How to HYPNOTIZE People With Words – NLP Copywriti…


  • Roses Are Red,
  • Violets are Blue,
  • Angelina has Brad,
  • Jennifer says, “Boo Hoo.”
  • Angelina Likes Lions,
  • Brad Pitt Does Too,
  • Namibia Game Park is like a big Zoo,
  • Pitting Lions Against Papparazzi Science.
  • You Can See The Headlines Now,
  • ***Tourists Eaten At Angelina’s Hunting Lodge,***
  • Nobody Knows What, When, Why or How,
  • Herds of Photographers Forgot to Dodge,
  • Got Turned into Over-Dressed Cat Chow,
  • Film at Eleven. Oh boy. Like WOW!
  • Later – At The Press Conference Angelina Complained,
  • Of Hordes of Papparazzi Attacking Her House,
  • They Wore Jennifer Aniston Masks She Explained,
  • Security Tapes ID’d Her Armani Blouse,
  • But No Photos of Her Face Have Been Obtained,
  • Jennifer Aniston Halloween Masks Are Being Blamed.






FOR MEN ONLY – NLP Ad Case Study: Roger from New Zealand reports using the Roses Are Red Poem. The one you just read at the TOP of our offer. To get many more phone calls – from WOMEN and men both – for his lawn care biz.

His WINNING ad goes something like this: (We won’t give away ALL his secrets here.)


  • “Roses Are Red,
  • Violets are Blue
  • Has Your Pimply Lawn got You Down?
  • Call me – Roger in to SAVE You.
  • Ph #


Roger reports a WEIRD side effect to his cheap NLP ad. His love life has improved a great deal. He’s getting calls from attractive, affluent, lonely women home owners.


As We Repeat over and over in all our Big Red Nose ring Ezines, NLP Programs and e-books – BE CAREFUL!



Attn NLP Copywriters-How to HYPNOTIZE Readers With Words
Hidden In-Your-Face UGLY Copywriting w/Addictive Words

How To Write NLP Words That Sell to 2-Headed Readers

Dear friend,

As You can SEE, we put a 2-Headed Star-Power-Poem at the top of this letter.

Why did we DO that?

Three Reasons:

Reason #1 – You’re in a hurry. You’re probably at your computer. One FINGER on the Mouse Button. SO – We had to get your ATTENTION fast.

Reason #2 – You’re bored. Now You’re ready to SMILE. Cuz the Jennifer – Angelina POEM is Odd, Different, WEIRD. You’re curious, too, about how Super Star name dropping can make YOUR Copywriting more profitable.

Reason #3 – You Owe It to Yourself. To SLOW DOWN. Take a Deep Breath. Have some FUN. You Deserve PROOF of the effectiveness of 2-Headed NLP Copywriting. IF Angelina Jolie and The Super Rich use very, very advanced 2-Headed NLP Copywriting (In Addition to LIONS.) As Part of their Mansion & Palace Security…





  • CAN
  • Use
  • 2-Headed NLP Copywriting POWER
  • To Persuade
  • Your
  • Readers
  • To
  • Buy.
  • from YOU ———————————————————– Too.


FIRST – LY – You’ve been THINKING, “What the heck is ***2-Headed Copywriting?***” “2-Headed NLP Copywriting” MEANS exactly what it says. You WRITE to 2 Heads. Like a Magician.

You use NLP Mis-direction to distract HEAD #1. (Your readers’ Conscious Mind – HEAD #1.) While you talk to THE BOSS. ( The Unconscious Mind – HEAD #2.)

You’ll Find Out How.


So YOU can do it too.

SECOND – You’ve heard of Eugene Schwartz. One of the most successful copywriters of all time. He attributes much of his billion + word-smithing-success to UGLY Copywriting. “UGLY” gets thru to HEAD #2.

While Gary Halbert uses the salmon swimming up-stream to spawn metaphor. When describing the battle to get your Direct Mail opened. Eugene thinks UGLY copy Wakes Up The Unconscious mind. Gets his sales copy READ. (PAY ATTN. We’re using ideas from both Gary and Eugene here.)

THIRD – You Won’t have Seen Many 100% NLP Based Copywriting Courses. Maybe None.


There should be lots and lots of “How ToWrite-for-Profit Using NLP Words” Copywriting products out there. Cuz the Best Copywriters all USE NLP. AND since NLP Copywriting is Powerful, Predictable, Scientific AND EASY to use.


You know the answer. It’s Because. This Hidden Trance Command Stuff is really, really TOUGH to Explain.

You can’t SEE it.

FEEL it.

HEAR it.



So. Please Forgive the Exta-ordinary lengths we’ve gone to in this letter. And in the “2-Headed UGLY NLP Copywriting V1” E-book Course DESCRIPTION and Content.

You’ll get to PLAY with 100’s of Case Studies and Interactive Examples. With our 365 Day – 100% money back Guarantee, we’re taking NO Chances. You really WILL be able to use 1 or 2 HIDDEN NLP strategies effectively. Right away.

Speaking of Interactivity. Please take the following short OLD STYLE Copywriting Headline POP-QUIZ.

You are supposed to FLUNK.

Even if You Get Lucky and Score 100%. You can Be Sure it’s a FLUKE. Because in the Good old days. Copywriters tested dozens and dozens of headlines to find ONE phrase. That out-pulled the rest. What they did was an ART. (There is no systematic method to Imitate Their Success.)


EDITOR’S Note: You know what REALLY Bugs me? Every time I take this little pop quiz. After not seeing it for a while. I get WRONG answers. I really HATE that. And YOU should too. Because that means we can’t borrow and adapt these Headline Winners to sell our OWN stuff. That SUCKS. Fortunately there is a BETTER way.


Modern day NLP turns Copywriting into a more predictable Science.

You and I don’t have time for all that testing. Quickie Tests of your TOP 2 NLP Headlines. YES. That makes good sense. You’ll find Out How to Test in minutes without leaving your chair. But Dozens?




OLD Style Headline Quiz
Your Job is to Guess Which Headline outperformed the other by a large Profit Margin.


  • 1. A. How to turn your careful driving into money.
  • B. Auto insurance at lower rates if you are a careful driver.
  • 2. A. Announcing an Important Revision of the Bible
  • B. The most Important Bible News In 340 Years
  • 3. A. Smog Slayer
  • B. Car Pollution Shield
  • 4. A. Girls…Want Quick Curls?
  • B. Does he still say…”You’re Beautiful?”
  • 5. A. How To Make Chocolate Pudding in 6 Minutes.
  • B. Tonight Serve This Ready Mixed Chocolate Pudding.
  • 6. A. Popular Secretary Caught Red-Handed
  • B. Hundreds Are Changing To Fragrant Frostilla.
  • 7. A. To Every Woman Who’d Like A Career In Interior Design
  • B. Can You Spot These 7 Common Decorating Sins?


