He makes around $100 a day, adding up to $650+ per week…

While that would be life-changing income for many people, his method is easily scalable so you could take what he does and 2X it, 5X or even 10X it!

Imagine that. Imagine making 2X $650 every week. That would be $1,300/week. 5X would be $3,250 per week. 10X would be $6,500/week!

It’s possible because this marketplace is both untapped and HUGE.

There are millions of hungry buyers on this untapped marketplace and they are actively looking and searching for products to buy.

The best part is, he never has to “spam” message groups or harass his friends with sales posts. He never has to touch the products himself.

He doesn’t have to buy the products upfront either.

He doesn’t even need a website!

It Hasn’t Always Been Easy for Kal…
Like I mentioned earlier, Kal is a lorry truck driver.

He spends long hours late into the night driving his truck for work.

He doesn’t get much sleep. He’s overworked and undercompensated.

Sound familiar?

Just like everyone else, he got tired of all the same old, rehashed methods that are being peddled to everyone and their brother these days…
One day, he stumbled upon the idea to combine e-com (selling physical products online) with getting free traffic from an online marketplace.

He set up a post and BOOM… made a sale.
Then he made another sale…

And the sales kept coming!

The craziest thing was that he didn’t have to touch, ship or buy the products!

He knew he had something serious that he could turn into a real business.

Naturally, I had to convince him to let me share this method with the public…

(you can imagine he wasn’t thrilled with the idea of creating competition for himself).
However, I explained to him that there’s no such thing as “saturation” with this method — because there’s enough money and buyers to go around for literally everyone. That’s why it’s a marketplace to begin with!
If it’s “Untapped” — How Can I Make Money?

Good question. It’s NOT that the marketplace has no buyers or sellers…

It’s quite the opposite actually. It has MILLIONS of buyers.

The “untapped” part is that most people are selling things on a LOCAL level, while you will be making sales and ‘drop-shipping’ the products to buyers.

That means you will:

A) Never touch the product yourself

B) Never ship the product yourself

C) Never PAY for the product out-of-pocket!

Since this option just recently became available, there’s so much room to profit right off the bat with this method. There’s a lot of low-hanging fruit.
You don’t need to have ANY prior experience doing or selling anything online. Anyone can do this. If a 39 year-old truck driver can do it — you can.

YOU WILL SUCCEED if you follow what Kal teaches in this course to fast-track your success!


This Platform + Kal’s Method = $$$$$

You see, it’s NOT just the marketplace. Kal has a strategy that he follows that helps him make the most profit possible from his “ads”…

I say “ads” in quotes because it’s really just “posts.”

What I mean is: This method is as easy as making a post.

How many posts do you make daily on social media?

You might be thinking: “Kal only earns good money because he’s special and has superpowers.” I assure you that’s not the case. His method is easy.
You just have to actually follow it — and then you will see results.

How Easy is this Method?

Extremely easy. Look at how easy it really is:

  • 100% FREE. No budget needed
  • No website, no list required
  • You only need an Internet connection
  • Zero experience required
  • Works for ALL types of physical products
  • No typical ‘marketing’ needed.
  • Start selling from day one, seriously!
  • No product creation
  • No list building
  •  No complicated funnels
  • No affiliate marketing
  •  No buying products out of pocket
  •  No shipping or handling products yourself

This is so newbie-friendly — it doesn’t require virtually ANY of the things that other “money making methods” usually do. Anyone can do this… 
You don’t need to invest in anything. Just start posting and earning!

What Will I Learn In This Course?

Kal teaches you everything you need to know, step-by-step, to get started making money with this method. You’ll learn:

  •  The exact platform he uses to earn at least $650/week
  •  His exact strategy for posting and earning (this is the most crucial part of making it all work)
  •  How to get setup on the platform yourself
  •  How to get started posting (and earning!)
  •  Essential tips for earning and succeeding
  •  How to avoid issues that will slow you down
  •  And more…

How Do I Get Started Today?

All you need to do is click the “buy now” button below and you will get instant access to Kal’s step-by-step training immediately after purchase.
You can go through his instructions and get your account setup TODAY.

Then it’s all downhill from there!

Easy. as. Pie.

There’s really not much more to it. As much as I’d like to dress it up all fancy — it’s just a simple method that anyone can use to earn money online.

Sales Page:  https://jkennedy.clickfunnels.com/easypeasyecom/

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