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Get Your Review to PUBLISH EVERY TIME!

Understanding WHY Your Reviews are Not Publishing + GBP/GMB Quality Score Factors

  • •10 mins
  • •21.8 MB

Google Account Quality Score Part 1 (Settings)

  • •3 mins
  • •6.19 MB

Google Account Quality Score Part 2 (Outside Factors)

  • •5 mins
  • •12.2 MB

BAD Listing Example (Problem 1)

  • •6 mins
  • •21 MB

BAD Gmail or Google Account (Problem 2)

  • •5 mins
  • •17.4 MB
Problem 1 + Solution / Problem 2 + Solution | Problem 3 + Solution (ONLY going to be one of these 3 problems)
CHEAT CODE – Getting a 100% success rate! (BEAT the Nov. 2022 Update!)

Social Signals

Before the engagement
During the engagement
After the engagement

Reviews, Reviews, Reviews

Target keywords the RIGHT way!
Target locations
Entities + LSI Keywords + Sentiments – How to find & boost GMB/GBP rankings FAST!
Using Chat GPT3

Using the OSINT Framework for Local SEO! (Super Secret Sauce)

Intro to the most powerful tool on the internet!
BOOST brand authority
Finding Backlinks
Find EXIF/IPCT & Hidden Data
Find and Use scripts to scrape the internet
Google Dorking
Find data on ANY person or business (Even if they try to hide it!)

Mobile Engagement COMPLETE setup WITHOUT Phones

Mobile Emulator 1 + Setup and engagement (Works for everything)
Mobile Emulator 2 + Setup and engagement (Works for everything)
Driving Directions
Additional Business Interactions that matter!
Using a VA (Complete Setup + SOP)

Mobile Engagement COMPLETE setup WITH Phones

Complete A-Z Setup with one or more phones
Remote Access w/ phones
Using a VA (Complete setup + SOP)

Desktop Engagement

Referral Engagement (secret sauce)
GMB Posting (NOT in the way you think!) A completely NEW way to post! A new feature Google just released NOBODY is using!

Images that work for Local in 2023

Method 1 – Injections
Method 2
Method 3 – Plus do-follow links!

Optimizing Your Website to Boost Your Google Business Profile

Location page tutorial A-Z (or URL connected to GBP/GMB)
Creating proximity-boosting silos
Interlinking for GMB/GBP
Why this page matters and you need to have it! (90% of sites DON’T)
QR codes, Iframes, and More

Increasing Brand Authority

Finding where your brand needs to be!
Lower Spam Score and Increase trust
3rd party review sites + Cheat code to find all relevant niche reviews sites in seconds!
Things to do to help AVIOD suspensions. Tips I was told from a GOOGLE REP!

Building Backlinks to GMB/GBP

The new URL you need to be using! (NOBODY is using!)
Different URLs for search and maps (and why that matters!)
The contractor I use – $5 for 1,000,000 links
Finding FREE niche-relevant backlinks (secret weapons)

Website Backlinks

Method 1 (double-hop)
Method 2 (domains)
Method 3 (content)

Click Through Rate Manipulation

Best Tools on the Market with PROVEN Results!
Branded Traffic! By Michael Merlino!!! (CTR GEEKS)
Targeting keywords and proximity
Referral Traffic

Manipulated URLs

Understanding URL structure
Tools to make your life easy
Search strings I use (That nobody else has)
How to make your OWN custom manipulated URLs
Using Google Sheets for URLs!

Contractors I Use For Local & Maps

Backlinks, Map embeds, Iframe stacking, Web 2.0s, Cloud links, Citations, & More!

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