Headline Quiz Answers:


  • 1. – B – 1200% better
  • 2. – B – 74% better
  • 3. – B – 24% better
  • 4. – A – 220% better
  • 5. – B – 66% better
  • 6. – B – 89% better
  • 7. – B – 250% better


EDITOR’S NOTE: By the way. All of the above Headlines will BOMB if pitted against modern day NLP Headlines in the Same Industry niche. So it makes Sense to USE Proven, Tested NLP Templates and formulas. Like the ones You Get In this E-book. So You Can Get Fast, Predictable Bttm Line Results. And Change Your Headlines like you do underwear. FAST.



Let’s compare the OLD way and a NEW Way. The 2-Headed NLP way.

Just Suppose You Had To Write a Profitable NLP Sales Letter Quickly…

#1 – You’d borrow a Highly Profitable NLP Template. (Marketing tests show for every Profitable Headline there are 1000’s of DOGS.)

#2 – You know you have only 2 or 3 Seconds to Grab Attention. Then SUCK the reader down the page to Find Out MORE.

#3 – You Are Aware that some of your competitors are using NLP basics. Just to KEEP UP with the Joneses of copywriting. You have to DO MORE.

Case Study Example – You can LOOK UP at the top of this letter. Do you see the “Magic of Three” formula?


  • I – Poem
  • II – Headlines
  • III – Reason-Why-Introduction words




***POEM – You spotted the � a Billion Dollar Proven World-wide ATTENTION GRABBER Gambit, right? We borrowed Gary Halbert’s 1.00 Bill Letter. Replaced the Dollar Bill with a Poem.

***You weren’t Supposed to notice. Cuz we mis-directed your Conscious Mind with a Goofy Poem. We used Joe Sugarman’s Rule of 3 Strategy too. 3 Headlines.

***You saw the BIG UGLY Words in Headline #1. So Perhaps You Missed the 2 Hidden NLP Trance Commands In That Same Headline.

***You Got Curious IMMEDIATELY. Because of the silly Poem. Perhaps SO CURIOUS that you skipped over ALL of the words btwn the TOP Poem and the Angelina/Jennifer/Brad Short Story coming up NEXT. That’s fine. That means your conscious mind (HEAD #1) missed the fact that the Poem is there to make you just a bit HAPPIER. We got this NLP Copywriting tip from NLP guru – Dr. Robert Cialdini – who consults with McDonalds Restaurants. They use similar NLP. Because happy, smiling people BUY MORE.



You guessed it Keemosabe. You are correct to be suspicious. There is a TON more of the INVISIBLE 2-Headed nlp Magic hidden in plain sight here. More than we have room to Explain now. Which is WHY we’ve written Volume I of our “2-Headed-NLP-In-Print Copywriting Course.”


If my ESP is still working, You wanna know:

“WHERE does All This Invisible Unconscious Mind NLP Stuff COME FROM?

“Who did we learn it from?

“Why haven’t YOU seen or heard about Advanced NLP-in-Print-Strategies BEFORE?

(We Think it’s Hidden on Purpose. Cuz it gives Top Copywriters a MAJOR Manipulation and Persuasion Advantage. Once you know what to LOOK for, tho. It’s all there. In plain sight.)

How FEAR Launched Us Into The Invisible World of 2-Headed NLP Copywriting
#1 – We Got SCARED. At one of the 1st Hi-End NLP events we attended, we spent 6 days in a SWEAT. Guys hopped on the ground like frogs. Women went buk buk bawk like a chicken. Young men barked like Dogs. Then fell asleep in their chairs.

I should know. 2 of these guys were snoring on the sofa next to me. Took about 60 seconds. The NLP guru was grinning at me.

We resisted for 5 days. Got slightly Warped on day 6 however.

How do I KNOW I got a bit warped on the last day of the work-shop? In the car, on the way home, I WOKE UP after driving 100 MILES in the wrong direction.

Here’s How You Test To Find Out If People’s Brains Have Gone BYE BYE
We created this simple test. When you see people Get still. Quiet. Focused. Eyes a bit glazed. You wave/wave a hand in front of their eyes. We did that with the man and woman sitting to the lf and rt of us at another NLP event. NO REACTION. Their brain had gone BYE BYE.

FEAR focuses the mind. We began to research verbal, visual and written NLP Influence in order to create a KEEP-OUT-barrier in our own brain.

AND – We began to ASK, “How can we use 2-Headed NLP Skills to HELP people. REALLY, Truly Find out what they want. Then sell it to them. Offer a YEAR LONG 100% money back GUARANTEE. Offer Way MORE than The Extra Mile in VALUE.

#2 – You too Can read BACKWARDS. Back to front, that is. All non-fiction. Especially sales letters. This allows you to STEP BACK and Take nlp Notes.

#3 – We worked behind the scenes at dozens of 20K, 15,K, 10K and 5K events. Focused on the richest people in the room. Concentrated on what they said and did. NOT on what they SAID to buy. Or SAID to do.

A – (NLP and Selling Written Information) Two finger typist, Dr. Gary North, uses NLP copywriting to sell to a niche of Americans.

B – (NLP Sales Mindset) Thru Gary we got a sales letter from Jay Abraham.

C – (NLP & Consulting) Jay really WOKE US UP. We were startled to learn that lots of the information products we’d been buying. Were from Jay’s sales letters. Howard Ruff offers, for example. NOT the person we thought wrote the letter.

D – (NLP Word Testing at a Profit) NEW worlds opened up. We got referred to Bill Myers. By combining How Bill Pre-tested, How Bob Morrison. and Gary H. – Test Ads before Paying for Ads. We came up with some ways to SELL our Advertising tests. Instead of paying for it.

E – (NLP in Direct Mail and the phone) We met writing genius – Bob Morrison. Discovered how to TEST ideas before paying a dime.

F – (NLP in print) Jerry Buchanon led us to a master NLP Copywriter…

G – (NLP in Print) Gary Halbert… Gary tests his sales copy in bars. We discovered a similar method. Which allows instant Copy testing without leaving your computer chair. It’s called E*bay.

H – (NLP & Charity) Gaylord Briley was a speaker at one of Gary’s Key West events. Gaylord’s level of NLP Copywriting is truly mind-blowing. 3 billion dollars raised for Charity and Non-Profits with Direct Mail sales letters.

