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Dr Joe Dispenza – Progressive and Intensive Workshops – Value $299

You can now watch both of Dr. Joe’s Workshops from the comfort of your own home! This Online Progressive package comes with a complimentary view of the Online Intensive Workshop. You will need to watch the Intensive Workshop first. Please do not go out of order for the information presented builds upon itself throughout the courses. For those who have already been to a live Intensive or Level 1 Workshop, it is recommend that you review at least the Intensive Parts 1-4.

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[GB] Perry Marshall – Definitive Selling Proposition

“Fresh Hot Pizza Delivered in 30 Minutes or Less, Guaranteed” was a fantastic USP in 1975.
In 2020, going to market with that is like pedaling a broken bicycle across 6 lanes of traffic on the Los Angeles 405 expressway.
If Last Year’s Hot Double Espresso is this year’s Sleeping Pill for Your Customers,
YOU need to Wake Up.
A new Sea Change in marketing has come.

Jordan Carter – Email CPA Mastery

[GB] Jordan Carter – Email CPA Mastery

You have spoken!
I have listened!
You want the Email + CPA project turned into a fully-fledged program!
As a matter of fact, close to 80% of you just want this…
Basically telling me I shouldn’t have even bothered with the other project videos…
Why are you guys like this, I try to make these little videos and you just want more on the damn scraper + affiliate thing anyone can do!!! I quite liked the Arbitrage one guys!…