An Instruction Manual for the
Most Powerful Device Know to Man

This is my super sexy Notion dashboard with both videos and text that you can work through at your own pace or guzzle down in a single weekend.

Inside, I’ve put everything I know about using storytelling to connect with followers, grow your business, and improve your overall standing in the world.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’re getting:

Module 1: Why Storytelling is The Most Important Skill to Learn

Module 2: How to Generate 100s of Story Ideas in 20 Minutes

Module 3: Know Your Audience Better Than They Know Themselves

Module 4: Thread Writing Course

Module 5: The Story System: My Secret Sauce

Module 6: The Story System: Proven Templates for Threads, Giveaways, and Breakdowns

Module 7: Growth Strategy: Get Bespoke Advice for YOUR Follower Count

Module 8: Digital Storytelling Course

And much more!

Sales Page:  https://parkerworth.thrivecart.com/the-story-system/

Download Files Size: 2.35GB

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