I – (NLP Word Systems for BIG Ticket, Hi-End Sales) Turned out that Gaylord was a member of Walter Hailey’s Hunt, Texas mastermind Network. Walter, worth a few hundred million, had started, built, taken public and sold 4 companies. For Example: Walter used a concept he called, “NLP PRE-HEAT” – totally, 100% NLP words – to sell a billion dollars of insurance in 7 years.

J – (NLP & Seminars) We started getting invited to WILD and wooly Boot Kamps. Which were totally sold with NLP words. One group got 3000 people to pay 3000.00 each. Using an NLP soaked game similar to Duck-Duck-Goose. Held quarterly they were grossing 36 mil a year.



PROOF –The Magic of Three– Principle Jet-Propels NLP-in-Print
J. K. Rowling – of Harry Potter Fame – Used –The Magic of 3– In “The Goblet of Fire” Harry Potter book.
Ms. Rowling has had her Biggest Movie Success so far. Because she put a 3-Part-Wizard- Challenge into the “Goblet of Fire” book. (1) Beat a Dragon (2) Rescue Friends At The Bottom of a Lake (3) Be 1st to Get to The Center of a Maze full of Monsters.

Joe Sugarman – Blu-Blocker Sunglasses – Uses The Magic of 3 in all his ads and Info-mercials.

Ken Kragan – Genius Super Agent To Kenny Rogers discovered –The Magic of 3– concept when he started working for the Smothers Brothers. A Vegas Show, A Radio Show, Ed Sullivan Show – All in the same Weekend. They were international Stars on Monday.

Did You Know Hooters Is Using The MAGIC of 3 Principle?

  • I – Hooters Restaurants Sell Food All over the world!
  • II – Hooters Restaurants All over the World Sell Hooters Airline Tickets
  • III – Hooters Sells Food, Airline tickets and Get-Away-Vacations to Hooters Casino in Las Vegas.




K – (NLP and Fund-raising) That’s where we met Linda Chandler – Who uses a NLP Mastermind System to raise billions of dollars. She’s in China now. After raising funds for Intel, Apple, Microsoft and a star studded list of other well known companies.

L – (NLP and Radio) Shortly after that we met Paul Meyer. (Paul owns “Success Motivation Institute” and 37 other companies.) We chatted At an investor conference Just Before He Bought TPN. The People’s Network. Then resold it to Pre-Paid-Legal.

WEIRD But True. The More NLP You Know, The MORE NLP You SEE Being Used By top Companies like McDonalds, Lucas Films and Wal-Mart.
You LEARN nlp-in-print Faster by Using it. We used NLP-in-print and the Phone – to sell over 1 million dollars of Seminar seats and other stuff for people in the above list. Most of the time we did this by writing a sales letter. Then calling to close the sale on the phone. Sometimes the NLP letter or NLP series of letters is enough. Sometimes a prospect wants to talk to a REAL person.

2-Headed Copywriting Adapted to Protect the Super Rich
Lately we’ve been chatting with an entrepreneur named Jake. Jake is a Behind-the-scenes, By-Referral-Only Security Consultant.

His clients are Oil Sheiks, Billionaires, Heads of State and Hollywood Movie Stars SO Famous that they attract stalker-attackers like bees to honey.

How Jakes’ WEIRD NLP-In-Print System Puts a BAG Over The Bad Guy’s Head

Recently – Jake described in general terms how he uses NLP Magic to protect Stars Homes in the USA. Without injuring anyone. You’ve probably heard about the lady stalker who keeps breaking into one or two of the homes owned by David Letterman.

In Saudi Arabia the stalker would be shot dead. (Hey. If they cut one hand off for theft. It stands to reason house breaking might be a worse penalty.)

In the USA. The injured house cracker might actually WIN a lawsuit. So millionaire Super Stars hire Jake to come up with OTHER methods. Invisible methods. Ways to keep thieves out. While keeping E-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y safe.

Here’s how Jake combines Hidden, COVERT NLP word tactics. AND Audio/Visual NLP Strategies. To ZAP the minds of attackers.

When We Wrote This Letter Anjolina Jolie Was Using 100’s of Wild LIONS to Keep Photographers Away. She has the Perfect Sense of Humor for 2-Headed SLEEPY Security Measures. She and Brad Have Moved Into a Game Lodge In Namibia

  • 50 Armed Marines are not Cheap,
  • Bear Traps and dead fall traps will get her Sued.
  • Hand grenades & mine fields make you Leap,
  • Electrified fences, gates, bars and windows are Rude,
  • But JUST SUPPOSE you could put Head #1 in a BAG,
  • Then put ALL the Bad Guys to SLEEP,
  • Now ONE Security Guard can Protect House and Flag.
  • Stalking Invaders are Frustrated without a PEEP.



Here we go…


Angelina Throws Burglers to 2-Headed NLP Lions

A pregnant Angelina Jolie sits at a desk inside a Game Lodge in Etosha National Game Park in Northern Namibia, sipping bottled water, Video Satellite Phone to her ear. Watching the Screen which shows the front entrance hall of her home in London. Brad Pitt looks over her shoulder.

“What am I looking at Jake? – OVER” She asks as she leans forward to squint at the Global-SAT-Phone Screen.

“Your House in London is being raided. 6 people wearing Jennifer Aniston masks just got past the Butler. They’re thru the front door. Into the 2nd Hallway. – OVER”

Angelina looks up at Brad. His mouth is open. Then he starts grinning. Glances down at her. They both start laughing. “You’re joking, right -OVER?”

“No, wish I were. That’s how they got thru the gate. And past the front door. None of your staff could believe it either. -OVER ”

“They spray painted a poem on the wall in the hallway. Wanna hear it -OVER?”

“Ok. What does it say -OVER?”

“Well. My Guard watching the video monitors just read it to me. “I’m Feeling Blue, Mad Too, Angelina has Brad. Jennifer is Sick of You. -OVER”

“Hey, that’s pretty good” Brad says. Then goes “OUCH” and rubs his hip where Angelina elbowed him. “They’re spray painting MY Walls,” she reminds him.

“Oh yeah.”

Pointing toward the kitchen, Angelina says, “Brad’s going to get popcorn. What are those bodies on the floor? The red dress looks like Prada. The white is Channel. Anybody hurt? – OVER”

“Lemme’ Check. I just got here.” Muttering is heard while Jake talks to the security guards. “Ok. 3 bodies so far. Police have been called. On the way. Body #1 – Sleepy gas Maced by the Butler. He ran outside. Body #2 – Pushed the doorbell button with the needle in it. He or she is asleep. Body #3 – Got the answer to the NLP Quiz Wrong. The knock out gas got her -OVER”.

