understand why your traffic isn’t growing. You do the work, write the articles, use the right plug-ins, do keyword research, but never see an increase in traffic.

Inside Organic Traffic Formula, I’m going to show you exactly what has worked for me.

I spent YEARS trying different strategies that didn’t get me the I wanted. Now I’ve discovered what works on a regular basis, let me share with you my organic traffic system for building profitable websites.

Discover the Power of Long Tail Keywords

Did you know that 70% of all organic traffic that comes from Google results from Long tail keywords?

I didn’t at first.

At first, I spent fruitless years trying to rank in Google for terms that were competitive, got high search volume, or keywords that I thought for sure would bring in the big bucks.

On the surface, it made sense. If I could tap the vein of those big numbers, I thought I would make cool cash day in and day out.

When I finally stopped letting the dollar signs blind me, I was able to adjust my strategy. I shifted my focus to trying to rank for small terms that were easy to rank on the first page of Google.

I started to get a trickle of traffic, then lots of trickles. These trickles quickly added up to a massive flow of traffic.

In a short period I had enough Google traffic to make me $10,000 a month from Google Adsense alone.

Fast forward to today.

I’ve been doing this for years. I’ve built hundreds of successful sites. I know one key thing.

Traffic isn’t something you luck into. You have to have a plan and the ability to execute a systematic approach.

In order to scale my little operation I knew I needed to build a system I and others I hired could follow that targeted these long tail keywords and drove loads of organic traffic from Google.

I created a system to do that, and it worked.

The thing that excited me about my strategies was that it could be applied to just about ANY type of online business to rank in Google and get that highly coveted organic traffic.

As a result, I’ve now built several successful businesses outside of just niche site thanks to organic traffic from Google. These businesses include a well-known blog, a SaaS company, and an eCommerce business.

The Module Road-map: A Quick Module By Module Glance Of What You Will Learn

Here’s Everything You’ll Get When You Join Today

In-depth Video Training Modules

Gain immediate access to the 7 in-depth video training modules taught by Spencer, Jake, and Jason.  (The full list of all the videos is above). These videos go beyond just theory, and include live examples and everything else you need to build, rank, and make money from your site.

Standard Operating Procedures, Downloadable PDFs, and Checklists

You’ll gain access to my standard operating procedures so that you can know exactly what to do when it’s time to implement what you’ve learned.  Follow these yourself, or turn them over to an employee or Virtual Assistant to implement.  The downloadable PDFs and checklists will keep you on task and remind you of what’s important to see the biggest results.

Keyword and Content Scoring Spreadsheets

I’ve developed a special formula for keywords that you get access to when you join.  The keyword spreadsheet will allow you to know exactly what keywords are worth going after.  This keyword scoring spreadsheet will virtually guarantee that you are selecting the same types of keywords that I would personally choose. The Content Scoring spreadsheet is also a simple step by step process that you can use to ensure that your content is high quality and includes all the elements it needs to rank well in Google.

Behind the Scenes Access to My Private Site Making Over $1,600 a Month

Follow along with this never before revealed niche site case study as I share the actual URL of one of my sites that I’ve built over the past couple of years.  This site does extremely well in Google and can act as a template to follow as you build out your own organic traffic powered website.

Alumni Private Facebook Group

Think you might have a few additional questions after joining Organic Traffic Formula?  The alumni led private Facebook group is a great place to ask those questions.  Other member’s that have joined Organic Traffic Formula will be there to answer your questions and keep you motivated as you build your site.  You’ll also have a chance to connect and network with like-minded entrepreneurs in this group.

Lifetime Membership and Access to All Future Updates

When you join today, you don’t just get access to version 1.0 or 2.0, you get access to all future updates and modules that may come out in the coming years.  Once a member, always a member!  If there are changes in the SEO landscape, you’ll get access to the future videos and training that we add to Organic Traffic Formula.

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