What You Get:

📘 1. Core Course Modules

By the end of the course, you’ll have the next 3-6 months of content planned out, and a system for consistently creating content that your audience (and the YouTube algorithm) loves, without burning out. Through our core live lectures we’ll cover —

🧬 Build — Finding your niche, nailing down your target audience and value proposition, building your studio, the best gear at different budget levels, getting comfortable on camera, minimising friction in filming videos. If you’re a beginner, these sessions will be perfect for you. Even if you’re not, you’ll probably learn lots of useful things (we’ve had students with 100k+ subscribers who loved these sessions).

💡 Conceive — How to never run out of content ideas. We’ll help you build your own Idea Generation Machine, using our 6-part framework for capturing ideas from various sources and systematically generating your own. And we’ll talk about best practises for titles and thumbnails, arguably one of the most important features of a successful YouTube channel.

✍️ Construct — How to structure your videos in a way that appeals to both your audience and the YouTube algorithm. And how to add flair and branding to your videos to make viewers fall in love with your channel.

🔥 Create — How to create a content calendar and use parallel processing to boost your productivity, so you’re never stressed by impending video deadlines. And how to efficiently remix and distribute your content across different platforms to maximise reach and diversify your business. We’ll talk about the power of an email list (you should have this from day 1), and the difference between private vs public platforms to make your business more anti-fragile.

🚀 Expand — How to outsource editing (hint: you should be doing this as soon as you start making money), and how to work towards building a team of writers, researchers, editors and assistants around your channel, while remaining extremely profitable.

🤑 Monetise — How to maximally monetise your content with Adsense, sponsored videos, affiliate partnerships and your own products, without pissing off your audience. I’ll show you the real numbers behind the $100k+ per month that my YouTube channel generates, and the steps I took to get there.

⏰ Live Session Timings — We’ll have 2 live sessions each week for 6 weeks. They’ll be on Mondays and Thursdays. Each session will have 60-90 mins of core teaching and interactive exercises, followed by an open Q&A. If you can’t make the live sessions, don’t worry – we’ll upload the Zoom recording within 1h of the session ending, and we’ll have a nicely edited video with timestamps ready within 24h of the session.

🎬 2. Homework Video Assignments

The Homework Video Assignments are the single most important part of the course.If you can’t (or won’t) commit to publishing 1 video each week, this course isn’t for you. You won’t get much value out of it. It would be like signing up for a gym class, showing up to watch the tutorial, and not doing any exercise. It might be interesting, but it wouldn’t get you any results.

You can’t grow on YouTube without consistently putting out videos, at least once a week. Yes, there are exceptions, but in general, you need to publish at least once a week to stand a chance of standing out.

Each week, we’ll give you a video assignment, which will involve writing, filming, editing and publishing a video on your channel. When you’re done, you’ll link your video on our community platform so that everyone can comment, and we’ll provide detailed feedback on every video assignment that is submitted.

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  1. There is a new version (before they were cohorts now it’s only online) of this course with tons of new materials and included are new courses from Ali. Would it be possible to have this updated or a group buy with the newer version?

    The Part-Time YouTuber Academy
    One-time fee (payment plans available)

    🧠 The Core PTYA Curriculum – 10+ hours of material teaching you everything we know about YouTube from getting started all the way through to monetising, building a team and turning your channel from a hobby into a thriving business.
    📚 PTYA Bonus Modules – More than 16 hours of extra video training on camera gear, studio setups, monetisation, repurposing, community building, newsletter creation and more.
    🔑 Lifetime access to all the course material so that as your channel grows, there’ll always be useful information and insights you can benefit from every step of the way.
    💪 Creator Booster Pack – You’ll get access to two of our biggest courses Part-Time Creatorpreneur and Camera Confidence to help you become a successful, confident and driven content creator with a thriving business (both worth well over $900).
    📕 Our PTYA Workbook – this is a 56-page digital supplement to the course which breaks down each of the lessons into exercises you can use to really consolidate the learnings into actions that will supercharge your growth.
    🚀 Our Part-Time YouTuber Productivity System, which includes checklists, frameworks and templates to turn you into a content-creation beast…
    🚂 Create videos consistently and effortlessly through our Infinite Content Engine
    🐝 Write scripts that captivate your audience using our H.I.V.E.S Framework and video format templates
    📸 Identify the perfect camera, audio, and lighting gear for your budget (whatever your budget is) with our Gear Guru Checklists
    💡 Never run out of video ideas again using our Idea Generation Machine (our 7-part Framework for generating endless content ideas), our 5 Months of Content in 5 Minutes template and our 4A Framework.
    📗 Find the perfect editor or writer using our Outsourcing Almanack – a step-by-step method with a checklist for outsourcing, including pre-written job descriptions for editors and trial tasks for writers.
    🔥 Showcase your individuality and stand out from the crowd with our Forge Your Brand Framework – a combination of 3 of the best systems we’ve ever used to help you identify and leverage your authentic edge as a creator, and to help you understand how to attract subscribers even in a crowded niche
    🧭 Ensure your videos always connect with the audience you want using our Creator’s Compass
    ☄️ Find the intersection between the videos you want to make and the ones which will grow your channel with our Identity Analyst template
    We’ve also got exclusive interviews with over 20 creators including Mrwhosetheboss, Matt D’Avella, Nathaniel Drew, Lana Blakely, Elizabeth Filips and more, where they chat to us about different aspects of their content creation processes, their unique strengths as creators and how they think about content creation on YouTube. Our guests have a combined total of over 36 million subscribers, so there’s an incredible amount of expertise you can learn from.
    🎁 Exclusive Bonuses – Just for fun, we’re bundling in a bunch of incredible bonuses too.

    Thanks 👍🏼

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