“So the Hypnotic delay tactics are working? – OVER”

Jake can be seen fiddling with the console. “I’m going to switch cameras. So you can see these Jennifer Mask wearing clowns. 3 of them left. All wearing dresses. They learn fast. They’ve got gas masks. They can’t kick the doors open. The pry bar they brought didn’t work. It’s WEIRD. __OVER”

Brad grabs the phone off Angelina’s ear. Says, “Jake. All women? Can you tell if any of them are the REAL Jennifer?”

“Sit down, you goof.” Angelina pushes him into a chair.

“Eat your pop-corn.”

Leaning forward to see the monitor, Angelina says, “What’s WEIRD? -OVER”

Jake pops up on the monitor. Waving his arms. “It’s just like in our tests. The Jennifer clones are acting like the people in our STRESS tests. We didn’t test women, tho. Some are answering questions from the monitor. Others are talking to the guard with the Hypnotic Questions. Seems that the word has gotten around about your NEW warm and fuzzy SAFE Security Systems.

“WATCH the light. We’re going to Test how deep they’re under. -OVER.” The light gradually gets brighter in front of door #2. The security guards voice is saying, “Don’t –GET EXCITED.– Don’t –WAVE your arms.– Don’t –Jump up and down– just because the lights get brighter.”

Quickly all the Jennifers Jump and wave their arms. Beat on the doors and walls.

“Hey – this is Jake. Can you hear the Bob Marley reggae music? We’re going to put all 3 to SLEEP now.

“mmmppphhppppp” Brad is trying to talk with Angelina’s hand over his mouth. He pulls free. Laughing. “Where did you get this phone. This is cool. I’ve gotta get one too.”

“Crunch, crunch, crackle” is heard over the Satellite hookup. As Brad leans over close to watch and listen. The light dims slowly. The LOUD reggae gets softer. The Jennifer doll clone in the white Christian Dior dress slowly wilts onto the floor. The Blue jersey Halston wearing Jennifer clone stares dully at the monitor.

“Not now”, Angelina tells Brad. “Hey Jake. Brad wants to change the music in Hypnotic Hallway #2. Ever hear of somebody in Techno music. FAT BOY? -OVER”

On the Sat-Phone Screen – A secret door opens. Security rush in. Jump all 3 Anniston clones. Put handcuffs on them.

Jake can be heard laughing. The lights come UP. The camera switches to the control room. “I’ll look into it. Never heard of FAT BOY. -OVER”

Brad hugs Angelina. Talks fast into the Sat-phone. “Man, you gotta’ TEACH ME how you put the last 3 Jennifers to. Wish I could have done that with the REAL one. That’s incredible. -OVER”

“Yeah, can do.” Jake says and then waves.

Angelina grabs Brads hand. “Brad.” He looks at her. “BRAD. Can you get me some cellery sticks plus Strawberry icecream?” While Brad is muttering “Oh Yuck” on the way to the kitchen… Angelina talks quickly. “Jake. Do you have a short and looooong training version of what we just saw?”

“The short version is NLP coaching from me. The Long Version is 60 Hours. -OVER?”

“Ooooooooh yeah. That’s perfect. I’m paying the bills here. Send us the Looooong NLP Course. Then you and I will have a chat. – OVER

“ROGER that. I’ll keep in touch. This looks like it might work in more of your Homes. Especially the ones in Major cities. You can’t use Lions in London. -OVER.”

Brad has come back. Breaks in, “Jake – the Lions here are Great. We saw a fat photographer almost get eaten yesterday. He jumped on the hood of his car. Almost didn’t get his door closed. Boy those girl lions are fast.”

Angelina takes the phone back. “Ok, Jake. Thanks for the entertainment. We appreciate what you’ve done. Keep us informed. -OVER”

“Roger wilco. I’ll call you later. At the regular time. This is Jake –OUT”



MORE Entertainment coming up…


P.S. – Remember our 365 day 100% money back Guarantee. All we ask before you ask for a refund is that you Write an NLP Ad, sales letter, article. Use some NLP in print to show you DID something before you ask for your Refund. Send us a copy. Not much to ask.



Your No-Risk STAR-STUDDED Order Form
You ask, YES, Glenn. I’d like to hit the ground running. Make some quick bucks with my own writing. Please TELL ME and SHOW ME. How do I do that?

Your answer, “FIRST. You should only play in sand-boxes or protected niches where you ALWAYS win. Because you can out-DO your competition.

CASE STUDY: A client knows Joan Rivers. When Joan invites her super star neighbors to a tea party they all come. WHY?

Because Joan uses 2-HEADED NLP to Put a Bag over Head #1 and GRAB Head #2 and shake it all around.


  • A – Joan sends invitations to the Stars DOGS.
  • B – Joan sends edible notes. Inside Fortune Cookies.
  • C – Joan knows NOBODY has ever sent a Tea Party invite to their PETS. So Everybody BUYS. They all show up to Find Out what other Entertainment Joan has up her sleeve.



Rich or poor or in between. Everybody is bored. When you entertain them. They buy simply to get MORE of what they’ve ENJOYED before.


ATTN NLP Copywriters-Magic Words That Make People BUY


PRE-HEAT: Why You Cannot Succeed In Copywriting Today Without NLP. Years ago Walter Hailey said this about sales. He created, built, took public and sold 4 companies. Multiple billions. So you tend to BELIEVE him.

A – You Saw The Newsweek Magazine article? About Young Kids Around the Globe becoming Addicted to Multi-tasking? Find Out What it takes to BREAK THRU to them. Imagine: Cell phone, TV, I-pod, 6 Instant Message Chats going, TV. ALL THIS is going on while they’re READING what You wrote.

B – You Know About The Billion Dollar Business in Cell Phone Ring Tones? Only The Most Emotional, NLP filled Messages WIN their way onto millions of phones.

C – You’ve Heard About The Totally NEW Business of Writing Short Graphic Novels. Timed for Japanese, French, English and Americans using Bullet Trains and Light Rail to go to work and back? Go to your bookstore. See the books with pictures in the text.

D – You’ve Been Watching the TOTAL SURPRISE Social Technology Experiment. Even Steve Jobs was shocked that literally MILLIONS of people would down-load video to the tiny Screen on his Apple I-Pod. A New market for words. Mostly pictures, true. But words too.

You see PROOF everywhere that Fewer People Read. Yet words plus pictures are the ONLY way to communicate NEW ideas.

So HANG ON TIGHT. While We Show and Tell You About Proven NLP Copywriting Systems. You Can Use NLP Template Strategies to Talk Directly to the Unconscious Minds of Your Readers.



