The zero-hype, fad-free
Internet marketing “SYSTEM”
that has trained more
successful Internet marketers
than all the “gurus” combined
… since 1994

Dear fellow entrepreneur,

Stashed away in a climate-controlled storage unit hidden deep in the wooded hills of upstate New York is a secret archive containing over twenty years of studies, secret reports, manuals, interviews, seminar recordings and videos.

For over ten years, access to the cream of this collection has been available exclusively to the Internet marketing world’s most private and prestigious club: The System Club.

Until now, there were only two ways to become a member: 1) go through a System Seminar training or 2) be nominated by a fellow System Club member.

For many Internet marketers, the System Club has made the difference between success and failure.

And if you look at the success rate of our graduates compared to any other Internet marketing program, you’ll instantly recognize that we do things very differently.


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The truth about success

The reality is, no single course and no one seminar can convert you from a beginner to pro or from a pro to a super successful business owner.

That’s why, unlike so many other offerings out there, the System Seminar has never promised a “magic bullet.”

Instead we offer our students the one thing we know from over 20 years of experience that works: an ongoing education that draws both on rock solid direct marketing principles and the top minds on the cutting-edge of Internet marketing.

If you’re looking for “the secret” to success in Internet marketing, it’s right there.

If you could sit down and get an honest answer from every successful Internet business owner, you’ll learn that those two items – solid direct marketing and access to top performers – are the foundation of their success.

It’s universal – and yet it’s almost impossible to find this kind of training anywhere at any price. Except for one place…

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The right System makes all the difference…
Seminars are “peak” experiences for many people, but what happens when the seminar glow wears off?

Every successful person who’s ever lived will tell you the same thing:

“Inspiration is only the first chapter of the book. Real success is what comes after.”

After over 20 years of training many hundreds of business owners in Internet marketing methods, I know this is true.

That’s why I’ve put my entire focus now on one thing: The System Club.

The core information about any business skill can be successfuly delivered in many formats – live, on tape, by webinar – but the thing that makes the difference in every single case is the follow up and that’s what the System Club is all about…

Introducing the new System Seminar
Since life is short, I want to focus on the kind of action that turns raw ideas into profitable realities.

So instead of doing one massive annual event that only lasts three days, I’m turning the System Seminar into an ongoing, never-ending source of fresh information and support through the System Club.

Here’s how this is better for you:

#1 – The System Seminar was expensive: $1,995.00 (more for late registration)…The System Club is just a fraction of that.

#2 – Getting to the System Seminar was a costly hassle: round-trip airfare, hotel, time away from home…You can participate in the System Club on your own schedule without leaving your home or office.

#3 – The System Seminar was three days of inspiration and cutting edge money making know-how…The System Club is open 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Here’s what you get…
Every Internet marketer needs the same three things:

#1 – Access to the top minds in the business
#2 – Ongoing inspiration, support and coaching
#3 – Up-to-the minute information on the newest tactics and tools

Even the best seminar in the world can’t provide you these things in a single three day period, but the Internet marketing world’s best marketing Mastermind Group can.

Every month, the System Club gives you access to world-class marketing experts through our monthly Master Class call. Many of these guest experts appear on no other calls and at no other seminars and are exclusive to the System Club.

The System Club also provides individual coaching via the monthly Second Saturday call, that I handle personally. You can present your business ideas, challenges, questions for my personal review.

Direct access to my marketing brain
If you were to call my office and ask for an hour of my time, my assistant Bettina would tell you I’m available to provide private consulting and coaching via telephone for $2000 an hour.

I make no apologies for this fee. In fact, all things considered, it’s an insane bargain.

I have been involved in and continue to be involved in so many “rags to riches” success stories that I know the value of my time and advice. In fact, even at this rate, I am extremely selective about who I work with privately.

But there is one exception to this rule and that’s the Second Saturday System Cub coaching program.

Like the name implies, every second Saturday of the month I personally get on the phone with individual System Club members in a group setting and we work on their businesses…

Their positioning, their business models, their copywriting, and all the other things that would normally cost a business owner thousands and thousands of dollars to get help with…assuming you can even find qualified help in this area.

Lots of people talk about marketing, but few people crank out success stories year after year after year the way I do. I don’t see any reason to be falsely modest about this particular point. As the saying goes “If it’s true, it ain’t bragging.”

If you’d like this kind of access to me you could apply to my office and pay my $2000 our fee – or you can simply become a member of the System Club.

But wait, there’s more…
Here’s one of the hardest to find – and most valuable-pieces of the Internet marketing puzzle:

Straight, unbiased talk about Internet marketing tools.

Getting this one thing right can make the difference between massive success and frustrating failure.

Too much of the “information” out there about Internet marketing tools is hype-driven. In fact, it’s almost impossible to find objective analyses about available tools…

…unless you’re a System Club member.

