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Ryan McKinney – T-Shirt Tango

“I can’t stop hitting refresh….. it’s all because I spent my time doing **** & ***** (revealed in course) just like you recommended!($9.93 spent @ 40 sales!)

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Facebook Marketing & Targeting Authority Chris Blair: “[I’m] Already a “master targeter” …one tweak already made my $100 back..this will make me thousands this year”

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“It’s awesome stuff honestly….there is much in here I have not come across anywhere especially the targeting & sequenced marketing It’s brilliant, valuable stuff”

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 “There’s a TON of EYE OPENING techniques that NO ONE is talking about!..[this] is a goldmine!”

Ryan McKinney – T-Shirt Tango5

I appreciate you going in depth with your course material. Where others gloss over, you provide us with insights on what you did and why you did it…it was money well spent.”

Ryan McKinney – T-Shirt Tango6

“….the sneaky targeting on ************ and how to use the audience insights to its full potential……..good stuff

Ryan McKinney – T-Shirt Tango7

I just spent $3.66 and sold 2 shirts. I could have never done this before man..it’s because of YOUR STRATEGY!”

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“Going to Implement some of your GOLDEN techniques!”

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“…Such a brilliant and simple idea I’ve never heard anyone doing…GOLD…..GOLD..always great stuff from you my man!”

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“Every 10 pages I have to go implement something new that I never thought about..This has some MAJOR GOLD!”

Ryan McKinney – T-Shirt Tango11

There is no way I can keep this open to the public at this very low price. As you see from the unsolicited testimonials, there is nothing re-hashed. This is new, cutting edge, and never seen before.This course if full of Gold.  I didn’t say it, they did.

If you come back and this page is gone, there is nothing that can be done. The next time this re-opens it will be at least 5x times as expensive (or a minimum of $500.00). Don’t believe me? That’s fine, but don’t e-mail us asking for this very low entry price. I am just going to point to this sentence and say “Told ya’ so!”.

Use these targeting & sequenced marketing techniques carefully. 

They are powerful.


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