FREE PRIZE Appendix #1:

PROOF That Traditional NLP-in-Print Won’t Take You Far Today:

Suppose You Wanna’ Write To A Broad Group of Americans with Money. Readers Digest is a good place to LOOK for NLP Copywriting. Take Another Headline Pop-Quiz AND See The NLP Answers. DIRECTIONS: Which of these Headlines contains NLP Commands?


  • #1 – Laugh/Shuffle/Repeat
  • #2 – Win a Trip to Antigua
  • #3 – Enter The 3rd Annual Sweepstakes
  • #4 – Use the Top Rated Diabetes Meter
  • #5 – Call Discount Diabetic
  • #6 – There are all kinds of reasons to own an Acoustic Wave Music System
  • #7 – The floor lamp that spreads sunshine all over a room & Pays for itself!
  • #8 – Never Set Your watch again
  • #9 – It will stay in your family for centuries, it will be accurate for quite a bit longer
  • #10 – The fastest way to learn a language: Guaranteed
  • #11 – Protection, confidence and money back – security by symantec


A – Why YOU Can Start Writing For Money Very Quickly.

B – The Concept of Niche Research and Beating Other Writers to The Reader/Buyers

C – How To Instantly Sell Your Writing To Readers Digest

D – How To Get Leverage When You Write for Money. How to Find, Imitate and Effortlessly write based on HOT themes You find over and over in the Digest or ANY Other niche.

E – How to Adapt Your Writing to Any On-line Forum, Newspaper, Niche inside an Auction Site. For Example: You can’t write the same way to Bass Fisherman and women wanting Maternity clothes.

FREE PRIZE Appendix #2 –

How US itsy, bitzy, teeny, weetsy Little Guys and Gals can BEAT OUT major corporations

ALREADY using Traditional NLP-in-Print copywriting methods. And why you’re DEAD MEAT if you don’t know NLP Writing Basics.

  • A – You get the list. You can see that 10 of 11 Headlines in the INTRO Contain Obvious NLP commands. You gotta’ know what they are. And how to USE them. So you can BEAT them.
  • B – How To Use Double Barrel NLP Commands in your sentences. Front, middle or back. 7 Case Study Examples from the Readers Digest Headline list.
  • C – Your WAKE UP CALL. Why The Majority of people who read LEAST are Influenced MOST. What you should LOOK out for.
  • D – You May Have Missed it. ONE NLP Headline from the Digest Headline List has grossed millions. Has been run in 1000’s of Magazines World-wide. You’ll Get The 4 over-lapping NLP elements. So You can Use it too.


FREE Prize Appendix #3 – How ANY Copywriter – Newbie or Pro – Can GRAB More Attention than other Small Advertisers and Writers. A Gargantuan KEY to Writing Success. Based on

what Steven King discovered

after 100’s and 100’s of rejection slips. And reported in his book, “On Writing.”

  • A – The Most Important 2 Sentences In Steven’s book.
  • B – Why You Should Paste Steven’s Words Over Your Computer When You Write.
  • C – How Everything You do CHANGES when you follow his advice.
  • D – Why most people can read His book and NOT FIND the NLP Master KEY he put there. HOW Your Writing Becomes INSTANTLY Better When you apply it.


FREE PRIZE Appendix #4 – How to BEAT Better Copywriters Using the “Fried-Ice-Cube 2-Headed -NLP-Headline-Writing-Formula”

A – Why The Words “2-Headed NLP Copywriting” FIT The ATTN Grabbing “Fried-Ice-Cube Formula.”

B – Why our headline “Heroin-on-Paper-NLP-in-Print Manual” pulls thru the roof.

C – Why the word “PIG” seems to jet propel sales in Best Selling headlines like “Greased Pig SPEED WRITING…” and “How a Pig Farmer Created 200 Million Dollar NLP”

D – How YOU can Create Your Own “Fried-Ice-Cube” Headlines. An EZ method.

E – No Kidding. Why You REALLY CAN Beat ALL Your Competitors to the Buyers. By Bagging Head #1 and Talking Directly to your Reader’s Unconscious Mind. (Head #2)

FREE PRIZE Appendix #5 – PROOF You Can Control, Influence and Manipulate Your Readers with JUST ONE idea from this NLP Copywriting Course.


Because NOBODY. Or almost nobody in general Forum, papers and Ezines is using ANY Hypnotic Writing Strategies AT ALL. (Remember: In RICH Niches – ALL The Headlines and writing are SOAKED with NLP. The National Enquirer is full of NLP tricks.)

PROVE to yourself that one or two NLP ideas will Give You an Advantage. LOOK at These Headlines from a local Baltimore, MD Biz Paper:

A – Headlines Representing Tens of thousands of dollars of ROTTEN Ads. From a Local Baltimore Business Paper. We DARE You to find any NLP.


  • Impeccable Seafood? You Be The Judge.

Get to Know Us By a New Name

  • Wearing the same shirts doesn’t make a team

Vacation… Just a state of mind

  • Where Value and Quality come Together

Bit size Brain Candy

  • Even When You Sink You Win!

We Changed Our Name


B – POP-QUIZ – Try to Match The Headlines Just Above with the Industries List Just Below:


  • 1 – Golf

Condo Sales

  • A Cable company

Team Building

  • Water Front condo

Another Biz Newspaper

  • A Restaurant

Investment Bank


C – YOU Get to Join Us for An NLP Copywriting Exercise. We ADD NLP to These 8 YUCKY Headlines. When All Competing Advertisers are NLP BLIND. You can BEAT Them all.

D – How to Save Yourself the PAIN of losing 1.6 million dollars. The LESSON We Learned By Watching as 2 Different Millionaires LOST 1.6 Million dollars running BAD ADS like these. (Heh, heh – The Ad Agency for one man forgot to put his phone number into his full page LA, Chicago, NYC Newspaper ads.)

FREE PRIZE Appendix #6 – How Ads In The New Yorker Magazine Combine NLP With Curiosity To Grab EYEBALLS.

A – You Get The NLP Commands That Make These Headlines SELL.

B – You’ll Get An Explanation of how Several Combine 2, 3, 4 or More NLP Emotions

C – Why You’ll Have to Meet or Beat These NLP Headlines to Sell in The New Yorker

D – PROOF That These Ads Are a SILLY Waste of Dough. How You Can Use NLP Words to OUT-sell Much Bigger Ads.

I – Pain Says Goodbye When You Say Aloe!

