Factory45 is a self-paced program that takes sustainable fashion entrepreneurs from idea to launch.

Through action-based modules, vetted supply chain databases, templates and virtual training,

Factory45 entrepreneurs are equipped to build a sustainable fashion business from idea to launch.


Module 1: Sourcing

Effectively research and source the fabric and materials you need to create your apparel product, accessory line or collection.

  • Connections to a database of hundreds of suppliers who sell sustainable fabrics and low minimums.
  • Strategies to get a response from these suppliers, including exact scripts outlining what to say (and what not to say), so that you can build relationships and start confidently sourcing the materials you need.
  • An in-depth understanding of sewn manufacturing, how it works, what you need to know to avoid mistakes and how to efficiently source materials for production.
  • An overview of sustainability so you’ll have a clear understanding of what makes a fabric “eco-friendly” and whether it’s the right fit for your product.
  • A materials inventory template so you’ll know the exact fabric and materials you’ll need to go into production.
  • Training on how to create your sketches and a professional spec sheet — even if you can’t draw!


Module 2: Brand Identity

Identify who your ideal customer is, how to effectively communicate what you sell and learn proven strategies that will get a potential customer’s attention.

  • An understanding of smart business principles that will keep you “lean” and out of debt.
  • A complete brand strategy that speaks directly to your target market and represents the visual identity of your company.
  • A pre-launch strategy that generates customer leads to create ‘early adopters’ of your product.
  • Implementation of the #1 most effective marketing tactic for an ecommerce product launch.
  • A “traffic engine” that will turn interested customers into repeat customers over time.


Module 3: Pre-Production

Connect with top industry designers, samplemakers, patternmakers and production partners that will help you turn your ideas into prototypes and patterns.

  • Connections to dozens of vetted pattern/samplemakers who will work with you to create a “production-ready” pattern and prototype.
  • Guidance and resources for navigating the sewn manufacturing industry as an outsider.
  • Connections to production partners who will happily work with low minimums and pay a fair and living wage to their workers.
  • A cost and budget analysis so you’ll know how much capital you’ll need to go into production.
  • A database of resources for sustainable packaging, hangtags and labels.


Module 4: Ecommerce Marketing

Ensure that you’ll have buzz around your product launch. You can’t launch to crickets, so you need to learn how to build an audience before you start selling.

  • A tried-and-true content marketing strategy that attracts CUSTOMERS.
  • A media strategy for reaching out to press outlets so you can launch your product with buzz.
  • New social media tactics to connect with your target market and turn them into “early adopters.”
  • Implementation of my top 10 proven launch strategies and how to leverage them for your product.
  • The marketing strategies you should actually focus on, so you don’t waste time and energy on what doesn’t work.


Module 5: Preparing for Launch

Test your product at market by pre-selling. See first-hand how your target market responds to your product and raise money before creating inventory.

  • A complete plan-of-attack for launching a successful pre-sales campaign that will fund your first production run.
  • Creative direction for marketing videos, photography, campaign strategy and product pre-selling.
  • PR strategy for effectively communicating your unique selling position so you tell a compelling story that gets re-told.
  • An exit plan for going into production without the headache, hassle or stress of not knowing what to do next.


Bonus Workshop Recordings

In addition to the program curriculum, access 100+ recordings of Factory45 Workshops. For anything that isn’t covered in the portal, the live workshops fill in the gaps and offer topical advice. Examples of Workshops include:

  • How to Avoid Red Flags and Scams
  • How to Use Email Marketing Automations to Nurture Your Audience
  • Crafting a Brand Story to Use for Pre-Launch PR Opportunities
  • Managing Your Supply Chain Remotely
  • Financial Fluency & Your First Tax Season
  • Self Care & Overcoming the Mental Load of being an Entrepreneur
  • Working with Fit Models, Grading & Sizing
  • Working with Influencers, Building Relationships & Negotiating Partnerships
  • And so many more!

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