If you’re a brand new copywriter, an experienced copywriter stuck in a rut, or an entrepreneur struggling to move your business to the “next level”… listen up.

There’s one thing I can guarantee will solve your problems:The ability to recognize — and write — good copy.If you can write a great sales message, you’re set for life.You possess one of the most valuable skills on the planet — whether you’re freelancing or writing for yourself.For more than a decade I’ve trained some of the world’s best copywriters — people who have gone on to generate more than $100mm each with their copy — and I can tell you confidently that learning to write six and seven figure sales letters is actually really easy.I know that sounds ridiculous.But it’s true for one simple reason:Because good copy is extremely formulaic.In fact, some of the most successful letters ever written are some of the most “boring”. The reason they work so well is they just follow the same simple persuasion formulas.If you “hard-wire” those same persuasive fundamentals into your head so they’re as natural to you as speaking, you can do the same.Now, I obviously can’t promise you any results…But yes, it’s that easy. I’ve seen it work again and again.And here’s how I’ve helped others do it:

Step 1: Set Aside 90 Days

90 days isn’t that much time, right?And you only need one hour per day – as long as you do exactly what I recommend.But despite all that, it’s amazing to me how many people still can’t dedicate themselves to this.This isn’t something you do only when you “feel” like it and still expect results. In order to hard-wire the “language” of six and seven figure copy into your head, you need to repeat the process every day.But… seriously. 1 hour a day. 90 days.Put it on the calendar and stick to it.It’s not too much to ask.Especially to build a skill with such a massive, life-changing return.

Step 2: Start From Scratch

A common mistake I see struggling copywriters make is assuming they already know all the fundamentals.But if you’re not currently able to confidently sit down and write letters that are home-run hits…Or at least do it consistentlyYou might not know quite as much as you think.That’s a bit of tough love, but it’s true.In order to be successful with this method, you need to start from scratch. Forget everything you know now about copy and build your knowledge base up from the beginning.Become fluent in the fundamentals from ground zero.So how do you do that?

Step 3: Handwrite and Study Proven Copy For 1 Hour Every Day

You might have heard the advice before to hand-write proven copy, and I remember I thought it was just a joke when I first heard it — “yeah right, no one actually does that.”But… yeah, they actually do do that.I’ve never seen anything develop six and seven figure copywriters faster.And I’ve been doing this for more than a decade.The reason it works is simple: when you’re simultaneously studying copy fundamentals, hand-writing forces you to slow down and actually hard-wire how to use those fundamentals in the real world.Instead of just reading and immediately forgetting, you’re actively programming muscle memory associated with those lessons into your head.It’s reinforcement.So when you sit down to write your own copy…It just comes out naturally.Like a second language.And generally one hour per lesson is all you need.Repeat it for 90 days and, in the most direct way possible, your brain begins thinking in winning copy.

Yes, it’s this simple.

When I say I’ve trained some of the best copywriters in the world (and I’ve trained a lot of them), that was the formula:

  1. 1.
    Read a short lesson on a specific copy fundamental.
  2. 2.
    Spend fifteen minutes, up to one hour, handwriting a single piece of proven copy that uses that fundamental to hard-wire it.
  3. 3.
    Repeat for 90 days.

If you’re driven and actually do the work — well, I obviously can’t guarantee you any results.But I’ve seen it produce miracles.Again, and again, and again.

But does any of this matter now with AI writing copy for us?

Actually it matters now more than ever.AI isn’t guaranteed to give you great copy — in fact its copy sucks more often than not.The current state of AI is that it’s great at replacing $5/hr article writing, and it is a huge help when developing “short” copy.But the key word is help.It’s not a complete solution.And when it comes to writing persuasive, long-form copy that pulls in six… seven… and eight figures? It’s not even close. That’s still a job strictly for humans.And because it can only be done by humans, it’s still worth a lot of money — whether you’re writing for other people, or for yourself.

So if you’re serious about learning to write six and seven figure copy…

And if you can spare 90 days… and just one hour per day on each of those days…I want to help you.Maybe you’re a business owner.Maybe you’re a struggling freelancer.Maybe you’re just getting started.Either way, I have exactly what you need.



Here’s what you get when you join

Six modules, delivered daily, for 90 days. Each module covers one essential fundamental of six and seven figure copy, along with daily pieces of curated copy that you will hand-write to hard wire the lessons.

Module 1


Learn how to gather all the information you’ll need to write sales copy. This has been updated in 2023 for AI & ChatGPT.

