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…Because in the last year over 100 people from our small underground coaching community, most of them beginners and newbies, have gone from $0 to mid $4-figures or $5-figures PER MONTH. Read on, and you’ll even be exposed to video after video of individual members explaining how they reached $20,000 month in profit – more than most doctors make. OMG Machines becker-cash-smaller

When I was starting out with trying to build wealth on the internet, about 10 years ago, I just wanted one thing, but it was incredibly hard to find, at any price. What I wanted was to see it working for real, to see somebody who had a working business, and to see that business over their shoulder, and be able to ask them questions. I wanted to see how they were really getting their traffic (visitors to their web pages) and how they were converting those visitors into customers, and how much money they were really making.

You hear all sorts of claims, but I so desperately wanted the reality behind the claims. And I didn’t just want little pieces of reality, which could give me a very distorted picture of what was really going on and cause me to run off in all sorts of wrong and unproductive directions. Could even one person who was making money just show me what was really going on and answer some questions I might have about it?

Essentially, no.

I couldn’t buy that anywhere. They were selling packaged courses showing a sanitized version of things, like a collection of lessons that they thought would sound good. People selling these courses were, in many cases, really making some money, and they really knew some valuable things, but everything you could buy ended up being piecemeal and incomplete and so much of it contradicted other sources, much like trying to figure out from gurus what health food is really best to eat.

I ended up falling back on skills that helped me become popular in High School. I wasn’t like one of those bullies shown in high school movies, but I was good at bringing people together and having a wide circle of friends. For whatever reason, that ability comes naturally to me. Using it, I was able to get invited to really come to the actual homes and offices of successful internet money-getters, and see what they were really depositing each day into their bank accounts and see how the money was being made.

I saw how they got their web traffic, how they made their sales, and also they explained to me how they made or found products to sell or promote. I’ll forever be grateful to the handful of people who helped me in that way. I’m certain that those generous people shaved ten or twenty years off of how long, if ever, it would have otherwise taken me to succeed.

With their help, my success was nearly instantaneous. When you absolutely know that it is for real, and when you have seen how it all really works, it is like a switch flips inside of you, and everything is just so much easier and certain.

OMGMachines training and coaching, our No Holds Barred Project Breakthrough coaching club, is purely based on giving you what I just described above that made all of the difference for me.

It started with just us, just myself and Greg Morrison and David Mills, opening up our businesses and methods and training to you, and over the last two years, we’ve accumulated several more folks, from inside of our membership and our culture, not “gurus” from outside, who likewise have generously opened their businesses and methods to our community in what we call extra “modules” that have been added to our training.

We’ve accumulated hundreds of successful folks, despite the fact that we are underground guys with just hundreds of total members, not several thousands, because we prefer to remain moderate in size. Therefore, out of such a small group, having hundreds of success stories is beyond eye-popping. I’d hesitate to even let you know it was that many, given how unbelievable it can feel to people who are just hearing of us, but we have so many of them on video and audio, and they are all right inside of our wonderfully active private Facebook group community.

We also do something rather unique: we have this letter posted on a blog page with open comments, both facebook and normal comments, and dozens and dozens of our members have posted their thoughts there, as well.

Here are some stories of our real people:

We’ve got a woman who started by helping her local church get a little more visibility in the North Carolina town she lives in for a couple hundred dollars per month…and then she spread her wings adding more and more business…and in each of the last 2-months she’s made over $15,000 for a total of over $30,000!

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We provide:

