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Welcome to the ultimate course for new social media managers who refuse to settle for less and are ready to be their own boss.

I started as a social media manager in 2019 with $0 investment. By November that year, I’d matched my corporate salary and I quit my job to go all in on my business.


60+ engaging video lessons to propel your learning and give you the skills you REALLY need to succeed

LIFETIME access to the course so you can reflect back on lessons during your journey

8x workbooks to help keep you accountable and focused with note-taking

Access to my epic membership group Insiders Club, where you’ll have 2x monthly live streams with me and a place to ask questions, get support and network with the other students

Module One & Two

Your success starts with the right foundations and that’s what these

lessons are all about. We discuss what your role is as a social media

manager, the customer journey on social plus dive deep into your

mindset, limiting beliefs and confidence-building exercises.

Module Three

Packaging and pricing your services is one of the biggest challenges

new social media managers face which is exactly why we spend an

entire module and 6 video lessons discussing this! We’ll cover finding

your niche, understanding sales psychology, how to use value-based

pricing AND my exact packages and prices when I got started vs what

I offer now.

Module Four

Now that we’ve got our packages, it’s time to sell them! In this

module, we dive into how to sell your services, where to find clients

and what type of clients you should target in your early days of

business. You’ll get exclusive insights into my real client pitches,

copy-paste examples and example discovery calls. Even if you don’t

have experience, what you’ll learn in these lessons WILL book you

your first client.

Module Five

This is the biggest module of the course with 10 video lessons total all

about content creation. Everything from writing captions and creating

the perfect layout through to how to create reels and stories for

clients (or in collaboration with them). What makes this course truly

unique compared to other Instagram marketing programs is these

techniques are all taught in the context of working with clients and

managing other businesses’ social channels.

Module Six

It’s time to take a peek into my systems and strategies for managing

multiple clients and keeping things running smoothly. These lessons

cover how I use Trello and Google Drive to organise client content,

how I schedule posts for clients and how to keep track of analytics

and reporting. In this module you will also get an onboarding

walkthrough and examples of creating a formal strategy document

for a client.

Module Seven

Now that you have your clients and you’ve started making content for

them, you’ll face a new set of challenges. This module dives into

client communication and relationships highlighting things like how

to engage on behalf of clients, what to do with clients that pressure

for growth, setting boundaries against “scope creep” and what to do

with those “ghost” clients.

Module Eight

Contracts, invoices and accounting aren’t the most thrilling topics,

but they’re SO important when you’re setting up your own business.

In these lessons, I’ll share easy strategies for how to manage these

things solo with templates, software and examples from my journey.

Module Nine

This course isn’t just teaching you how to start your social media

business – you’re also going to learn how to scale it! In these lessons

get the inside scoop on what my $10k months look like, how to

increase your prices, outsourcing and more.

Module Ten

In this bonus module we’re going to explore how you can add

coaching and teaching packages to your services. This is a great way

to diversify your packages and I’ll give you the exact steps to starting

this up successfully, plus templates and example coaching structures.

Bonus Guest Experts

It’s time to introduce you to your guest speakers for 2022!

• Kayley Hamilton on how to get PR and media exposure for your biz

• Certified conversion copywriter Prerna from Content Bistro

• Alastair Maasch on how to set up your business finances and getting started with investing

• Arneen on all things self-love and mindset as a business owner

• And finally Aksh from Social Media Sprinkle to get you started with Facebook ads

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