  • How to start a copywriting project from scratch (including exactly what to do if you don’t have a product or service to write a sales letter or email sequence for right now).
  • How to apply the research process to different types of products (lead generation, books, courses, physical products, services, coaching, B2B, low-ticket, high-ticket, etc.).
  • How to research for email copy.
  • How to build a swipe file & use it ethically & responsibly.
  • How to use AI to come up with incredible ideas, learn customer pain points and save hours of time in the process.
  • What is a “Unique Mechanism” & how to find it (AI helps with this).
  • How to use “Market Sophistication” & “Awareness Levels” to speak directly to your customer’s wants.
  • How to find find direct and indirect competitors and extract ideas from “holes” in their copy.
  • Why building a customer avatar slows you down & what to do instead.

Module 2

The Offer

The Offer is not just the product you’re selling… it’s how you describe that product’s benefit to your prospect. Learn how to uncover all the necessary features and benefits (plus: write sales-generating bullets).
  • Win-in-Advance by making sure your Offer is “correct”. If you get this wrong, no amount of clever copywriting will save you.
  • What exactly is a feature (including all the different kinds listed out)?
  • How do you determine the benefit of a feature?
  • How to cut to your customer’s core by “dimensionalizing” your benefits.
  • What kinds of bonuses should you add to your Offer.
  • How do you pitch a bundle of products or a sale?
  • How to connect your mechanisms.

Module 3

Headlines & Leads

Learn how to start a sales letter with compelling headlines and hooks. Discover the 80/20 of sales copy — the “Lead”.
  • What exactly is a Lead?
  • Pick from one of 8 different types of “leads” to start your sales message.
  • Lead checklist. Make sure each lead has these key components.
  • The “Seven Figure Sales Message Framework”: All you need is these 4 sections to write a winner.
  • How to find modern gold in old headlines.
  • What’s a Big Idea?
  • What’s a Hook?
  • How to use a Big Idea, Hook, & Unique Mechanism in each different type of Lead.
  • The biggest mistake new copywriters make when it comes to opening sentences.
  • How to use the Neural Networks to capture attention right from the start.

Module 4

Sales Arguments

Learn how to write the “middle” or meat of a sales message.
  • What exactly is a Sales Argument?
  • Why are some Sales Arguments so long?
  • The difference between “pro-level”, seven figure, copy and amateur-level copy is often simply the use (or lack of use) of 9 different types of proof.
  • How to quickly figure out the “myths” your prospects are clinging to (and the formulas to create “aha” moments).
  • How to write stories that both entertain and sell.
  • How to write a Creation Story and where to put it in your sales copy.
  • How to write transitions.
  • The difference between a claim and a promise

Module 5

The Close

Learn positioning, sales tactics, and how to get the sale.
  • The checklist of everything you need at the very end of a sales letter to knock prospects “off the fence” and get them to buy.
  • The simplest way to present the price and make the sale.
  • High-ticket vs lower-ticket positioning secrets.
  • How to sell but not sound cheesy.
  • How to write copy for bonuses.
  • What’s a “Call to Action” and common mistakes to avoid when writing one.
  • What to include in an FAQ.
  • How to ethically use Scarcity.

Plus extras to keep you on track:

Private Facebook Community

Student Community

The hardest part about doing something like the “handwriting exercise” is the feeling that you’re doing it alone.But… in CopyHour, you’re not alone.There are a number of other students doing the exercises at the exact same time as you. And when you join CopyHour, you get exclusive access to a private Facebook Group of all those students — where you can ask questions, post daily updates for accountability, and make sure you’re staying on track.
Proven Sales Copy

The Infamous Dropbox Swipe File

It’s “infamous” because it’s HUGE and hasn’t stopped growing.Almost no copywriter writes from scratch.Instead, nearly every piece of copy they write starts by looking at a swipe file… and, well, swiping its structure and theme.When I say that the most successful copy is extremely formulaic, I’m not joking. Don’t make this harder on yourself. It’s NORMAL to use other copy to write your own copy.When you join CopyHour, you get immediate access to my Dropbox swipe file of literally thousands of proven ads.This is something you’ll hold onto your entire career.
Candid Calls With Copywriters

Pro Copywriter Interviews

One of my favorite things to do is sit around a table and talk “shop” with other copywriters. Often I’ll walk away from conversations like these with just one little nugget that puts some extra cash in my bank account.I want to bring that same experience to you in “podcast” format. I’ve interviewed a whole lot of copywriters over the years including…
  • Ben Settle
  • Ian Stanley
  • Dan Ferrari
  • Ashley Ambirge
  • Justin Goff
Join CopyHour to unlock some fun convos and learn how the pros think about, and write, sales copy.

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