  • $6-FIGURE PER MONTH COACHING! Weekly Coaching Office Hours Webinar with Greg Morrison, the guy I call the One Man Gang. While others are getting “coached” by $20/hour “coaches” hired off craigslist, or by clueless interns, Greg makes $6-figures per month doing hard core SEO in every market from health, to precious metals to relationship advice. He’s the guy personally answering your SEO questions on coaching Webinars. Office Hours coaching for this season will extend at least through June 2015!
  • $5-FIGURE PER MONTH FAST START OFFICE HOURS! Weekly money-getting coaching “office hours” with Fletch, who makes over $20,000 PER MONTH doing a mix of both Day Job Killer local client consulting AND affiliate marketing. (Office Hours coaching for this season will extend at least through June 2015!)
  • Bonus Superstar OFFICE HOURS! In addition to Greg and Fletch, you’ll be getting live Office Hours appearances from >$200,000/month OMG superstar Kotton Grammar, plus live appearances by SEO masterminds Jimmy Kelley, Sue Bell, and Russell Wright, plus online business master, affiliate marketing savant, and local client consulting expert Joe Marfoglio, plus Travis Sago. (Office Hours coaching for this season will extend at least through June 2015!)
  • SUPREMACY, DOMINATE, CONTROL Greg, Jimmy, Russell, and Sue take you carefully through their 3-part process for SEO Supremacy, Domination, and Control with careful step-by-step videos. Supremacy is his method for powerful targeted links, Domination adds Social Sites to the mix, wielding the awesome power of the world’s most powerful social sites like You Tube and Facebook and forcing them to do your bidding, and Control refers to having everything structured just right on your website itself for maximum SEO power.
  • MONEY-GETTING! Watch over-our-shoulder as we take you by the hand and lead you through proven Money-Getting websites and templates. Conversion is the science of turning more and more visitors to your OMG Machine website into customers and we’ve found that the more the merrier (or money-ier) when it comes to proven templates.
  • MONETIZATION! But before you even get started with your OMG Machine and ramping up your conversion numbers higher and higher you’re going to get yet another unstoppable advantage from our monetization training and guidance. Monetization is different than conversion…it’s choosing the HOW part of your OMG Machine making money, from Niches to Products to Client-Getting
  • DAY JOB KILLER! DJK Local client consulting: This is what I call one of the two most powerful forms of Monetization that we’ve found for beginners, because you can start making big paychecks on day 1 even before you start ranking websites. We call it Day Job Killer because SO MAY OMG’ers have given their boss the middle-finger award because of it. And we’ve got tools, templates, training, role-playing videos and resources that nobody in the world has. Note: that even some of our most “shy” coaching community members are our most successful at this!
  • AFFILIATE/CPA/ECOMMERCE! The boxer shorts on your couch dream made real because of the power of free traffic. This is very real and doable and happening right now for many of the folks in our coaching community. Each of these can be a GOLD MINE, if you know what you’re doing. Our rich templates and top-secret tricks will put you miles ahead of the competition.
  • SOFTWARE, TEMPLATES! We have unique top-secret software that Greg Morrison personally developed for Search Engine Domination. We’ve also beaten vendors up for OMG exclusive discounts or even free (free within OMG) software that Greg personally uses in his business to save money and time. We also have an exclusive free skin for web design that is out-of-this world and will save you approximately $1500 if you wanted to buy something comparable outside of OMG.
  • Updates! When you join OMG NHB 2015, you receive access too all of our training. We don’t hold back and “drip out” our training, because our priority is your success, and we don’t want to hold back something for 3 months that you may need today. However, we are adding training all of the time as we discover new things, have new successes, or as Google implements gradual changes to their Search Engine algorithm. Plus, our successful members love to give back and contribute to the community, so we often have additional strategies revealed in videos they make showing what they are doing now that is innovative and working to put cash in their wallets. Giving back and paying it forward is a powerful belief inside of the OMG community. As you succeed, we hope that you will help others, as our current successful members will be helping you.

Mike Long here, on behalf of David Mills, Kotton Grammar, Joe Marfoglio, Travis Sago, Jimmy Kelley, Sue Bell, Russell Wright, Greg Morrison, Joshua Fletcher, and myself. And on behalf of you.

Here’s what the Director’s Cut trainers have in common: in addition to massive incomes and shocking results, each and every one of them has a proven track record of getting others over the finish line. They aren’t just able to do it; they HAVE done it, and each has previously done it again and again.

Kotton Grammer reveals his client getting, pricing, and fulfillment system for Web Traffic Consulting and especially SEO consulting. Kotton has well over a dozen tested and proven exclusive methods, and if you want to learn, he’ll keep sharing more. These are the EXACT methods that Kotton used to go from $0 to $1.3 million all in 2014.

You get Kotton’s extensive training, and you get him LIVE weekly. Kotton has used his methods to take his OMG income up OVER $200,000 per MONTH. Getting somebody like Kotton LIVE, week after week for four months, is a once-in-a-lifetime sort of opportunity. (Live Q&A webinars are also recorded, of course.)

The future is now: Jimmy Kelley, Russell Wright, and Sue Bell reveal SEO secrets including advanced (and introductory) Domain Authority Stacking, the 5 Iframe Punch, Social Site circle leveraging, PBN evolution, and jacking into the hidden power of RSS Feeds. In other words, evergreen and explosive Free Traffic getting.

Not only are you learning their secrets, but you’re also getting Jimmy, Russell, and Sue LIVE weekly in what is the first and probably the ONLY such time in their lives when they will be doing that many appearances. Otherwise, to get just Jimmy live for just 1 hour costs $1000. In Director’s Cut, you are getting them weekly for 4 months, plus extensive training. Remember, we are here so that you WIN, not just so that you gain more knowledge (although nothing wrong with a ton of secret powerful exclusive knowledge.)

Joe knows OMG: Joe Marfoglio reveals his “set-it-and-forget-it” affiliate page method, his “street smart” outsourcing method, and his client getting “cheat sheet.” You get full training AND coaching office hours with Joe.

Travis Sago started from absolute scratch…and built a $6-figure per month money-getting empire on the power of affiliate marketing. Now, for the first time ever, Travis reveals his exclusive affiliate page conversion method, and his keyword buying cycle method. In addition to his extensive and over-the-shoulder training, you get Travis LIVE. Travis’ training and appearances are scheduled to begin in approximately two months.

BONUS: Mike Haydon and Clinton Dixson are among the premier SEO web designers in the world today. Mike, Clinton, Russell, Jimmy, Sue and I have joined forces to create a 100% world exclusive Genesis Dynamik skin, called “Director’s Cut”. It is not only the top SEO optimized (and lightning fast!) theme and skin in the world, and it also comes pre-wired for the Semantic Web. And it is, in my opinion, among the best looking skins on the internet today. Once again, in addition to the free exclusive design skin (similar to one of the top theme-skin combinations that sells for $1500), Mike and Clinton give you the training and they also will appear LIVE to answer questions. (Requires an inexpensive purchase of the Genesis & Dynamik theme and website builder, if you don’t already own it, not included. Genesis Dynamik is not affiliated with OMG.)

Listen, I don’t want to put any pressure on you here, but those not getting in will wind up wandering around, on the outside looking in.

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