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Would you agree that being more persuasive would help you out at work? How about at home?

The fact is:


It helps you build a harmonious family, get better prospects at work, sell more products and inspire the people you truly care about.

And contrary to popular belief, persuasion is not what people are born with.

Persuasion is a powerful skill you can easily learn and master.

My name is Adam Khoo. I’m a self-made millionaire at the age of 26 and a bestselling author of several books.

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Maybe you already knew all these. But what you may not know is… unlimitedpersuasionpower5

You see…

When I just got started in my seminar business, I practiced day and night for my first preview session (where I’ll sell my actual seminar). And finally when the big day came, I gave the most dynamic presentation I have ever done.

But guess how many people signed up? Only 1 — out of 80 people.

It felt totally terrible. And it didn’t help knowing I was thousands of dollars behind because of the advertisements I’ve paid to get that 80 people into the room.

I was desperate. I didn’t have anywhere to turn to.

Have you ever felt that way before?

And I knew the only way to turn the whole situation around was to sell more of my seminar seats.

So I started reading almost every book I could find on Persuasion, Influence and Sales.

Among the pile of books were “How to Win Friends & Influence People” by Dale Carnegie and “How To Sell Anything To Anybody ” by Joe Girard.

I started modeling after the most persuasive speakers in the world…

I watched videos after videos of influential politicians giving historically famous speeches, and modeled after the most powerful trainers – the masters like Anthony Robbins.

And it wasn’t long before I noticed 5 common steps all these masters take in persuading someone to do something – no matter is it to rally for support, to buy a product/service, or to sign up for their courses.

Knowing I have nothing to lose, I started applying these 5 steps into my next seminar preview.


In my second preview session, 10 out of another 80 people signed up for my seminar!

I couldn’t believe the results! I mean, each of the 5 steps was so simple and so I’ve never expected them to be that effective.

Then out of curiosity…

I started applying the same steps to other aspects of my life…

I practiced it in my day to day communication with the people I meet, and…

It Dramatically Improved My Relationships, Widened My Network… And Boosted My Net Worth!

People were more open to my ideas… I was able to negotiate better deals for my company… and doors just begun opening one after another.

Fast forward a few years, I’m blessed to be part of a network of multi-millionaires and successful business owners… and my company is now one of the largest seminar companies in Asia.

But more importantly…


And as a result, they were able to achieve life changing results in their own lives:


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