Every month we review the latest tools, not to hype them, not to sell them, but to simply and dispassionately explain how they work – the good, the bad, the ugly – so you can make RATIONAL decisions about what to buy.

We call this monthly program Tech Talk.

For example, in recent calls we’ve covered:

  • Google’s new focus on fonts and how you can use them to boost response
  • Where to find the best pay-per-click managers and how to pay them based on performance, not hot air
  • Free and low cost tools that turn WordPress into a finely tuned marketing machine
  • Which social networks will boost your response rates and which ones should you ignore
  • The right way to design a mobile website and why you should get mobile saavy now

That’s not all, you get these
amazing savings too
If monthly access to the world’s top marketing experts; personal coaching, advice and insight from me; and the most up-to-date, unbiased info on new marketing tools doesn’t float your boat…

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System Club members also get up to 50% off on everything we do.

That includes the Advanced Copywriting course (the second best one in the world…only Gary Bencivenga’s $5,000.00 course is better).

It also includes System Mastermind meetings where I work intensely with 10 business owners for a weekend. Cost to the rest of the world: $1,995.00. Cost to System Club members: $1,000 or less.

You may not want to take advantage of any of these amazing discounts, but isn’t it good to know if you ever want to, you can?

But being a member of the System Club is not just about the monthly coaching sessions with me, Tech Talk, the Master Class or the incredible discounts on System courses.

There’s more…

The Ultimate Archive for Internet Marketers
System Club members also get as part of their membership unlimited access to the entire collection of System Club member-only expert interviews.

This material has never been sold or made available to anyone outside of the System Club.

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These Master Classes are with real world experts who aren’t on the seminar circuit. In fact, most Internet marketers don’t even know half these people exist let alone know their accomplishments. These are real players and unless you’re a System Club member you’ll never get the benefit of their experience.

Here are just some of the programs in the System Club archive that are only availabe to System Club members:

Josh Aston – Head of online marketing for Lexington Law: Josh generates enough leads every month to keep over 700 attorneys and staff members busy. If there’s anyone who knows more about traffic generation and conversion I haven’t met them yet. Emanuel Rosen – The master of viral marketing. Long before Facebook, Twitter, and the social marketing craze, Rosen was a guest expert on the System Club Master Class program. His breakthrough book “The Anatomy of Buzz” published ten years ago is the reference serious marketers use when they want to get the real deal on the subject.

Steve O’Keefe – One of the original Internet marketers. Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos went to him to learn how to sell books online. Steve is one of the great masters of online promotion and knows more about selling books on the Internet than anyone alive.

Don Libey – Author of “Beyond RFM” one of the best guides ever written on how to make the most from your customer list. Libey, a catalog industry veteran, is now an investment banker specializing in the buying and selling of catalog companies. Hard core, real world insight on how to make it you won’t find anywhere else.

Richard Koch – Ever hear of the 80/20 Rule? It’s been around for a long time, but it took serial entrepreneur Richard Koch to breathe fresh life into it with his book on the subject. Years before anyone else in marketing had “discovered” Koch, he was a System Club Master Class guest expert.

Blair Witch Project Secret – Do you remember the phenomenally successful movie “The Blair Witch Project”? Driven entirely by word of mouth and the Internet, this super low-budget production grossed over $200 million. How did they do it? There’s only one place on earth to get the whole story and that’s behind the closed doors of the System Club Master Mind archive.

Murray Raphel – Successful real estate developer and master of retail promotion. Murray, a multi-decade veteran of direct marketing, has published over a dozen books and hundreds of articles on the practical side of direct mail for promoting retail stores and any business.

Notice in this short list of System Club Master Class guest experts there’s not a single seminar “guru.”

These are all master marketers from the real world with real experience and real verifiable public success.

When you become a System Club member you get access to the complete archive including these Master Class sessions and dozens of others.

Other names you may recognize as System Club Master Class guest experts include:

  • Perry Marshall (master of Google AdWords and System grad)
  • Glenn Livingston (master of Internet research)
  • Monte Cahn (the Internet world’s top domain name broker)
  • James Martell (top affiliate marketer and one of the best educators in the business)
  • Lloyd Irvin (twice world champion of Brazilian jujitsu and successful publisher, martial arts school operator, and Internet marketer – and System grad)
  • Michael Campbell (Internet marketing pioneer and innovator of many of today’s most commonly used white hat SEO strategies)
  • Kim Dushinski (one of the leading experts in the field of mobile marketing, author of “The Mobile Marketing Handbook” – and System grad)

These are the experts, and many many more, that you’ll have access to in the System Cub Master Class archive.

Keep in mind, the names above are just a short list of all the people who’ve contributed to the System Club Master Class Program – and we have a new session with a new expert every month.