II – How to Improve Your Vision

III – This Castle Was Home to The Bennets for 3 Nights Last Week

IV – To Do List: Pack for Vacation. Get Tires Checked. Ask Doctor about Arthritis

V – Bring The Luxury and comfort of the Worlds finest Resorts – to Your Bedroom

VI – A Shade Apart – Bermuda – Pink Beach Club

FREE PRIZE Appendix #7 – WEIRD But True Case Study: How a Not-Too-Good Copywriter who couldn’t sell his articles. Suddenly started making 1000’s. Selling the same articles he couldn’t GIVE Away before. We tried his Beeeeuuuutifulllllyyyy Simple TRICK.

It shouldn’t work. But it does. All he does is add a few words. Suddenly his stuff sells. I’ve gotten quite a few more sales too whenever I use the idea. This strategy is Soooooo Goooood. That as soon as we collect more Case Study Examples of results. We’ll sell the idea all by itself! Worth the Entire cost of the NLP Copywriting Course!

FREE PRIZE Appendix #8 – 4 pages of FIST-In-Your-FAce NLP Commands Highlighted for you. In case You missed some of the 2-Headed NLP in our sales letter.

FREE PRIZE Appendix #9 – 2 Pages of ALL CAPS Brain Bullets. Each Case Study is followed by a short explanation. How it was used to magically mis-direct or Attract your attention.

FREE PRIZE Appendix #10 – One page of Visual Mirroring in Print Case Studies. With short HOW-TO-TO-IT notes attached.


EDITOR’S NOTE: You may be a bit SHOCKED that we listed the Appendices FIRST. Before the Chapters of the NLP Copywriting Book. Good reasons for it. #1 – We Wanted to SHOCK you a bit. Plus It Looks UGLY. #2 – You Really Should Get a Basic NLP-in-Print foundation. A Peeeeeek at some normal, everyday NLP-in-print FIRST. #3 – Before you Learn To Use the WEIRD NLP we use daily. For clients and ourselves.



2-Headed NLP Action Plan:

Table of Contents – You’ll Be Able To Find Exactly what you want Fast. PLUS You’ll get Notes – after each Chapter – of Which NLP Strategies are most easily linked. For Quick Dependable Copywriting Results. There is a LOT of Material here for you to PLAY with. We made a BIG effort to make it EASY for you to Find and USE it.

PRE-HEAT Laser Beam Profit NLP Letter Template –

You’ll be Excited to know we went Way, Way, WAY Beyond the Extra 100 Miles for you. (Very necessary when you have a 365 day – 100% Money Back Guarantee like ours.)

Part #1 – You’re Getting one of our MOST Profitable NLP Template Letters. Something You can Send to ANYone. For ANY Reason. You will put Happy Smiles on Faces. Including Your Own. With this Simple, NLP Packed, EZ to plug Your Own Stuff into – Letter Template.

Part #2 – You Get An NLP Letter Written for a Client. All This is Well Tested. No Theory here. You’ll SEE and Experience The POWER of Specific REWARDS.


  • Part #3 – You Find Out How We Adapted A 400 million dollar NLP Letter Strategy FOR YOU. 400 million dollars EXTRA in ONE Year. My Mentor used Postage and Envelopes. How YOU Can Use His Idea – NO CHARGE – Using E-mail. YUP. All This MOOLAH POWER Packed into one siiiiimmmmpppplllleeeeee little NLP letter.
  • Part #4 – You’ll See 2 different Examples of the MAGIC-OF-THREE used in this short Page MAGIC TEMPLATE Letter. So You’ll be able to PROFIT from the billion dollar Magic of 3 Strategy described else-where in the NLP Copywriting Book – Immediately.
  • Part #5 – You Get Several of the Dale Carnegie – “Win Friends and Influence People” strategies APPLIED for you. In the Same NLP Letter Template. We’ll Explain what they are Right Here.
  • Part #6 – Reward A from the NLP Ltr Template – The BIGGEST Lack of NLP Mistake we see. How You Can Give Away a Free Gift or Reward Worth 1000’s without Spending a Dime of Your own money. Directions on Adding Value by specifically NAMING the Free Gift.
  • Part #7 – Reward B from the NLP Ltr Template – 3 Products You Can Give Away. Plus a Free E-book We Give You The Rights to borrow. To Customize and Adapt a Billion dollar MLM or network marketing Golden Rule Strategy. Something we learned from a husband and wife who built an empire with one idea.
  • Part #8 – Reward C from The NLP Ltr TemplateDirections on How We’ve Adapted a Referral Idea here. How a Mentor Doubled His Retail Customer List Every Year for 6 Years in a row. With one single letter. Mailed once a year. We’ve duplicated his Referral System for you here.
  • Part #9 – Reward A – You Can Use it By itself. Separately. It Allows You To UP-Sell More Stuff to Current Clients.
  • Part #10 – Reward B – You Can Use All Alone. To Create a Stream of income for you. A Check each month. Even after the client Stops Buying. Or moves away.
  • Part #11 – Reward C – You Can Use As a Stand-Alone Referral System. NOBODY Else Knows About This simple Direct Mail or E-mail Offer that created 1200 TIMES more customers in 6 years. We’ve used it for other clients. It works GREAT.
  • Part #12 – Pre-heat NLP Ltr Template – ACTION SUMMARY:


Dear friend,


You may feel a bit Diiiiizzzzzyyy. Bubbles in your blood.

Light headed with DELIGHT.

You counted right. You’re Getting a Proven NLP Sales Letter Template that is REALLY 4 Powerful NLP letters. And since Each FREE REWARD is based on a Massively Successful NLP Sales Success.

Your Chances of Success with all of the NLP in the REST of our 1-of-a-kind NLP Copywriting book are Truly Phenomenal.


P.S. – Please Remember this. I enjoy playing with NLP-in-Print. Buyers are welcome to e-mail or call when you get stuck. Since we’ve used variations of this Powerful NLP Template 100 times or more. We might have an idea that will work for you. Don’t be shy. ASK for help.


The Rest of the NLP Copywriting Book contents are outlined Below:

INTRODUCTION – 4 Ways to Use Irresistible 2-Headed NLP Copywriting to Persuade, Convince and EntertainYou get a Definition and Explanation of each of the following Foundation Supports UNDERNEATH the funny little NLP Tricks.


  • #1 – WEIRD Ways to Use Fist-in-The Face NLP Commands
  • #2 – How to Mirror Your readers world and thoughts
  • #3 – How To Create “Emotionally Chewy” Words That TASTE good in the Brain
  • #4 – 8 Case Study Chapters Containing Dozens of Feather-in-The-Mind NLP Commands. Exactly How billionaires Write Headlines and Offers so That Buyers Think The Purchase was all Their idea.


A – Wicked NLP Copywriting Made EZ – Requires 3 Things:

Thing I – You Get An Explanation of the NLP Strategy.

