I work from home. I’m a stay-at-home mom to 2 beautiful little girls and I make 6k+ a month solely on Fiverr.com. You should have that opportunity too.

Here’s what the Master Course will do for you:

  1. A gig ready to show up on the first page! Just like the majority of my students, including myself, our gigs rank! In my Create a Gig section, I’ll walk you through creating a gig that will rank AKA show up on the first page of your respective category (No, I don’t have favorites, my Mastery Course is for ANY category on Fiverr).   
  2. A gig that will get you messages and/or orders EVEN IF YOU HAVE 0 REVIEWS. It’s called an optimized gig and I will walk you through every part of creating one that will help you stand out amongst your competitors, just like Brittany’s gig that started out at ZERO reviews and she’s already on her 2nd order, gearing up to raise her prices really soon!
  3. “Ok, but what about closing deals once buyers message me?” Well, I thought of that too and that’s in my Get Ready for Sales section. Here’s where I’ll walk you through how to create your quick responses (psstt I give you mine that clock-in at about 50 responses) so that you’re fully prepared to start closing deals and get you set up on the app and everything in-between.
  4. How do I deliver orders? What if I have issues with customers? I’m so confused!” Don’t worry, I got you!! 👊 I’ll show you through screen-recording exactly how to do ALL that and more so you’ll ⭐️ shine like the pro you are (even if you’re a newbie, but we’ll keep that between us 😏).
  5. “Ok, this sound great, but I feel so lost and alone.” HEY!!! That’s exactly why I created my Freelance Big Sis Community! We’re 70+ members strong and it’s the place I like to call, home. Once you enroll in my Mastery Course, you get instant access to a wealth of knowledge, support and feedback. We’ve helped close deals, avoid bad buyers, give feedback on intro videos and images and so much more. PLUS,🫶 trainings, monthly gig audits AND a LIVE stream directly in the Facebook group by yours truly are all available to you at $0 per month, so that you don’t feel alone, lost or confused.

When I started Fiverr I was barely paying my bills… NOW:

  • I’m making more money than ever before
  • I work with WHO I want to work with
  • I work less and spend more time with my family. ALL BECAUSE…

I will show you how to SCALE Fiverr (properly) to its full potential AKA make more money💰💰💰, work less and build relationships with loyal and amazing buyers (brands that you probably know and love).

Fiverr is limitless and has so much potential if you know how to use it correctly. If you’re ready to monetize your freelance skill with the right instruction, guidance AND support, then I’d love to have you as my newest student.

And hey, who knows, maybe YOU are my next⭐️success story waiting to happen…  And I hope that you are 🥰


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