Attention Copywriters and Business Owners

How to Double or Even Triple Your Monthly Revenue In Just 1 Day’s Worth of Work…

Without Taking on MORE Clients or Writing Dozens of Broadcast Emails

Dear friend,
If you’re anything like most copywriters, you’re constantly looking for ways to fatten up your wallet without adding extra work.

If that’s the case, then today’s your lucky day.

Because as you keep reading, you’ll see how easy it is to double your monthly income without doubling your work hours.
In fact, I’ve been doing this for the past three years as a non-native email copywriter, working 4-5 hrs a day and making six healthy figures a year.
So I can travel the world whenever I’d like and spend my time doing things I enjoy…vs always working on client projects.
What you’re about to discover is perhaps one of the easiest ways to add extra monthly revenue without taking on more clients…in just one day’s worth of work.
This Ultimately Gives You More Opportunities to Double Your Revenue While Freeing Up Your Time So You Can Do Things You Enjoy Doing

See, most email copywriters focus on offering services like:

Writing welcome automation

Optimizing abandoned cart automation

Handling monthly broadcast emails/newsletters

Creating post-purchase automation

If this is what you provide for your clients, there is nothing wrong with that.

However, I think we can both agree…
The only way to increase the monthly revenue is to take on MORE CLIENTS to offer the same services.
This means spending more time:

Nailing down the client’s voice

Figuring out what ticks the audience

Coming up with ideas to write about

Planning the entire email calendar

Fighting ever-lurking writer’s block

In other words, even though taking on a new client means a slightly happier bank account…
Unfortunately, this also means a MASSIVE loss of your time.
And I don’t know about you…
But I got into this industry to stay away from the 9-5 modern-day slavery…
And enjoy the finest things this life has to offer.
My bet is…. you got here for similar reasons.
If that’s the case
Let Me Show You a Simple Way to Add More Zeros To Your Bank Account…

Without Adding More Work Hours to Your Day

Now, what I’m about to share with you is not new.

In fact, I bet you’ve even done this service for a client before.
However, it’s the HOW you approach this old-as-the-hills lucrative service offer…
That can transform your life.
Because if you’re anything like 99% of copywriters….
Chances are, you haven’t seen success with this one service offer for your clients.
Simply because it failed to convert.
Which ultimately led to losing a client.
Because we both know that in the client’s eyes,

The Only Copy That Matters is the One That Converts

You see, businesses worldwide always come up with new products.

That’s how they increase their bottom lines.
When they do, they need to let potential buyers on their email list know how excellent this new product is.
This is where a product launch sequence comes in.
And even those that don’t come up with new products or offers..
Still have “evergreen” offers.
These are often “undersold” because clients don’t know how to market them in a way that makes their audience salivate at the mere mention of the product.
This is where a killer launch sequence comes to a rescue. And that’s where you, as an email copywriter, come in.
Because when you know how to write a killer launch sequence
The one that converts…
Not only will your client love you forever…
They will keep you on a team for as long as humanly possible.
And give you more work than you’d know what to do with.
For you, this means you can forget about hunting for clients.
And transform your life as an email copywriter from a struggling to thriving because:

Customer Retention = Referrals = Double or Even Triple Your Current Bottom Line

Yet that’s not even the best part…

See, when you know how to create product launch sequences the right way…
You’ll write 10-14 email sequences in just one day.
This means when you set up this offer in a way that’s a win-win situation for both you and your client…
You can make 4-5 figure paychecks in just one day’s worth of work.
Regardless of the niche, the list size, and the temperature of the list (cold or warm).

In fact, I’ve written launch sequences that converted on large and small lists throughout my career.
What’s more, during my first ever year as a copywriter, I wrote a mini-launch sequence for an agency I worked for.
That sequence made over $80,000 for a client in just five days… all on a $497 product.
This means 170 people pulled their credit cards and said a “hell yes” to the offer…
When previously, they have been just passive readers.
Moreover, the client had an offer in one of the most brutal niches out there – fitness niches.
Why 99% Of Email Copywriters Struggle To Write Launch Sequences That Convert:

Most email copywriters use templates to write launches.

And it makes sense.
Templates save you a lot of time.
Yet they also give you subpar results.
The results that put you into the category of a mediocre copywriter… 
One of many….
And seeing the ever-growing amount of competition in the field…
Delivering just meh results is not going to cut it.
Yet, when you know the structure of a perfect launch sequence.
When you know the reasons behind why this structure works…
You can squeeze every penny out of the list, no matter how small or big or how cold or lukewarm the list is…
In almost any niche, on any low to medium-price product…every time.
Giving you more status and authority points in the eyes of your clients and peers.
What’s more….
Having this understanding also means you don’t have to spend HOURS researching and figuring out the audience.

All You Need Is A Profitable Launch Structure And About A Day’s Worth Of Work

Now if you are a fast writer like myself, that could take you even less time.

These days I bang out a launch in about 3 hrs, followed by an hour of editing.

Are you intrigued? Curious to try it for yourself?
Well, if that’s the case, then allow me to invite you to my

Launch Sequence Secrets

Part #1: The Method

During this training I’ll take you by the hand and will show you:

  • The structure of a profitable launch sequence in ANY niche on ANY low to medium-price offers or products (from $0.99 to $999)
  • Step-by-step formula to writing email launch sequence that converts
  • The Bottom-Up Approach to writing the entire sequence in just one day
  • The difference between a product launch and welcome automation: how to get maximum profits
  • The #1 thing most copywriter neglect after the launch that burns the list and sets up the next launch for failure
  • Avoid these 3 common launch sequence strategies that cause the launch to bomb!
  • 7 tricks that squeeze the most juice out of the list without burning it out
  • When to sell hard and when to “value sell” for maximum profits
  • The Profitability Frequency: how often should you email
  • Does length matter? How long should the launch sequence be for maximum profits
  • How to make your client say hell yes to your launch sequence service offer without batting an eye
  • The sure-fire launch success questionnaire list: ask your clients these questions to secure a profitable launch
  • Bonus: 5 SMS-marketing strategies to boost launch conversions


Part #2: The Application

During this part of the training,  I’ll take you by the hand and will show you:

  • A step-by-step breakdown of some of my best-performing launch sequences in various niches
  • A demo of how I use the structure to write a sequence in a one day
  • A personalized live critique of your launch structure and copy of some of the copywriters in the niches
  • A step-by-step breakdown of each type of email so you can use the templates for any niche, any market, and deploy the launch sequence even faster


Special Bonus #1

The Anatomy of Emails That Sell

Discover how to beat email controls for your clients…

Or how to write emails that sell using a simple step-by-step formula.

Better yet, when you combine this formula and the launch sequence secrets I’ll reveal to you in this workshop…

You’ll crank out launch sequences that convert faster than ever thought possible…


Special Bonus #2

The Secret Mindhack to Writing Emails That Sell in 20 Min or less

You’ll get a simple 15 min training on how to prime your mind to writing emails that sell faster than ever before.

I also will share with you the super simple recipe I’ve used since March 2020 to hone my email writing skills and make 6 figures in my first year as a non-native writer.

This mindhack helped me have a super fast turnaround in 24hrs or less on my 5th month as a new copywriter.


Special Bonus #3

21 Short-cuts To Landing Clients With Ease and Confidence

Whether you’re looking long term retainer clients…

Or if you’d like to land a quick project where you can write a “Done-in-a-day” launch sequence that converts…

And get paid 4-5 figure paychecks for one day’s worth of work…

These 21 shortcuts will help you double or even triple your chances of getting a reply from a potential client and even landing a new one.

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