Thing II – You Get some Case Study Examples to Imitate and borrow from

Thing III – You Get an ACTION SUMMARY. One or two things to DO. At the end of each Chapter.


CHAPTER #1 – Fist-in-The-Face NLP Commands:

Does Your Writing Make You Extra Cash? #2 – Are You BORED by Traditional Books and Copywriting Courses? #3 – Are you Tired of Buying Traditional Copywriting Programs that do NOT contain PRE-Tested NLP Formulas and Templates you can Use Instantly?

A – You spotted The Fist-in-The-Face NLP Commands in the 3 Questions just above? Good news. You missed the Feather-in-Your-Brain Commands. What are they? How do you combine them for Best Results?

B – 25 Common Examples That You Should Learn To Use Yourself

C – Why You Ignore Fist in face NLP commands or Resist them like a stone wall

D – You’ll Get BEST Results from Fist-in-face NLP commands in 3 Areas of your offer.

ACTION PLAN: Why We REALLY Plopped The 3 Questions at the TOP of Chapter #1. Why You will want to do this too. In your ads, letters and E-mails.


CHAPTER #2 – 4 Ways 2-Headed NLP Makes Fist-in-the-face Commands Invisible and MUCH more powerful:

A – Habit Force – The 2 ways you can get the reader “Comfy” with your style of writing. The Reason Why you do this? Your obvious Fist-in-the-Face commands become almost invisible.

B – Magic Mis-direct Head #1 – How to FAKE OUT the conscious Mind with UGLY Copywriting

C – How to Put a BAG ofer Head #1 – Create Intense Curiosity from the TOP of your letter. Our 3 Favorite ways to do it.

D – How to Use Robert Kiyasaki Book selling method. Why this is 2-headed NLP.

ACTION SUMMARY: Why Fist in the Face NLP Copywriting takes “Attitude.” 2 Ways you Can Quickly Get The Right Attitude.


CHAPTER #3 – Our Most Frequently Copied NLP Method. And how You can Use The ALL CAPS Bullet Brain Strategy 3 Different Ways.

A – How We Use All CAPS Words to Talk to Head #2 – Unconscious mind

B – How You Can Use ALL CAPS Words to Attract Attention AWAY from Fist-in-The-Face NLP commands.

C – You We Overlap the two. So A and B – Gain Added PUNCH and Become a Powerful Trance Command.

ACTION SUMMARY: The Rules Behind the ALL CAPS method. Why You NEVER want to capitalize more than one or two words at a time.


CHAPTER #4 – The 4 Types of ALL CAPS 2-headed NLP Commands and How to Use Them:

A – Case Study Example: Magical Mis-direction. Attract attention of Head #1 AWAY from the NLP you use to talk to Head #2 – the Unconscious Mind.

B – Case Study Example: Direct NLP commands to Head #2.

C – Case Study Example: How we Turn ALL CAPS into NLP commands that are different from the Fist-in-the-face NLP.

D – Case Study Example: How we Combine or over-lap ALL CAPS with 2-Headed NLP. Not often. But it makes a NICE surprise gift for the readers 2 Heads.

ACTION SUMMARY: Why This is a form of ADDED Emotion or “Chewiness”. It’s distinctive. Powerful and much needed. Because words don’t normally allow you to Express different Emotions. In the word iteself.


CHAPTER #5 – “Magnifying MUD Mirror” Writing – How to Adapt Visual Mirroring or Face-to-Face Imitation of Body Language Signals to NLP-in-Print. Oh yes – You can do with words what sales people do face to face.

As The Road Runner Said to the Coyote, “Meep, Beep! Watch my Dust.” After Brian Tracy interviewed 100’s of self made millionaires he discovered. Nearly ALL of them had a big library in their houses. They read and watch Everything.

A – You too can benefit from Eugene Schwartz advice. Read all the Harry Potter books

B – Why you must read Jayne Ann Krentz Romance Novels if you plan to Make Your Words Sell.

C – You wanna be a Successful Copywriter. You’ll watch movies DIFFERENTLY from now on.

D – Back to Elementary School you go. Why Info-mercials, T-Guide and The National Enquirer are so Fantastic. How we use and adapt new ideas. Hint: Our shortcut for sifting – NOT Reading – 1000’s of pages.

“Magnifying Mud Mirror” ACTION SUMMARY: How We SOAKED Up 20 Years Copywriting Experience in 2 weeks. And you can too.


Chapter #6 – Case Study Examples of How to Hold Up a “Magnifying MUD MIRROR” in front of Your readers. So they LIKE and TRUST you enough to buy from you. It’s ALL about TRUST. If you can’t DO THIS. You cannot Write for Cash.

A – Case Study – How to Use the News in your copy. Name dropping.

B – Case Study – New Scientific Study shows why You Should Study Harry Potter books. Turns out the brain is wired to BELIEVE and Accept – even SEARCH for Super-Powered-Agents. Like Witches and Sorcerers.

C – Case Study – A QUIRK in J. K. Rowling’s writing that ANYbody can imitate. It allows you to Create Memorable (Both heads Remember) Copy.

D – Case Study – 3 Specific Examples from our OWN Copywriting Files. PROOF We Owe Ms Rowling a big debt of gratitude. You too can make your Copywriting more profitable.

ACTION SUMMARY: Copywriting Paragraph BEFORE – then AFTER – we added the “Magnifying MUD Mirror Effect.


Chapter #7 – “CHEW-Toy-Words” – How to make Your Words “CHEWY”. Full of Emotional taste and texture. We’re seeing this used more and more by #1 copywriters. NEVER used at all by less successful writers.

A – Charlie Chaplin is one of the Geniuses Who Invented the CHEWY word concept. My favorite scene of his. How he uses CHEWY – Emotion- Words. (Car-magnet scene)

B – Tweety Bird Cartoons. What to look for: The Set-Up. (Hi-Wire Act – Bird-Cat-Dog) Concentrated Emotion-words.

C – Laurel and Hardy. You want to Imitate how they build and spiral Emotions and anticipation until it BUSTS out of control.

D – We Bring Charlie, Tweetie and Lauel and Hardy together. How You can Change the Meaning of ANY word. Totally. Same words in front of and behind it. Same letters. Same spelling. Same font. But the meaning of that word CHANGES.

ACTION SUMMARY: 3 Before and After Case Study Examples. From this letter. The one you’re reading now. Cuz THIS is In-Your-Face-Invisible 2-Headed NLP.


Chapter #8 – Case Study Examples of how to Create “Chewy” Words That “Taste” Great. Napoleon Hill was a master at this. You can do it too.

A – Case Study Examples: How to Make The Word “Smile” taste 4 different “CHEWY Emotion” ways.

