Video Client Funnel

What you’ll discover…

  • How to find business owners who are willing to pay for your video marketing services
  • How to make sure each client doesn’t turn into your worst nightmare
  • How to get your video marketing service up and running with paying clients NOW!
  • My NINJA Facebook marketing tricks and profit maximizers for attracting and converted targeted leads into paying clients
  • The funnel friendly “Amazon-like” one click payment technology to increase your funnel conversions.
  • How to create a long term, stable, recurring income stream from existing clients
  • How to scale up and explode your income with just a few tweaks literally in a few days whenever you want
  • How to ACTUALLY GET video marketing clients and keep them.
  • …and sooo much more!

Sales Page: http://videorevolver.com/rvf-boost/vcf/

Download Files Size: 407MB

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  1. Links are dead here, also thanks for being so fast at fixing broken links. on the couple of occasions i have reported you have always been super fast in fixing. thank you

    • Hi,

      As I check, Links are working. Please check the attached snapshot.

      Instead of download. Please login your copy.com account and save the files in your account. Then you can download the files from your copy account or use the copy application to sync the files in your pc.

      PS: If you receive error while copying the files. Please disregard it and check your copy account after a couples of hours (6-24hrs) The files should be there.


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