The Live Event Revolution


What’s Working Now with Live Workshops, Retreats and Seminars!

Callan Rush is the smartest lady in Canadia, She is earning millions of dollars doing live events, and she can show you how to do it to! why is she revealing her biggest trade secrets? it is very simple, you share great info and you can get rewarded greatly! her methods work and do work very well, if done correctly. you can make more money in a day, than most people do after a year of hard work… if you follow the live event circuit you will see the same names often, Callan Rush is just one of many names, and if she helps you do your own event, if you do it good enough you can join her, and others like her in live events around the world, you will be on stage and back stage with some rich and famous people, the bigger events have film, music and sports celebrities, world leaders and many more!

if you need to understand why live events are important, this training will help you… this training is over the head of most bbhf members, even some of the vip’s, sad to say, but i share it for those of you who will appreciate it and those of you who will benefit by learning from it… learning is just the first step, doing is what pays yours bills.. you will notice, the template she uses is the same one used my many successful internet marketers, and other successful business people, etc…

Sales Page: http://wealththroughworkshops.com/live-event-revolution

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