Equity Consulting

A course by Ace Chapman on how to buy, grow, and sell companies.


We provide education for every step of the equity consulting process:


  1. Identifying Opportunities – Analyze your skills and determine the target opportunities based on factors such as size, industry, and more. Learn how to establish a legal entity.

  2. Sourcing and Evaluation – Build a pipeline of potential deals through various channels. Gain access to evaluation strategies, financial indicators, and effective sourcing techniques to assess opportunities.

  3. Negotiation and Due Diligence – Explore case studies of successful deals. Acquire negotiation strategies, due diligence checklists, and valuable legal templates to navigate negotiations and ensure a thorough evaluation process.

  4. Financing and Completion – Learn techniques to fund and structure your deals for maximum returns. Explore tax strategies, asset transfer methods, and effective investor management techniques to optimize the financial aspects of your transactions.

  5. Growth and Expansion – Master the art of operating and expanding your portfolio. Identify growth opportunities, create comprehensive go-to-market plans, protect intellectual property (IP), and reinvest wisely for sustained growth.

  6. Exit Strategies – Evaluate optimal exit strategies to maximize returns. Streamline operations, shift investments, and enhance the intrinsic value of your projects through competitive differentiation.

What you’ll learn:


How to source and obtain equity through equity consulting:

Identifying the perfect opportunities to secure equity that aligns with your skill set is challenging. I’ll guide you on how to source, evaluate, and optimize deal flow to maximize options and obtain equity through consulting.


How to negotiate and secure equity:

Finding a project is only the beginning; now you must negotiate the terms and secure equity. Utilize battle-tested legal templates and email scripts to help you secure the best deal and obtain equity in the process.


How to contribute to growth and maximize returns:

Congratulations on closing a deal! Now it’s time to scale and generate a healthy return on your investment. I’ll assist you in becoming an efficient operator and developing a 100-day marketing plan to contribute to the growth and success of the venture.

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