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Accounting Made Easy

Learn the Language of Business

Accounting Made Easy  is a video-based course that will teach you the core concepts of Accounting to help you grow in your career, and understand your business

Does any of this sound familiar?
Then Accounting Made Easy is built for you

The foundation you need to learn Accounting with confidence

Every beginner accounting professional faces these same problems:

💡 Grasping basic accounting principles and concepts
💡 Navigating complex financial jargon and terminology
💡 Understanding different types of financial statements
💡 Learning accurate recording of financial transactions
💡 Balancing debits and credits in accounting entries
💡 Interpreting and analyzing financial data effectively
💡 Mastering the concept of double-entry bookkeeping
💡 Categorizing and managing various types of accounts
💡 Applying accounting rules and regulations correctly
💡 Determining appropriate methods for asset depreciation
If you find yourself facing these challenges, you’re not alone. Many beginner accountants and business owners encounter these obstacles on their journey to mastery
And chances are, you know you should be excelling in accounting – which is why you’re on this page in the first place
Whether it’s to enhance your career prospects, gain a competitive edge, or confidently handle real-world accounting scenarios, accounting has been on your to-do list for a while

The proper guidance you’ve been missing

Perhaps you’ve attempted to learn accounting on your own before. But time and again, you encountered difficulties and found it hard to stay motivated. What initially seemed exciting eventually became overwhelming, and you ended up right back where you started
The missing piece was guidance and accountability
You tried to navigate the complexities of accounting alone, which made it an uphill battle from the start
But “Accounting Made Easy” solves that problem. You’ll receive comprehensive instruction and support from an experienced CFO who will guide you through each step of your accounting journey
You’ll get access to countless beautiful infographics & templates making Accounting both interesting, and fun

Don’t let these accounting challenges hold you back any longer

Learn the most important equation in Accounting


This equation forms the basis for understanding financial transactions.

With clear explanations and practical examples, you’ll gain a deep understanding of how these elements interact and impact financial statements.

Get clarity with Accounting Fundamentals

Struggling with the fundamentals?

From financial statements to the Accounting Equation, Debits & Credits, and Cash vs. Accrual methods, I break it all down with clear examples so you gain confidence in accounting.

Build a strong foundation for your Finance & Accounting journey

Walk through the World of Accounting Roles

There’s so much under the Accounting umbrella – roles, key concepts, departments, etc. Gain a comprehensive understanding of this global discipline.

Navigate financial reporting, auditing, taxation, and management accounting as you unlock the secrets of the Accounting

Build strong Foundations to becoming an Accountant

Lay the groundwork for your journey to becoming a successful accountant.

Explore accounting degrees, licenses, certifications, and designations. Choose the right educational path, understand professional requirements, and gain the knowledge to excel in the field

Getting Started

  1. Intro to course

  2. How to use this course

  3. About me


What is Accounting?

  1. The Definition of Accounting

  2. The World of Finance & Accounting

  3. Accounting Degrees, Certifications, Licenses, and Designations

  4. The difference between Accounting & FP&A


The Basics of Accounting

  1. Intro to the financial statements

  2. The Accounting Equation

  3. GAAP vs IFRS

  4. Cash vs Accrual

  5. The Matching Principle

  6. Taxes

  7. Auditing

  8. Debits & Credits


Deep dive on the Financial Statements

  1. Financial statement preparation

  2. Related reports

    1. Bank Register

    2. Bank Reconciliation

    3. The General Ledger

    4. The Chart of Accounts

    5. The Trial Balance

    6. Accounts Payable Ledger

    7. Accounts Receivable Ledger

  3. The Profit & loss

    1. The Profit & loss Overview

    2. Revenue

    3. COGS

    4. Gross Profit & Gross Margin

    5. Operating Expenses / Selling SG&A

    6. Net Operating Income

    7. Other Income Other Expense, and Net Other Income

    8. Net Income

  4. The Balance Sheet

    1. The Balance Sheet Overview

    2. Assets

    3. Liabilities

    4. Owners Equity

     5. The Statement of Cash Flows

  1. The Statement of Cash Flows Overview

  2. Direct vs Indirect Method

  3. The Sections of the Cash Flows


Adjusting Journal entries

  1. T Accounts

  2. Prepaid Expenses

  3. Accounts Receivable

  4. Inventory

  5. Fixed Assets, Depreciation & Amortization

  6. Accounts Payable

  7. Accrued Expenses

  8. Deferred Revenue

  9. Common vs Preferred Stock


Recap & wrap up

  1. Other areas of accounting

  2. Continued Learning

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