Why for the first time in my career I’m going to offer you a golden bribe
I haven’t been a big fan of “bonuses” in the past.

Part of the reason is the long list of bogus bonuses and discounts that you often see in Internet marketing offers.

In contrast, I’ve always charged a premium for every training I’ve offered and I’ve never turned around and discounted the cost of a training years – or even months or weeks – later.

So why am I offering you bonuses just to test drive the Internet marketing world’s most serious Club?

Frankly, because it suits my purposes now (as you’ll see at the end of the letter).

But more important, I believe you’ll find it’s the single smartest thing and best investment you can make if you’re serious about learning, growing, and staying on top of the endlessly fascinating and sometimes exasperating world of Internet marketing.

If you have an existing business either online or off-line, membership should be a no-brainer. You simply won’t find information and guidance like this anywhere else at any price.

If you’re a beginner, the System Club is one of the few places you can go where you’ll be exposed to the real business of Internet marketing not the seminar and “launch” fantasies cooked up by the online equivalent of used-car salesmen.

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Deep from the System vault
I guarantee you’ve never seen these before because until now they’ve been reserved solely for System Club members.

If you want the secret for why System graduates are consistently more successful than the graduates of any other Internet marketing training programs it’s this:

The System inspires people to be serious about Internet marketing…and we give our System Club members the ammunition they need to succeed.


If you’re familiar with the direct mail world, you know the name.

For decades, Gary Bencivenga was, before he retired from “active duty”, the undisputed champion of the copywriting world.

When he gave his one and only seminar at the end of his career, it was attended by every serious big money copywriter in the business including super-stars like Gary Halbert and Richard Armstrong.

Gary made so much money from his successful sales letters, that he saw absolutely no reason to share any of his techniques… until it was time to leave the big stadium.

The interview he granted me was for the exclusive use of System Club members only and is the only interview of him available in recorded form.

How did this highly unusual arrangement come about?

Because Gary is a long time System Club member himself and he knows both the quality of the material we produce and the quality of the people in our group.

These recordings are not available from any other source, at any price, and this was the only recorded interview Gary ever granted in his 40+ year career.

Only System Club members and Gary’s own clients and inner circle students have ever had access to this material. You can have it too, just for test driving the System Club.


What would happen if you put the original Internet marketing pioneer together in the same room with one of the most respected direct marketing practitioners on earth and one of the world’s sharpest Internet marketing minds for a day?

You’d get a mind boggling, one-of-a-kind and never-to-be-repeated live all day mastermind session that money can’t buy.

I’ve never sold the recordings from this day, but if I did it would have to be one of the most expensive set of DVDs I’ve ever made available.

It’s very rare to have three experts with this depth of practical experience in marketing together in the same room, at the same time, teaching together. I did a quick calculation and, between the three of us, there was well over 100 years of marketing know-how harnessed that day.

Me, Ken McCarthy, the original Internet marketing pioneer who’s trained thousands and helped launch dozens of successful businesses and careers online and off…Perry Marshall, the guy who sorted out the details of Google AdWords making it accessible – and profitable – to thousands of small-business people…Drayton Bird, the multi-decade veteran marketer who David Ogilvy said knew more about direct marketing that any man alive.


Wouldn’t you have liked to have been a a fly on the wall in that room as the three of us tried to outdo each other by bringing out our best techniques and sharpest insights.

You can, just for test driving the System Club and this is the only way to get your hands on this material.


I’ve been teaching Internet marketing since 1994.

An amazingly high number of game-changing innovations have either come straight out of my trainings or received a very, very early introduction at them.

Here are the things I’ve introduced to my students with the date I introduced them: the banner ad (1994), legitimate e-mail marketing (1994), sequential auto responders (1996), pay per click marketing (2001), audio advertising online (2002), video advertising online (2005), and mobile marketing (2008.)

If there’s anybody who’s been as consistently on the cutting edge of Internet marketing trends for as long as I’ve been, I’d like to meet him or her.

(Apparently some of my “competition” gets aggravated when I roll out this list. Sorry guys. Why don’t you accomplish something other than copying other people’s material and you can honestly brag a little too?)

Anyway, one day after getting thoroughly frustrated with the low-level of Internet marketing education that people were getting from the “gurus,” I decided to create an intense one day crash course on everything that was essential for success in Internet marketing.

I took this fast-paced, information-packed training on a North American tour that took me to NYC, Chicago, Toronto, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Vancouver.

Unfortunately, my schedule no longer allows me to offer this kind of training so there will be no more System Intensive tours.

The good news is one of my students begged me to allow him to record the entire New York City session – which I think was my best.

For test driving the System Club you’ll get your own copy of this unique, never to be repeated, one day explosion of well over a decade of serious, in the trenches Internet marketing experience. Not available anywhere else at any price and only for members of the System Club.

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