Headlines & Hooks Masterclass

Write Irresistible Email Subject Lines, Twitter Hooks, Article Titles, And More

So You Can Go Viral, Grow Your Audience, And Make More Sales—10x Faster.

Headlines & Hooks Webinar
By the end of this 2-hour video training, you will:

Discover the 3 categories of effective headlines.
Avoid the most-common myths & mistakes keeping you from writing irresistible headlines.
Understand the 5 fundamental piecs of an “irresistible” headline.
Unlock a framework to write “hooks” that work for everything (Twitter Threads, Instagram/TikTok videos, Facebook ads, etc.)
Master a little-known technique used by expert copywriters to push on your reader’s deepest fears & desires (without offending them).
Have your own 3-step Irresistible Headline Checklist.
Use ChatGPT to write Irresistible Headlines 10x faster.
Train ChatGPT to remember the most effective headline writing rules to speed up your headline writing process even more.

[NOTION TEMPLATE] Headline Mastery: 25 Irresistible Headline Templates (Anyone Can Use)
Unlock 25 proven formulas (with examples) to effortlessly write irresistible headlines.

[NOTION TEMPLATE] Universal Hooks Swipe File (20 Templates & Examples)
Unlock 20 plug-and-play hook templates to craft viral Twitter Threads and LinkedIn Posts in minutes (not hours).

[NOTION TEMPLATE] 5 Prompts To Train ChatGPT To Write Viral Headlines
Unlock 5 cutting-edge ChatGPT prompts to “train” ChatGPT to write attention-grabbing headlines and hooks (in a fraction of the time).

Headlines & Hooks Webinar Slide Deck
Unlock the exact slide deck we used during the workshop so you can review it, take notes, and absorb all the frameworks we shared throughout the presentation faster.

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