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Just finished reading Nicks latest training aid,….and it is Great!
No, uh, “Fluff” as they like to say. Just pure good content. Simple to understand, and easy to implement. It’s a short lesson, but to the point. So easy even I should be able to follow his instructions and set one up…..heh
I say grab it up! You will be glad you did. This is a topic that hasn’t been taught on a lot that I know of, and is just filled with pure knowledge, goos knowedge at that!
I will be trying this out myself…..oh…and there is a bonus at the end that you can’t beat…not even with a stick…for us ole southern folks…heh
Pick it up, read, and put it to action…I think you will be glad ya did!!
oh yeah….just for the record…I’ve never known Nick to put out any product that isn’t top rate…you can be sure of that!
James Mason
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I just finished Nick’s Local Webinar Formula and it is flawless. He gives you a formula if you don’t have your own. If you already have a formula, or a partially fleshed out idea like I had, the Local Webinar Formula can fill in pieces that you may be missing. Top-notch, to-the-point content. I wish there were more products out there like Nicks. The Formula is able to be read in 1 session. Then it can repurposed as a reference guide or a checklist for repeated success.
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Anyone who knows Nick or receives emails from him knows that he practices what he preaches and is in the trenches doing it day in and day out.

And he spends a lot of cash on testing. I read all of his emails and am part of a couple of his groups so I know this didn’t work straight out the gate for him and it’s taken time and experience to get it to where it is today. You can leverage Nicks efforts to help speed up (a lot) your own efforts.

This is an excellent strategy for positioning yourself as an expert in your field and getting prospects to qualify themselves so you only get to work with the best ones. A refreshing read and excellent strategy.

Thanks Nick.

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As a local marketing provider I have been interested in running my own webinars but had as yet had failed to put a plan together on how to achieve success using webinars.Having followed Nicks progress for many years now and seen him fail and succeed in his various client atraction attempts and he has always been truthful and forthcoming with his results that he has shared freely with his followers outside of promoting his products. I trust Nick as he has proven to me to be working his business for real, you can see his actual local marketing business website and is accessible to talk to by phone unlike the vast majority who sell marketing reports. He shares his progress and in turn helps me to avoid the mistakes he has made.This latest report has personally guided me to secure signups quickly, structure my webinars to achieve the best possible conversions from prospects to customers and allows me to focus on the key areas I need to work on first to get this aspect of my marketing off the ground.
I have already come up with a few twists to add to my webinars that will suit my style and services.In my opinion you will find this report of great benefit whether you are beginner or seasoned marketer.

Sales Page: http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-special-offers/971539-new-hot-local-webinar-formula-how-get-clients-apply-work-you-without-prospecting.html

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