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The problem with SEO… The fact is that there is just too much fluff out there when it comes to SEO. Half of it doesn’t work and the other half is taught by people that don’t practice what they teach – so how can you really trust them? Most marketers selling the systems and the instant rankings success formulas, etc… are doing you more harm than good. Why?

First of all because they are marketers first and not SEO practitioners (meaning half or more of them really don’t even understand SEO). Secondly because you’ll waste countless hours and hundreds of dollars (if not thousands – ask us how we know – YIKES) chasing the latest tactic instead of learning effective long term strategies. Tactics work today and leave you crying when the next algorithm hits. Strategies will help you build a long-term viable business. Which do you want?

I recently listened to a recording of a seminar that was $10,000 to attend. That’s right, there were about 20 people in the room who all paid $10k for a 1 day seminar.

After hearing the advice given by the “so called” SEO Guru, I can tell you, I was *very* glad I hadn’t paid to attend. Not only was the information being taught out-dated and incorrect, but some of it would actually cause you problems and directly goes against best practices since Google’s Panda update.

This was being taught at a $10k seminar – imagine what kind of advice you’re being given by the $27 Clickbank courses!

Our Pledge to you in this course…

Mike and I first and foremost pride ourselves on our candor. You’re not going to get some BS that is what you may “want” to hear from us. We simply tell it like it is.

You also are not going to get any conjecture, speculation, or regurgitation of someone else’s methods or ideas. SEO is our life and our business – this is what we do and what works – on our sites and those of our clients.
Here’s a brief summary of just some of what you’ll receive

Just added 3 Hours of Panda 3.3 Specific Content!
More than 10 hours 13 hours+ of in-depth SEO training and personalized instruction.

Introduction (28 minutes) – By Troy, this will really set the tone for the entire course and training.

Module 1: The SEO Mindset (45 minutes) – Learning to approach SEO with the proper mindset will have a huge factor in your overall success. We have observed hundreds of clients make the same mistakes, learn out to change your approach and learn from their mistakes rather than repeat them yourself.

Module 2: The Basics of SEO (2 parts, 2 full hours) – Mastering the basics is important in any venture, but in SEO it is vital. If you’re not doing the basics right or don’t have a fundamental understanding of core SEO principals, then it’s like building a 10 story apartment complex on sand with no foundation – you’re doomed to failure from day 1!

Module 3: The Authority Triangle (1 hour) – Learn the three essential elements that make an authority site in Google with in-depth discussion of all three.

Module 4: Keyword Research Demystified (1 hour – now nearly 3 hours!) – Trying to be effective without understanding proper keyword research is like skydiving without a parachute – fun for a while but ending with a thud! EXPANDED! Now three full videos, 2 instructional and the 3rd a real time training where you can watch over my shoulder as I perform the same steps taught in the prior two videos.

Module 5: Content Writing for SEO Success (1 hour) – Content is the “bamboo” that Google’s Panda loves, so come learn to feed it well and watch your rankings skyrocket!

Module 6: Linkbuilding – What Works and What Doesn’t (1 hour – now nearly 2 hours!) – Lose the hype and all of the endorsements for the latest new shiny object and instead come learn exactly what works, what we do and why!

EXPANDED! We added a second session.
Module 7: Road Map to Success (1 hour) – Here we’ll wrap up everything we’ve covered into a road map you can follow for SEO success. We’ll cover strategies for SEO for brand new sites and aged, robust sites as well. Notice I didn’t say a formula or a magic button. If anyone tries to sell you a “secret SEO formula”, don’t walk, RUN!

Module 8: Bonus (it’s a secret)… Edit: It’s Niche Selection

Module 9: Just added – 2+ hours of Panda 3.3 related content

Plus you’ll get the content the way YOU want it!

Full HD Resolution MP4 Video
MP3 format to download to your iPhone, iTunes, or other mobile device
Full color PDF of the slides for easy reference
Black and white version of the slides so you can print it out and take notes and not kill your toner cartridge!

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