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“Now You Can Earn Instant Commissions From Your WordPress Blog On Complete Autopilot With Just TWO Minutes Of Setup Time…”

Introducing…The WP ViralUnlimited Plugin!

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What The WP ViralUnlimited Plugin Does:WP ViralUnlimited adds an INSTANT COMMISSION photo ad to the beginning or end of every blog post you make, on complete autopilot. When your readers click on the ads and make purchases, you will earn between 50%-100% INSTANT commissions, paid directly to YOUR PayPal account. Our affiliate program and product lineup are geared towards “Internet Marketing” tools and training. Check out the sample ads below to ensure that these types of products are a good fit for your blog readers.
We only accept IM targeted blogs into our network at this time.

Screenshot Of A Few Of Our Products:

adscreen444 adscreen3 adscreen2 adexample1Here’s How It Works:

Step 1. Upload the plugin to your blog’s /wp-content/plugins/ folder.

Step 2. Activate the plugin in your WordPress dashboard.


Step 3. Go to the settings tab and insert your ViralUnlimited.com affiliate ID, as
well as your display preferences, then click save.

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That’s it!

Now every time a post is made to your blog, the plugin will automatically insert a new photo ad for an instant commission product! It will ALSO automatically insert an instant commission photo ad on all of your PREVIOUS posts too, so you stand to earn from every post you’ve every made!

You will earn between 50%-100% instant commissions, directly to your paypal account when your visitors click on the ads and make a purchase. You will also earn ADDITIONAL 50%-100% instant commissions when any of your referrals buy an upgrade offer.

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Some of the offers shown will be 100% free for your users, and will cookie them as YOUR referral for future sales! So when they make a purchase, YOU will earn instant commissions.

Once you’ve set this up (2 minutes?), you never have to touch it again!

We are constantly adding brand new products to our lineup, and new ads will automatically show up live on your blog within an hour of being added to the system. There is nothing for you to “do” or update, we handle everything automatically and only show our highest converting offers.

We make money when you make money, and the long term relationships we develop with our affiliates can’t be beat! We’ll do everything we can to provide you with up to date, hot selling offers that convert your clicks to buyers.

***********HINT: PERFECT Plugin for Autobloggers! There are tons of plugins that provide you the ability to auto-post content
to your WordPress blog. Chances are, you probably already own one or more of these solutions. WP ViralUnlimited works with any auto blogging solution, and there is ZERO maintenance.Now you have ANOTHER revenue stream that you can add to your auto-blogs on top of what you’re already doing!If you do ANY kind of autoblogging, you should add this to it immediately. 


You’ll Even Get A Copy Of This Salespage And Graphics, And Can Sell
It From Your Own Website TODAY, Keeping 100% Of Your Profits!


In an effort to really get the word out about our new plugin and get it in use on as many blogs as possible, we’re offering a STAGGERING DISCOUNT, and we’re even including some un-advertised bonuses that will make you very happy…

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Download Files Size: 1.1MB

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