Create a hyper-personalized email system that builds trust & get people to grab their wallet.

Most businesses treat everyone on their email list the same.

Every week subscribers receive an email, and then they’ll get a promotion or launch every once in a while.

But if this is all you’re doing, you’re really missing out.

People are not one-size-fits-all.

They have unique problems and needs.

That’s why you need to segment your audience by asking the right questions.

So that you can use the answers to those questions to hyper-personalize your emails so that they’re more relevant.

And that’s not just it.

We’re using those hyper-personalized emails to build trust.

Because people buy from people they trust.

It will feel like you’re sending these emails to everyone individually by hand.

(almost like a friend or colleague would do)

But this time..

..you don’t have to spend a gazillion hours behind your computer.

It’s all automated.

From the moment they opt-in to your email list, to the moment they grab their wallet.


Think about that for a second..

Imagine what this would do for your business?



So here is the deal.

I’ve got a cool opportunity for you so you can learn all this:

My in-depth course ActiveCampaign Mastery.

If you scroll down, I’ll tell you all about it 🙂

What’s Included

Over 8 hours of in-depth marketing strategies & automation tutorials.

Stage 1 – Your Strategy

Why do most businesses suck at marketing? Because they don’t have a solid strategy.

In this stage, you’ll get clarity on what kind of funnel works best for your business.

a. Define your audience

b. Segmentation

c. Value first

d. Be you

e. Your blueprint


Stage 2 – Set Up

To make things easy, we’ll first prepare your ActiveCampaign account.

We’ll do some neccessary settings, but we’ll also implement handy things that will save you a lot of time.

a. Address

b. List organization

c. Handy variables

d. Email template

e. Unsubscribe link

f. Site tracking

g. Deliverability

h. Naming tags

ch. Organized custom fields


Stage 3 – The Foundation

I created an automation foundation that works for any kind of online business.

In this stage, you’ll learn the best way to deliver a lead magnet, how to onboard new contacts, how to tell your story, and how to get people excited.


a. Opt-In & Self Segmentation

b. Download Delivery

c. Master Automation Handler

d. Onboarding

e. Evergreen Newsletter

f. List Cleaner

Stage 4 – Build Trust

People buy from people they trust. It’s the most important thing in marketing.

In this stage, we’ll cover everything about building trust by sharing value first.

a. Free Email Course

b. Free Video Course

c. Free Challenge

d. Live webinars

e. Automated Webinars

f. Coaching Calls


Stage 5 – Sell Effectively

Learn how to sell without being sleazy.

You’ll learn how to overcome common objections & how to create authentic urgency that gets people to grab their wallet now

(instead of tomorrow… or never)


a. Limited-Time Offers

b. Evergreen Promotions

Save time with 25 importable automations

You’ll get access to over 25 advanced ActiveCampaign Automations, which you can import & change to your own needs.

Each automation comes with detailed lessons that explain how they work and how you can implement them for your business.


Some examples:

  • Personalized Onboarding
  • Download Delivery
  • Master Automation Handler
  • Evergreen Promotion Handler
  • Evergreen Newsletter
  • Interactive Email Course
  • Adaptive Challenge
  • Evergreen Limited-Time Offers
  • Live & Automated Webinars
  • Engagement Tracker

Checklists, Blueprints & Spreadsheets

Besides all the ActiveCampaign Automations, you’ll also get access to many checklists, blueprints, and Google Sheets to help you be successful with this course.

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