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Starting companies is hard.

If you are here, you probably already know that.

Startups fail 90% of the time.

And if they survive they rarely reach $1 million in sales and even more rarely $100k+ in profit for the entrepreneur.

I know because I’ve been there. Dozens of times.

Wandering in the wilderness with a new startup. Trying to find the elusive product-market fit.

You work really hard just to find a few customers. Way harder than anyone ever should.

And in the end, you rarely have anything to show for it.

What if you could skip the broke wandering in the wilderness phase?

And instead, make real money on day one.

This is what I am here to teach you. How to be an entrepreneur through acquisition.

Buying a small business may seem scary, but it doesn’t have to be.

I’ll share all I’ve learned during these last 10+ years buying and building businesses.

This comprehensive step-by-step course will teach you how to buy your first small business and save you from some of that time and frustration.

I have an MBA from the University of Chicago, but realistically I figured most of this out by trial and error.

​​I wasn’t handed anything and you won’t need to be either.

This is the path that no one ever tells you about. Not your boss. Not your teachers. Not your parents.

It took many years of observing how others approach buying businesses, doing my own deals, making a thousand mistakes, and finally finding solutions that work.

Getting Started

Why Buy then Build

Setting Up a Legal Entity (US)

Choosing Your Niche

Q&A: Do I Search Solo or With a Partner?

Q&A: Do I Need a Technical Co-Founder?

Q&A: Uneven Capital Contributions with a Partner



Sourcing Overview

Dealflow Sources – List of Marketplaces, Brokers, etc.

Proprietary Sourcing: List Building & Emailing Guide

Outbound Email Scripts

Paying Finder’s Fees

Building Outbound Target List Example Live

Building Outbound Target List Notes

Outbound Acquisition Targets Template

How to Find a Local Business to Buy

Live Sourcing Session + Q&A



Qualitative Diligence

Qualitative Deal Analysis Template

Financial / Quantitative Diligence

Financial Terms to Know

Financial Model Template (Quantitative Deal Analysis)

Due Diligence Questions

Legal Templates – NDA, LOI, APA, etc.

Diligence Checklist (Asset Sale)

Diligence Checklist (Equity Sale)

Due Diligence Q&A

Good Reasons for Selling

Green & Red Flags in a Deal

Live Deal Analysis & Growth Planning

Q&A: How Do I Protect Myself Against Fraud?


Valuation & Negotiation

Negotiation Walkthrough

Negotiation Flowchart

Valuing a Business

How to Value a Software Business

Revenue vs Profit Multiples

Valuation by Company Size

Managing Seller Expectations

Negotiation & Deal Structure Q&A

Deal Breakdown: Ottomatik

Deal Breakdown: Scout

Margin of Safety

SaaS at a Low Price

Q&A: Seller Wants a Crazy High Price. How to Talk Them Down?

Q&A: Should I Renegotiate After Learning Something in Diligence?

Q&A: How Do You Value a Business With No Revenue?

Q&A: How Do You Factor Technical Debt Into Your Valuation?

Q&A: How Do I Buy a Cash-Heavy Business?

Q&A: Should I Make a Deposit for the LOI?

Q&A: Should I Personally Guarantee a Seller Note?


Financing & Closing

Structuring a Deal

Structuring a Deal with Outside Investors

How to Find Investors

Building a Track Record

Real Sample PE Deal Structures

Transfer Worksheet Template Walkthrough

Asset & Login Transfer Template

Closing Mechanics & Escrow

General Transition Guide

How to Get a SBA Loan

How to Get Non-Dilutive Acquisition Financing (Guest Lecture)

SBA Loan for SaaS

Asset Purchase vs Equity Purchase

Planning to Exit

Financial Modeling for an Acquisition Deal (Guest Lecture)



Hiring & Managing Developers / Product Team

Hiring SEO Writers

SEO Writer Sample Job Description & Form

Constellation Software – Largest SaaS HoldCo

Minimizing Taxes on Exit

Structuring a Holding Company

Finding Your Competitive Advantage

Q&A: Should All Companies Be Separate or Together?

Q&A: Berkshire Inspired Private Equity Models  

Partner Deals & Discounts

Supercharge Your Growth


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