Let’s Grow Your Spreadsheet Sales on Etsy™

Buyers are searching for spreadsheet templates on Etsy™ everyday- learn how to use this existing traffic to boost your spreadsheet sales 24/7! Instantly get $700+ worth of resellable templates to launch your full shop in the next 2 weeks!

Spreadsheets That Sell

How to make a simple spreadsheet in Google Sheets and sell it on auto-pilot on Etsy and beyond- no advanced spreadsheet skills needed. Includes 50+ lessons, 20+ video tutorials, & over $700 of resellable spreadsheets you can start selling now!

Lesson Sneak Peek 👀

    1. START HERE!
    2. Why Etsy?
    3. Important Terms to Know Before You Start
  1. Week 1: Validate your First 5 Profitable Spreadsheets
    1. Identify your target audience for max conversions
    2. Build a Brand Attracts Your Target Audience
    3. What Spreadsheets Should You Make?
    4. Build your Strategic 5 Step Customer Journey to target both Etsy AND Shopify sales at the same time
    5. Validate your product ideas on Etsy with keyword research
    6. find ALL of your 13 product tags for each spreadsheet on Etsy™
  1. Week 2: My Simple Formula to Making Spreadsheets That Sell
    1. Market Research to Make a Spreadsheet Your Target Audience Will Want to Buy
    2. How to Use Your Branding to Make a Sellable Spreadsheet
    3. What Tabs to Include
    4. Resources to Speed Up the Production Process
    5. Should You Use Google Sheets or Excel? Or both?
    6. My 4 Rules for a Spreadsheet That Sells Like Hotcakes
    7. How to Customize my PLR Spreadsheets to Fit Your Brand Perfectly
    8. What Fonts To Use in Your Spreadsheets
    9. Swipe My 5 Most Used & SUPER EASY Formulas
    10. How I Make My Pretty Pie Charts
    11. Expense Tracker with Drop Down Menu Tutorial
    12. Best Seller Walkthrough: Behind The Scenes
  1. Week 3: Listing Your 5 Spreadsheets on Etsy
    1. Setting up a Professional Shop That Helps You Get More Sales
    2. Mockup Guide & Swipe These Mockup Templates in Canva!
    3. Exactly how to price your spreadsheets
    4. Strategic Titles, Tags, and Descriptions for your Etsy™ shop
    5. How to Upload Google Sheets & Excel Files to Etsy
    6. How to Upload a Listing
    7. A/B Testing
    8. How Often Should You Upload New Listings?
    9. How to Answer Customer Spreadsheet Questions with Confidence! Steal our FAQs and the answers we send customers!
    10. Get Your New Shop Promoted on Our Website and Pinterest Account!!
  1. Week 4: Etsy™ Strategy To Get Continuing Sales
    1. Coupons to Boost Sales
    2. Customer Interactions
    3. Lead Magnets for Ongoing Sales
    4. Custom orders
    5. How to add your next 15 products strategy
    6. How to use Etsy ads
    7. Pinterest for Added Traffic
    8. How to read Etsy stats
    9. Should You Run a Sale on Etsy?
    10. Instagram to Find More Customers
  1. Week 5: My 6 figure Digital Product Marketing Strategy off Etsy
    1. How I Bring in Interested Customers From More Places Online
    2. Grab all social handles, and input bios and link tree.
    3. Prioritize “sticky” social content
    4. Do You Need a Blog?
    5. A Google SEO trick to get more traffic faster (without a blog)

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