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What is The Vector Blowout?

The Vector Blowout is the ultimate vector graphics collection on the planet! It is super huge and packed with more than 1400 vector graphics that are distributed into more than 50 organized categories.

Video Presentation

Use in any of your Favorite Software!

The Vector Blowout is 100% compatible with many different video editing software and graphics software. Use them in any of your favorite video editing or graphics software. The Vector Blowout + OTO Compatibility1
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Come with PNG & SVG source files.

You will find a SVG and a high resolution PNG file included for each of the vector graphic. The SVG vector file will come in handy for making sketch effect in software like Explaindio or you can use them in any of your vector type graphics editor. The PNG file is a universal format where you can apply them in any of your favorite graphic, video or presentation software.

The Vector Blowout + OTO Quality

Check out how easy its to use the Vector Graphic in one of our favorite video editing software!

The following video demonstrate how we pick a few vector graphic from The Vector Blowout package and use them with Explaindio Sketch Features. You can see how easy that we integrate the vector graphic into the project. You can also use the SVG vector graphic in any other video editing software like ESP V.2, Video Scribe and many more!

Included with Distribution Rights!

And you will also receive distribution rights (resell rights) with The Vector Blowout! With an amazing collection of vector graphics plus resell rights at a laughable price, this is a deal you won’t want to miss!

The Vector Blowout + OTO ResellRightsLicense

The Categories or Themes you will find with The Vector Blowout!

The Vector Blowout + OTO CategoriesIncluded

Have a Glance Through the Vector Graphics Below!

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Total more than 1400 Vector Graphics distributed into more than 50 organized categories!

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Summary of What You will Receive

  • You will receive more than 1400 vector graphics that are organized into more than 50 different categories.
  • Each of the vectors graphic comes with .PNG and .SVG format files.
  • The vector graphics are compatible with almost all of your favorite video editing, graphics editing or any rich media editing software.
  • You will also receive distribution rights (Resell rights) with The Vector Blowout.

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Checkout the Products below that you will receive through this OTO!


Product 1: SuperBlackboard Video

The Super Blackboard Video allows you to create attractive and engaging blackboard style videos using PowerPoint! It is packed with varieties of slides and templates that you can mix and match and deploy unique new blackboard style videos super easily!

The Vector Blowout + OTO OTOSuperBlackboardVideo

Product 2: 700+ Whiteboard Graphics

The 700+ whiteboard graphics collection is a big collection of whiteboard graphics that you can use in your favorite video creation software like Explaindio, ESP V.2 and more. You can also use the graphics in your presentation or graphics software like Keynote, PowerPoint, Gimp and more.

The Vector Blowout + OTO OTOSuperWhiteboardGraphics

Product 3: 800+ Whiteboard Graphics

The whiteboard icons collection is a huge whiteboard graphics package that included with more than 800 whiteboard icons distributed in varieties of different modules. Each of these whiteboard icons is included with SVG, AI and PNG files and they are 100% compatible with all your favorite video creation, graphics and presentation software such as Explaindio, ESP V.2, PowerPoint, Gimp, Keynote, Illustrator and many more!

The Vector Blowout + OTO OTO800WhiteboardIcons

Sales Page: http://supergoodproduct.com/thevectorblowout/
OTO Page: http://supergoodproduct.com/thevectorblowout/oto/

Download Files Size: 1.11GB

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