The 90 Day Copywriting Academy

An in-depth copywriting course composed of 90 lessons. 

With each lesson you’ll get access to real world examples and assignments every day to solidify your skills.

The Academy is designed to take you from copywriting beginner to master in the span of only 90 days.


First Month:

Learning Phase

Days 1 → 30

Week 1: Starting The Path To Mastery

In the first seven days you will:

✓  Internalize the fundamental practices that will build you up as a 10k/mo copywriter.

✓  Find out the best daily trainings to improve your copywriting as fast as possible.

✓  Understand how to properly research, breakdown any piece of copy and create your own swipe files.


Week 2: Angles & Ideas

In the second week you’re going to:

✓  Gain the ability to repeteadly grab attention with your subject lines.

✓  Pick up the skill of creating neverending curiosity within your emails.

✓  Learn how to mastefully use dream states and pain points in your copy.


Week 3: Structures

Ditch DIC, PAS, and HSO. Instead, learn:

✓  The 21 different structure variations you can use to write converting emails.

✓  How to easily plan out and craft highly-engaging story emails on repeat.

✓  The proven 15-part sales page structure you can use to bring in tons of sales.


Week 4: Selling Without Selling

Before the first month ends, you’ll gain insight on how to:

✓  Eliminate every bit of “salesiness” from your copy using “Salesy Substitutions”.

✓  Convert big chunks of leads on-demand using “Testimonial Emails”.

✓  Get people to buy immediately by stirring up real urgency and scarcity.



Second Month:

Growth Phase

Days 30  60

Week 5: Understanding Copy For Your Niche

Throughout this week you’ll uncover:

✓  The most effective ways to write copy persuasively for different types of avatars.

✓  How to use the Greater Market Theory in copywriting to ensure you convert any type of leads.

✓  The niche-specific writing styles you can adopt with ease to match your industry.


Week 6: USP, UM, Story Selling & Imagery

Gather advanced copywriting knowledge which will allow you to:

✓  Tactfully use Unique Mechanisms and Unique Selling Propositions in your copy.

✓  Confidently sell to anyone by telling captivating stories with ease.

✓  Immerse your readers into your copy using the 4 Types of Vivid Imagery.


Week 7: Writing Killer Free Value For Clients

Throughout the seventh week you’ll study:

✓  The 4 Part Free Value Formula you can use to blow prospects away.

✓  How to replicate your clients’ brand voice and repurpose his content into emails.

✓  The 3 Engaging Emails you can write to guarantee clients will love working with you.


Week 8: Mastering Sales Pages

You’ll finish the second month by learning exactly how to:

✓  Come up with an intriguing lead that captivates every single reader on the page.

✓  Build up the perceived value and credibility of any product on the sales page.

✓  Convert the readers who skim by crafting up a “Scroller Section”.


Third Month:

Mastery Phase

Days 60  90

Week 9: Leveraging AI

Pick up ChatGPT and use it intelligently to:

✓  Pump out multiple subject lines and email structures in seconds.

✓  Quickly add more uniqueness, humour, and wittiness into your copy.

✓  Get your copy reviewed and refined from multiple angles almost instantly.


Week 10: Honing In On Opt-in Pages & Webinars

In these lessons we’ll cover how to:

✓  Create a high-converting Opt-In Page with plug-and-play bullet formulas.

✓  Make sure prospects show up to the webinars using “Hype & Recap Emails”.

✓  Maximize the webinar profits through “VIP & Follow-Up Promo Sequences”.


Week 11: Different Copy Forms

In order to master multiple types of copy, you’ll learn:

✓  How to write Instagram stories, captions, and reels for your prospects.

✓  The crucial points you can use to produce a highly-profitable VSL.

✓  How to come up with Instagram & Facebook ads that convert any type of traffic.


Week 12: Skill Solidification & Application

Before you graduate, we’re going to: 

✓  Break down your pieces of copy line-by-line so you can get professional feedback.

✓  Learn how to use “Supporting Headlines” to boost the intrigue of your hooks.

✓  Rehearse and solidify the advanced copywriting concepts we’ve learned so far.

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