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Do you want to have a breakout 2021? Wondering what you can do to grow your business profitably in the new year? Watch Ezra Firestone, Molly Pittman and 30+ other experts share the latest strategies in paid advertising & digital marketing — all on your schedule!

Learn How to Use the Top Ad Platforms to Grow Any Brand

In 2020, online sales went from roughly 14% of all retail in March to almost 30% in May — that’s over 10 years of growth in just 2 months!

This is great news for digital marketers because it means there are a lot of new buyers online.

The bad news is that there are also a lot of new sellers:

More brands are focusing on digital advertising, resulting in more competitionand a super crowded ad auction.

So, will you take advantage of this opportunity and ride the wave of growth in 2021…or will you get lost in the surf?

Get the Smart Traffic Live 2020 recordings to learn the best strategies across all the top ad platforms so you can stand out from the crowd.

We pulled together 40 sessions from the top experts in paid media.

In-Depth Trainings

on Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube & More

We gathered 30+ experts across every major marketing channel to give us their personal business plans for how to grow a brand in 2021.

These top practitioners tell you exactly how to generate more leads and convert more customers from your current campaigns, and give you a ton of new traffic systems you can profit from all year long.

“Are these Recordings for Me?”

The Smart Traffic Live 2020 Recordings are for people who want to use paid traffic to ride the wave of growth in 2021. Is that you?

Then grab yours today! These are for all types of marketers & businesses:

New Media Buyers

Avoid the costly process of trial and error. These recordings will put you light-years ahead of most advertisers. (Lucky you! We wish we’d found Smart Traffic Live when we were just getting started.)

Advanced Media Buyers

These recordings are perfect for pros looking to sharpen their skill and learn the best of what’s working now. (If you work at scale, then you know how valuable it is to improve even one small part of your process.)

Business Owners

Whether you run an online business or a neighborhood brick-and-mortar, it’s almost impossible to grow without a profitable traffic strategy; and with the wrong strategy, you can waste a lot of time and money.

Freelance / Agency

In our experience, most clients won’t give you very much time to start delivering the goods. These recordings will help you work smarter, win bigger and keep more accounts.

Ecommerce, Info Products, Services and SaaS

No matter what kind of products you sell, the tactics and strategies taught in these recordings can be applied to all of them. The content of your campaigns might change, but the forces of advertising don’t!

Profitable Promotion Blueprint

Level up your promotion game just in time for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the rest of the 2020 holiday season!

With your ticket to Smart Traffic Live you get FREE access to this 4-week training with Ezra Firestone.

Learn exactly how Ezra plans and executes successful promotions in his $25 million/year ecommerce brand, and specifically how he plans to leverage those strategies to drive record-breaking sales this holiday season.

This bonus training will include sessions on:

  • Promotional Calendars: See how expert project managers plan and execute successful promotions.
  • Early Bird Buildup: Save a ton on ad spend by generating cheap leads for your early bird email list.
  • High-converting Sales Pages: Build a page for your promotion that boosts conversions and increases order value (instructions included).
  • Facebook Ads: Drive traffic to your promotion with hyper-targeted ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Email Campaigns: Learn how to use “mini” campaigns — like Ezra’s 2x Double Down and many more — to fight promo fatigue and maximize sales.
  • BONUS Q&A: At the end of this training, you’ll get to ask Ezra questions and get answers tailored specifically to your business.

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