Automated Marketing Portal

Don’t you ever get tired of “push” marketing? (Maybe it should be called “Pushy” marketing. Ha.) Just think about firing up your own personal Bobalo cigar and picking through the prospects who have contacted you? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a client “pull” on you for a change?

Hey, I may be smoking a Bobalu – But I’m not blowing smoke at anybody!

This is exactly what I do. Do you think I’d tell you anything that I haven’t tested and done? No, I wouldn’t. This is doable. You might not get it done overnight, but you can get it done as I have.

One of the most important trainings I’ve ever conducted in my ongoing “Consultant Profits” sessions is this one called “Automated Marketing Portal.” Why is that? I’ll tell you. Most of our training helps both you and your clients, right? Well, this one is just for you. I talk about how you can set up “marketing outposts” that will get prospects coming to you. Do you like that idea?

From my live hangout:

“Here’s the reason we do this. You see, everybody’s always asking me how to I find leads? Guess what? I don’t look for leads. Today, I’m going to show you how to leverage all this (activity) so that you get exponential results. The biggest single question I’m asked every single week…every single week I am asked, ‘How do I find leads? Where do I go to find leads.”

“Let me tell you a little secret. I do very little lead generation. I do very little going out and looking for leads. You know why? Nancy hit the nail on the head… They find me.”

Automated Marketing Portal

You’ve Got To Be An Expert – Everybody’s An Expert On Something…

From my live hangout:

“If you don’t think you’re an expert on something, I disagree with you. Everybody’s an expert on something. And when you see what people are looking for, one of these days something will jump out at you and you’ll say, ‘Wow, I can be an expert on that.’ And you can. “

Introducing ..

“Automated Marketing Portal Secrets”

Automated Marketing Portal Secrets

This is something you’ll need to do – a least a little bit – every single day if you want the kind of results I get. It’s really not that hard…it’s just something you need to do all the time. Wouldn’t you rather invest a little time on building your AMP if it meant clients would come to you? When you do this, you can—

Automated Marketing Portal

Hey, Folks, This Isn’t Rocket Science!

You know what you know, don’t you? Does anybody else know you know it. Why not?

Are you keeping yourself in front of prospective buyers by sharing some of what you know? If you do this in a methodical, systematic, and organized way, this will bring you many benefits. I’ll explain to you exactly how I do this and how you can even automate some of this with free tools. That’s right. Free tools I use everyday. I’ll tell you about them in this session.

Automated Marketing Portal Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 10.36.48 PM

This Training Was A Super-Long, Exhaustive Session

As usual with my “Consultant’s Profits” sessions, this was recorded in front of a live audience. It was all recorded. It’s been transcribed word-for-word. This is an extended one-of-a-kind training that can transform the entire way you do business. Nothing was left out. Stop chasing people. Draw them willingly into your AMP and allow them to contact you. Awesome, right?

  • You’ll receive nearly 90 full minutes of video content.
  • You’ll have the word-for-word only authorized transcript including original color images from this extended training.
  • And you’ll have an MP3 audio so you can learn my techniques anywhere, at any time.

You Get The Entire Training Package For Just $97!!!

This training will show you specifically how to set up your own “Automated Marketing Portal” – every step. This is the exact process I have used and continue to use today. Now, with this training at a heavily discounted price – for a very limited time – you can learn how to draw leads to your business. Here’s what you’ll get:

Automated Marketing Portal

Sales Page:  http://steveunplugged.com/automated-marketing-portal-fp/

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