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Earn a Starting Salary of $80,000 or More – or Over $100,000 Per Year As a Freelancer

As you can see from the screenshots above, email marketing is an incredibly lucrative field.

Obviously salaries vary by company, industry, and seniority…

But it’s not at all unreasonable to expect to earn AT LEAST $80,000 a year as a full-time, professional email marketer.

The earning potential for freelancers could be even higher, since there’s practically no limit to your ability to attract new clients willing to pay you $100+ per hour to write email campaigns for them.

(That’s the equivalent of a $208,000 full-time salary.)

Now, this may come as a surprise to you.

You may be under the impression that email is past its prime. That it really isn’t that important anymore.

After all, wasn’t Hotmail released like 25 years ago?

It’s true that email isn’t a shiny new object…

But don’t let that fool you!

Email marketing is still critically important for businesses today. In fact, email marketing may be more important now than ever before.

Let me explain.

The Boom in Email is Causing Companies to Hire Writers like Mad

With so many different kinds of digital writing and marketing out there, why am I so focused on email in particular?

First of all: email marketing is extraordinarily profitable.

Email is the single most profitable marketing channel online, with an average ROI of $40. That means for every $1 a company spends on email, they generate $40 in revenue (!!).

You’ll learn how to…

Write spellbinding emails.

We’ll show you what to put in your subject line, how to keep their attention during your email, and what to say to turn those emails into sales.

Create powerful campaigns.

After you’ve learned the basics of email marketing, we’ll show you how to create campaigns of emails that produce an avalanche of sales. You’ll learn about welcome campaigns, webinar campaigns, flash sale campaigns, and much more…

Where to find clients

You’ll learn where to find part-time and full-time gigs, working from the comfort of your own home, transforming the skills you’ve learned into a lucrative side hustle or even a new business.

Here’s What You’ll Get with the Smart Blogger Email Marketing Certification

Email Marketing Course

We’ve created what will become the gold standard in email marketing courses. You’ll learn the most important copywriting principles and marketing fundamentals for email marketers, the critical components of achieving high open and click-through rates, how to get new clients on a regular basis, and much, much more.

Along the way, you’ll learn from loads of examples from a variety of industries, to make sure each lesson is applicable to different types of clients. Plus, you’ll complete exercises designed to help you grasp the most important concepts and put them into practice.


Email Template Library

Think of this as the ultimate email swipe file. We’ll provide you with templates for the most common types of marketing campaigns, including flash sales, webinars, and many more.

These are the same email templates I spent years perfecting that have generated over $7.2 million in revenue for Smart Blogger.

So when I say that these email templates *work*, I mean it. And I can prove it.

These templates are going to save you hours of hard work with all your future projects. Anytime you take on a new client, all you have to do is find the right template, duplicate the file, and fill in the blanks to personalize it.

Depending on the situation, you may need to make a few additional changes so the copy fits your needs. But even then, 90% of the work is already done for you.


Private Circle Space With Feedback From Instructors

Think of the Circle space as the central hub where you can go for inspiration, motivation, clarification, and feedback. This is a great place to network with other writers you can learn from and share secrets with.


Your instructors will be in there, too, providing personalized feedback on your assignment and really helping you to hone your email marketing skills to a razor’s edge.


Certification Exam Including Written Work Graded By Instructors

The certification exam for this program is no joke. After all, you need to live up to the high bar that’s been set by the Smart Blogger brand.

But I promise that if you do the work throughout the course, you’ll have what it takes to pass.


I also promise that your work will be read and graded by real instructors who are expert email marketers in their own right. This is something that almost no other programs offer…which is sad, because it’s by far one of the most important elements in learning to write email campaigns clients are willing to pay for.


Writer.me Profile And Badge

When you pass the certification exam, we’ll set you up with a free profile on writer.me so that companies looking for email marketers will have a way to find and contact you. From that point forward, it will be your source of free email marketing and copywriting leads.


You’ll also get a Certification Badge that you can—and should—put everywhere you can: on your website, resume, even in your email signature, to let people know that you’re a highly trained copywriter capable of writing campaigns that deliver real results for real businesses.

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