Tuan Vy - Adult Media Buyers Course1 Tuan Vy - Adult Media Buyers Course

The Secrets To Paid Traffic &
Adult Media Buying

  • 6 Week Online Training Course Walking You Step-By-Step How To Successfully Launch Paid Traffic Campaigns with Adult Media Buying.
  • Lifetime Access To The Members Area (75+ HD Videos & Bonus Modules)
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Module 1
01 Part 1 of 3 – Offer Links – In Depth Tutorial on Setting Up Your Offer Links
02 Part 2 of 3 – Tracker Setup – How To Scruture Your Tracker and Organize Campaigns Properly
03 Part 3 of 3 – Conversion Pixels – How To Make Sure Your Leads Are Tracking
04 Self Serve Network – Intro to Self Serve Traffic with Pros and Cons
05 TrafficJunky – An Overview of The TrafficJunky AdNetwork
06 TrafficJunky Part 1 of 2 – Buying Specific Ad Placements & Campaign Setup
07 TrafficJunky Part 2 of 2 – Banner Organization with Tracker and Campaign Setup Continuation
08 Bidding Strategy – A Closer Emphases on TrafficJunky Bidding Strategies
09 ISP Targeting – Viewing ISP Stats and How To Target on TrafficJunky
10 Weight Rotation – Explaining The Concept Behind Using Weighted Rotation
11 Banner Stats – How To View Individual Stats For Each Banner
12 LP Rotation – How To Setup Landing Pages For Proper Traffic Distribution
13 Advance ISP – The Best Method For Creating Your ISP Campaigns
14 Multiple Campaigns – A Visual of Your Tracker With Multiple Organized Campaigns

Module 2
01 Controlled Testing – Strategies on Your Initial Campaign Setup & Testing
02 Marketing Metrics – Understanding Your Target Thresholds & Goals
03 Adult AdSpy – Counter Intelligence Software For Market Research
04 Lead Quality – The Science Behind Generating High Quality Leads
05 Legal Content – Where To Find Images & Videos That are Compliant
06 CDN & DNS – Improving Website Load and Response Times
07 PingDom – Website UpTime Monitoring Service
08 SauceLabs – Web & Mobile Testing Platform
09 CrazyEgg – Visitor Tracking with HeatMaps
10 ClickTale – Visualize Behavior
11 Split Testing – A/B Split Testing and Multi Variant Testing

Module 3
01 Mobile Redirection – The Pros and Cons and Overview of This Method
02 PlugRush – Quick Overview of The PlugRush Traffic Network
03 PlugRush Part 1 of 3 – Properly Setting Up Your Campaign
04 PlugRush Part 2 of 3 – Creating a New Campaign and Generating Tracking Links
05 PlugRush Part 3 of 3 – Analyzing Data and How To Optimize Your Campaign
06 Traffic Holder – Quick Overview of The Traffic Holder AdNetwork
07 Traffic Holder Discount – A Simple Approach To Getting Discounted Traffic
08 AdultModa – Walk Through Campaign Setup and Targeting Advice
09 TrafficShop – Overview of The TrafficShop AdNetwork
10 ChokerTraffic – Overview of The ChokerTraffic AdNetwork
11 JuicyAds – How To Set Up Mobile Redirect Traffic Campaigns
12 Pop Domination – The Inner Details of PopUnder Traffic Explained
13 Traffic Factory – Properly Tracking and Setting Up a PopUnder Campaign
14 JuicyAds PopUnder – Quick Video on How To Setup a PopUnder Campaign
15 TrafficVance – Overview of The TrafficVance AdNetwork
16 Lead Impact – Overview of The Lead Impact Traffic Network
17 HiJack Method – Step By Step Instructions on How To Implement This Technique

Module 4
01 Managed Network – The Pros and Cons of a Managed Networks with Strategic Advice
02 Rep Relationship – The Importance of Establishing Relationships
03 Reporo – An Overview of Reporo’s Mobile Traffic Network
04 TrafficHaus – A Closer Look at TrafficHaus’s Advertising Platform
05 Insertion Orders – Understanding an I/O and Strategic Advice
06 Invoice & Payments – What To Expect When Receiving An Invoice & Payment Strategies
07 Credit Extension – The Benefits of Establishing a Line of Credit with a Network

Module 5
01 Direct Buys – Overview of Direct To Site Buys with Pros and Cons
02 Alexa – How To Use Alexa For Researching Potential Direct To Site Buys
03 Direct Buy Method 1 – How To Find Sites For Direct Buys Method 1
04 Direct Buy Method 2 – How To Find Sites For Direct Buys Method 2
05 SimilarWeb – A Useful Resource For Uncovering More Sites and Research Data
06 Quantcast – How To Use Quantcast & Quantcast Planner To Measure Traffic Volumes
07 Compete – Quick Overview of Using Compete To Cross Reference Traffic Data Accuracy
08 SimilarSites – Uncovering More Related Sites For Direct To Site Buys
09 AdServers – My Recommendations For Finding an AdServer
10 AdServer Billing – Advice For The Best Methods of Dealing With Billing
11 ReBuy Strategy – Tips on How To Approach ReBuying Ad Inventory

01 Business Setup
02 Business Website
03 CashFlow Strategies
04 Domain Registar
05 Hosting Providers
06 Instant Messenger

SMASH Video Tutorials(in resources)
01 Smash Revenue Account Dashboard – Part 1-7
02 Browsing and Applying For Offers in SMASH – Part 2-7
03 How To Use Source IDs and Sub IDs in SMASH – Part 3-7
04 Setting Your Tracking Up Properly In SMASH – Part 4-7
05 Placing Your Postback URL and Structuring Your Offer Links In SMASH – Part 5-7
06 How To Track Unique Banners and View Stats In SMASH – Part 6-7
07 How To Analyze Your SubIDs and Report Stats In SMASH – Part 7-7

Other Files
Welcome Video.mp4 (in root folder)
Master These Other Self Serve Networks.htm (in module 1)
Banner Data – Lesson on Analyzing Your Banner Data.htm (in module 2)
List of CPV Networks – The Top CPV Networks You Should Work With.htm (in module 3)
Email Template – Direct To Site Email Template Variations.htm (in module 5)
DirectBuy_Email.pdf (in module 5)
iMobitrax Tracker.htm (in resources)
Adult Media Protocol PDF.pdf (in resources)

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