Become a Figma expert in 10 hours of fun and hands-on lessons

Figma master course from start to finish. From file management, design systems and mastering automatic layout to advanced animation. Packed with over 90 video clips. Over 10 hours of hands-on video content.

What will you learn from this Figma course?

Unit 1 – Hello
Module 2 – Figma Project Management (Real Project)
Unit 3 – Major Design Systems
Module 4 – Responsive UID Design
Module 5 – Master Figma Components
Unit 6 – Design Implementation (Design Delivery)
Unit 7- Reward Challenges
Unit 8 – Prototyping and Animation

Course overview:

Over 10 hours of action-packed video content (90+ videos)
User interface design principles and frameworks.
Build and maintain a design system from scratch.
Learn advanced responsive UI design techniques.
Step-by-step walkthrough of design delivery.
Figma files and project management.
Models and animations
Opening resources: a real client project file, a deliverable pitch template, and a project startup file.

The Ultimate Figma Masterclass [Designership]

Become a Figma Master within 10 hours of fun and practical lessons
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