Turn What You Already Know, Love And Do Into Recurring Revenue

If you’re looking to create a low stress business that gives you the freedom you want and the steady stream of recurring revenue you need to create the life you love – then reading this letter will be the best decision you can make for your future.

But first, a warning

Recurring revenue (for any business) requires a shift away from old habits. The old way of doing business means you make a sale and hope customers come back again. But chasing new sales every month and hoping customers buy again is stressful and unpredictable.

That’s why I’m thrilled you have an interest in TRIBE.

The system I provide helps you serve your audience in a way that eliminates stress. By simply repackaging what you’re already doing and delivering it through a membership site, you instantly give your business a tremendous amount of stability. This new approach to business allows you to produce high value for your clients while creating dependable, reliable sales for your business… EVERY SINGLE MONTH.


TRIBE is a six module training program that gives you the clarity and confidence to launch, grow and scale a high 6, 7 and even 8-figure membership site.

I’ve taken over 10 years of working with tens of thousands of membership site owners and I’ve distilled it down into a few key strategies that will make all the difference for you and your business.

And each module is delivered weekly to help you get maximum results.

This is NOT “dump a bunch of info on you and wish you all the best”. We have intentionally designed this learning experience for you.

When you apply the strategies I outline in the program, you’ll have more breathing room in your business, less stress and a lot more time for the people and things that matter.

How does the PROGRAM WORK?

All the course materials, downloads and instruction are provided in our members only website (The TRIBE Hub). You’ll be able to follow along and learn at your own pace after each module is released.

Each module is comprised of several short video lessons. Downloadable audio versions, transcripts and lesson summaries are also provided so that no matter how you like to learn, we have you covered.

We also have fun interactive components that help you retain everything you’ve learned AND, the entire site is optimized for your mobile device so that learning on the go is easy and convenient.

Specifically, this course is based around the 6 core strategies for long-term membership success. Starting with…

This is all about how to identify who you will serve, what they REALLY want, and how to best serve them with the right type of membership site.

You’ll discover…

The four reasons someone joins any membership site. The REAL reason someone joins a membership is very different than what you’d expect. And when you know this, you can position yourself, your community and what you offer to really stand out. It will give you a HUGE strategic advantage.

The two must-have pieces of research you need to know about your market in order to position your membership as an “I need this” resource vs “maybe I’ll give it a try”. I’ll show you exactly how to find this information and how to use it. Knowing this, members will be MUCH more likely to stay longer – which is what you want because that’s what will give you the opportunity to really serve them and make a lot more money.

The six membership models and how to pick the one that’s right for you. Not every membership model is right for every market. That’s why I’ll walk you through selecting the one that will be the best fit for your market and the type of business you currently have.

The “less stress” membership philosophy.Everything in the Foundation Strategy is intentionally designed around two core beliefs that I have about membership sites – maximize profitability while minimizing stress. There are a lot of things you can do with a membership site. But one of the most important discoveries I had was if your membership site becomes overwhelming for YOU or your clients, it’s going to struggle. I’ll show you how to make it low stress, profitable and fun.

This is about you crafting content that is easy to deliver and compels people to buy.

I’ll show you exactly how to structure your content so that your members rave about the progress they’re making with the things that they’re learning from you.

That’s why I’ll share…

The “Success Path™”… which, regardless of your market, will provide your audience tremendous clarity and momentum (and that’s one of the reasons they won’t ever want to leave). I’ll walk you through creating your own path.

How to create a year’s worth of content in less than a week. This is NOT about you being stuck on any content treadmill. This is about you designing a content strategy that incorporates massive amounts of leverage, to free up time (while providing a TON of value).

The two types of must have content every membership needs. Most “hobby sites” only have one… and that’s a BIG reason why they fail long-term.

Why LOTS of content is actually the kiss of death for long-term success. If you’re thinking that you just throw a bunch of content into a members area and call it a day, you’re wrong. That won’t work. More content does NOT mean more value – it’s actually the kiss of death. I’ll share how much to provide, when to deliver it and in what format.

The #1 reason people cancel… and how to structure your content to avoid high cancellations. Because did you know that the timing of when you deliver your content can and will dramatically impact how long people will stay? Same content, different timing. It makes all the difference.

The more strategic you are with your content, the more freedom you’ll create for yourself and the more value you’ll bring to your audience.

This is your strategy for attracting new paying members.

When it comes to marketing, there are a million things you can do. I’m going to cut through the clutter and share with you the few things that we do over and over again to add thousands of new members with every promotion.

And in this module we zoom out and look at higher level marketing strategy first.

So we’ll talk about…

Open vs. Closed marketing plans. I’ve tried both and they each work. However, one will bring 3X the results with a fraction of the effort. I’ll share multiple case studies on why there is only one option if you want year-over-year increases.

The 7 pricing strategies… and specifically the NEW trends that highlight which ones will have the highest ROI in your market.

How to position your membership as a “must have” resource vs. “nice to have”.

The marketing sequence that leads to the greatest momentum and highest engagement… regardless of the size of your audience.

The 3 promotion types and the “rules of engagement” for when each should be deployed.

“Momentum stacking” and the secret behind maintaining excitement and anticipation in between launches.

This is your plan for keeping people happy and paying month after month.

If you don’t have a plan for this, you’re in trouble.

If you aren’t intentional about designing a retention strategy, you will lose a lot of people each month – and therefore a lot of money. This is THE most valuable module if you want to maximize your revenue with memberships and subscriptions.

To be clear, you will lose members every month no matter what market you’re in. But what I’ll outline for you is a proven plan for minimizing drop off. In fact, my clients and I experience some of the highest retention rates I’m aware of when it comes to information based memberships.

If you’ve ever heard that members normally only stay for 3-4 months, then you know that person does not have a solid retention plan. My clients see members staying for YEARS, not months.

So I’ll walk you through…

The real reasons people stay (there are only 4 of them)… and how knowing this will shape the way you position your content, your marketing and ultimately your retention plan.

One minor tweak that instantly tripled the lifetime customer value of a well known magazine… and how to use the same technique in your membership.

How a subtle shift in the way content was deliveredreduced the “drop off rate” by 40% of a well known subscription service. It’s so easy to apply and will almost instantly boost your lifetime value.

Why the first 45 days are critical to your success… and the 7 actions you want every member taking to ensure their happiness.

Membership guidelines and rules that impact people’s perception of your community

Gamification and the role it plays in increasing your overall engagement (as well as how to implement it in a super simple way).

Launch pricing and how to use it to increase commitment from your members while also increasing the perceived value of everything that you’re doing.

This module is so jammed packed that it could be it’s own separate course. But as you’ll see, I’ve broken it down into bite sized chunks that you’ll be able to pick and choose the strategies that make sense for your site.

This module is about how to scale and grow with ease and minimal stress

My philosophy is that as the more the business grows, the less you should be involved.

But that means you need to think through…

The 4 growth stages of your membership… and why too many site owners rush the third stage which causes their sales plateau.

The critical numbers you need to know in order to really scale the membership to high 7 and 8-figure businesses.

The roles you should be looking to hire for and the timing for when you should hire them (because contrary to popular belief, you shouldn’t necessarily hire them right away).

Tasks that can be quickly automated.

Effective strategies for attracting highly engaged volunteers who will eagerly help you manage your community.

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