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Hey there, and thanks for buying my e-book. Over the next couple of pages, I will be teaching you how you can easily earn $100 a month on complete autopilot. If you did not already know, what you have bought here is not just an e-book. Included is also a custom coded Python script made by me, exclusively for this e-book. Along with the bot for making this method autopilot, the script also contains a captcha solver, also made by me, which greatly decreases the amount of work you have to do for this method to work.

If you have bought this e-book from the official sales thread, you might already have seen me say that this is a “No Bullshit E-book”. This means that I will not try to sell you some bullshit method that won’t work and then lie about the entire thing just to boost my sales. I hope that this is something you will appreciate, as I think too many e-book “authors” are trying to sell glorified bullshit, in form of 1-page e-books with promises of highly unrealistic
earnings. However, what this also mean is that the estimated earnings you see in this ebook

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