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Created for subscription site, membership site, paywall and SaaS professionals, the Retention Handbook gives you step-by-step instructions to raise average customer lifetimes. Download your PDF copy now to discover:

-> Data charts on retention rates for monthly, quarterly, annual, and group subscriptions, including break-out numbers for consumer versus B2B sites. Compare your site to the “norm.”

-> How to avoid churn due to bad payment cards, including dealing with expired cards.

-> Proven best practices for all aspects of retention, including how to re-engage “sleeper accounts”, how to make onboarding more powerful, how to improve email newsletters, how to retain more group accounts, and how to use advanced analytics to pinpoint and solve retention problems.

-> Legal advice for US sites offering auto-renew.

-> Retention marketing samples from Angie’s List, Carbonite, ConsumerReports.org, Dropbox, FreePlants.com, Golf Odyssey, GoToMyPC, Metals Economics Group, MyCorporation, Monster, Netflix, New England Journal of Medicine, The New Yorker, Rivals.com, The Satellite Broadcasting & Communications Association, Sports Betting Professor, Website Magazine, and WhichTestWon.com.

The Retention Handbook is based on exclusive Case Study research by the editors of Subscription Site Insider, together with insights from the advisory team at InfoCommerce Group. Data charts are based on our survey results of 151 online subscription publishers.

This Handbook is for serious professionals in the online subscription industry, as well as traditional media selling subscriptions online. Instructions and data for publishers serving the B2B and consumer markets are included.

Reviews & Testimonials

“What a resource! This Handbook provides the ingredients necessary for the most effective possible retention results. It is a veritable springboard to success because it delivers expert-guidance in all the areas which influence performance, from personalization to payment processing — and everything in between — by professionals that have walked well-more-than-a-mile in your shoes.”
— Paul Larsen, Managing Partner, Paul Larsen Consulting, LLC

“This is without question the most definitive and complete retention marketing handbook I’ve seen anywhere — in essence, it’s the Bible of Retention Marketing. It comprehensively covers a wide range of topics, from onboarding campaigns to engagement to credit card fulfillment to group sales and everything in between. For the veteran, there’s in-depth, fresh content in every section. Even if you have extensive experience, the content in the Advanced Retention Tactics section will rock your world.”
— Bill Baird, Principal, Baird Digital Marketing

“Having been involved with thousands of subscriptions websites for hundreds of clients around the world, I would say the one characteristic that separates those that prosper and those that struggle is the success of their renewal programs. The research and wisdom in this Handbook is a gold mine for everyone involved with online subscription publishing. I whole-heartedly recommend it”
— Miles Galliford, Co-founder, SubHub Ltd

“Is subscriber retention important? Put it this way: is staying in business important? The profitability and sustainability of subscription-based businesses depends on retaining existing subscribers, so getting it right can make a huge difference to your business. And that’s why you need this Handbook. It’s packed with useful ideas and strategies which you can put to work immediately to improve and increase retention rates”
— Nancy Ciliberti, Sr. Analyst, InfoCommerce Group

“This comprehensive study of membership retention provides real-world pragmatic advice for anyone in the subscription business who wants to keep paying customers longer.”
— Noah Fleming, Co-founder, Peak Retention

Table of Contents & Data Charts

Part I. Renewal Basics

  • Why Retention Rates Are Critical
  • What’s a Normal Subscriber Retention Rate?
  • TABLE: Example Retention Rates from Case Studies
  • CHART: Number of Months Typical Monthly Subs Pay for – B2B vs B2C Sites
  • CHART: Number of Quarters Typical Quarterly Subs Pay For – B2B vs B2C Sites
  • CHART: Average Annual Renewal Rates – B2B vs B2C Sites
  • CHART: Average Group & Site License Renewal Rates – B2B vs B2C
  • Renewal Psycho-graphics: Why New Customers Renew Differently Than Longtime Customers
  • Auto-renewal — The New Standard: Why & When to Use
  • CHART: Percent of Subscription Publishers Offering Auto-renew
  • CHART: Percent B2C Publishers Offering Auto-renew
  • CHART: Percent B2B Publishers Offering Auto-renew
  • CHART: Reasons Why Publishers Do NOT Offer Auto-renew
  • Top 5 Activities to Improve Retention
  • Renewal Pricing Tips
  • Two Quick & Easy Administrative Best Practices to Maximize Renewals
  • CHART: Percent of Publishers Offering a Renewal Gift

Part II. The Welcome Process: How to Improve Your Onboarding

  • CHART: Percent of B2B Publishers Using Top 5 Onboarding Tactics
  • CHART: Percent of B2C Publishers Using Top 5 Onboarding Tactics
  • How Onboarding Affects Retention
  • 5 Key New Relationship-Building Steps: The Welcome Ladder
  • CHART: Which Onboarding Tactics do Subscription Sites Use to Increase Retention?
  • How to Improve Your Welcome Page
  • CHART: Why the Welcome Page is Your Top Priority
  • Best Practices for Initial Welcome Emails
  • High-Powered Welcome Email Series (Autoresponders)
  • CHART: Publishers’ Use of Welcome Emails
  • Offline Welcome Activities That Work

Part III. Legal & Compliance Issues for Renewals

  • PCI Compliance
  • Legal Issues Regarding Renewal Notices
  • CHART: What Percent of Auto-renew Publishers Comply with the Law?

Part IV. Involuntary Churn: How to Reduce It

  • Fighting Against Expiration Dates
  • What to Do About Changed Card Numbers
  • Battling Declines Due to Credit (or Debit) Limits
  • Using ‘Special’ Renewal Campaigns to Reduce Churn

Part V. Ongoing Site Engagement: Getting Return Traffic You Deserve

  • The Fear of Sleeping Dogs
  • Fix Your Log-in Forms
  • How to Improve Your Email Newsletter
  • Amp Up Interactive Community Features
  • CHART: Percent of Subscription Publishers Offering Community
  • The Power of Ongoing & Upcoming Content
  • The Power of ‘Surprise & Delight’ and ‘Warm Fuzzies’
  • Using Contests, Rewards, & Badges
  • Top Three Research Tactics to Make Your Content More Compelling
  • CHART: Percent of Publishers That Adjust Content Based on User Analytics
  • CHART: Video Analytics – Video Length vs Percent Viewed
  • CHART: Percent of Publishers That Survey Subscribers for Feedback

Part VI. Advanced Retention Tactics

  • Drop-off Analysis
  • CHART SAMPLE: Drop-off Analysis – Monthly Subs
  • Sleeper Analysis
  • CHART SAMPLE: Sleeper Analysis – Annual Subs
  • CHART: Percent of Subscription Sites That Contact Sleeper Accounts
  • CHART: Publishers That Identify & Contact Low-Use Subscribers – B2B vs B2C
  • Regression Analysis
  • CHART SAMPLE: Basic Regression Analysis – Annual Subs
  • Demographic Analysis
  • More Advanced Tactics

Part VII. Group & Site License Renewals

  • Group Platforms
  • Group Onboarding
  • Group Account Touches
  • Use-based Group Renewal Pricing
  • CHART SAMPLE: Measuring the Efficiency of Your Group Pricing

Part VIII. More Resources

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Use your Handbook as a working document to implement changes in your onboarding, payment processing, customer communications, and analytics systems that could make a significant difference in your retention rate.

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