B – Case Study – How to Change The Emotional Impact of words like Long, short, Fat, skinny, Big, Small, Sweet, Red, Blue, Yellow.

C – Case Study – Extreme Examples of How to ALTER The “Chewy Emotion” Taste of words. Jay Abraham and his “Letters and Glue” strategy.

D – Case Study – How Ted Nicholas Emotionalized His Chocolate Store Bill-boards

E – Case Study – How You Can Profit From a Gary Halbert “Chewy Emotion” idea. How We’ve boosted ALL our Direct Mail Results with this. Some Things You can do On-line.


Chapter #9 – Invisible Feather-in-the-FACE NLP Copywriting Commands


EDITOR’S NOTE: Since This is an NLP Strategy Used by Self Made Billionaires. And Is a Proven Method of Getting YOU-The-Prospect To Think That BUYING Was Your Own Idea. So you have ZERO Resistance to buying over and over and over again. FOR LIFE. We’ve devoted Several Chapters of Case Study Examples to this. So You Can DO This Too.


A – (Airline) How Richard Branson Uses “Invisible Feather-in-the-Face” NLP to sell $9000.00 per person Luxury Airline tickets.

B – (Movie Theaters) How Virgin Movie Theaters Use “Invisible Feather-in-Your-Face” NLP to Turn Movie Theaters into Money Machines. Changing the entire industry – in the process.

C – (Choo Choo Train) Why Rchard Branson Was Able to Buy a Money Losing Railroad from the UK government. Turn it around with “Feather in the face NLP” to the afluent.

D – (Cell Phones) Zero to 1 Billion + in value is what Happened to the USA and UK Cell Phone Division of Richard Bransons company. Feather-in-the-Face NLP was used to SUCK in money from millions of people NONE of The Global Giant Telecom’s had tried selling to before.


Chapter #10 – The Reason Why Donald Trump, R. Branson and other billionaire Entrepreneurs RELY on “Feather-in-Your-Mind NLP” SO MUCH.

A – Why GIANT Competing Companies Can’t STEAL what these Guys are doing. Because “Invisible-Feather-in-Your-Face NLP” is below their radar. Truly invisible NLP.

B – Why There is ZERO Resistance to “Invisible-Feather-in-Your-Face NLP”. IF You thought of it…How Can it be MY idea? Resistance to Your Own Thoughts is futile.

C – “Invisible-Feather-in-Your-Face NLP” is FREE. You can Test it out for NOTHING. Then pay to Roll out what works best.

Chapter #11 – Invisible, Can’t BE Stolen Easily, Free – YIKES. Exactly How do We Use This Magically Powerful NLP in Our Own Copywriting?

Here’s How We Learned to Use it. Here’s What We Found Out By Analyzing Virgin Airlines Marketing. Headlines from � page ads.


EDITOR’S NOTE: Dear Reader. You May Be Frustrated when you read this. Have STEAM coming Out of Your Ears. WARNING: Zero, Zip, Zero NLP is visible in These ACTUAL Virgin Airline Headlines. (Which is WHY British Airlines and others CANNOT Steal them.) I’m Really Enjoying Being Able to Type The Exact Headlines I’ll Need to Do SPEED WRITING Thru This Section.


A – Invisible Feather Case Study: “All Seats Must Remain on Aircraft” (English and spanish) Black and white Drawing of guy carrying his seat. What is REALLY Going on. How Branson puts a Bag over Head #1. Talks Directly to Head #2 – Your Unconscious Mind.

B – Invisible Feather Case Study: “Do Not Leave Self Unattended” Black and white drawing of lonely, Glum guy sitting.

C – Invisible Feather Case Study: “TransAtlatic Hair Regulations” Black and white drawing of girl with Bad Hair.

D – Invisible Feather Case Study: “UnAuthorized Bedtime Nonsense” Silly Practical Joke Black and white drawing.


Chapter #12 – How – 8 Billion Dollars Added To His clients Sales – NLP Mentor Dr. Donald Moine Puts The “Invisible-Feather-in-Your-Mind NLP” Effect into short, powerful Questions.

A – Case Study Example: How to Use a 7 Word Invisible Feather NLP Question to MOVE People ANYWHERE. Out of a chair. Out of your office. From Out in front of the TV.

B – Case Study Example: What if you told your wife or child, “Try This Breakfast Cereal.” They’d RESIST. And say “NO.”

We Give You a short NLP Feather Question that ZIPS straight to their Unconscious mind. So they actually “Listen” to you. You have a MUCH better chance of success.

C – Formerly IMPOSSIBLE Case Study: What if you wanted to Get Your Waitress or Your Wife To CHANGE her Hair Color. Or Her Hair Style.

Men – You know you’re DOOMED, right? IF You Give advice – You are Toast!




We’ve been Testing THIS on waitresses. It’s amazing. A 9 Word Question. ZING! Suddenly The girl is discussing Hair color. Pulling, pushing and tugging her hair in all directions. Posing. ASKING your opinion.

D – Sales Case Study – You KNOW it’s stupid to say NEGATIVE Things about your competitor. But…

Just Suppose You had an Invisible NLP Feather Question that Got the CLIENT to:


  • A – Suddenly Consider Trying Your Brand
  • B – Make An Appointment to Discuss YOU as a Back Up Supplier.
  • C – the prospect Starts to Bad-mouth the company he’s ALREADY buying from? So You Get To Say NICE things about Your Sales competitor.


E – YES, Yes, YES – All of the Above “Invisible Feather-in-the-Face NLP” Questions work just great in print too.

#1 – Realtors – Exactly What To Say IN PRINT or on the phone or in person.

#2 – Mortgage Brokers – Perfect to Build an E-mail Message Around. ONE NLP QUESTION. The Exact “Invisible NLP Feather” word Question to ask a client to Get Him to REALLY consider – Hiring You to Refinance His Credit Card Debt.

#3 – Car Sales. Computer Sales. Shoe Sales. Clothing Sales.

What to SAY instead of the deadly-to-your-income, “May I help You?” 99% of people say “No” and you lose the sale.

Instead of a HAMMER. Why not Use an “Invisible Feather” NLP Question to tickle their Unconsious mind.

You’ve Got A SOLUTION. Cuz we’ve got a very well Tested ANSWER. One that is proven and tested to Get People Talking and Thinking. Suddenly You have TIME to do your sales presentation!


OBVIOUSLY – It’s Very, Very DIFFICULT to Explain Exactly How to Use “Invisible Feather in Your Face NLP”. No Way Can We Include it all here. LATER. Next time. That’s ALL we can do here. For now.


LAST Point. You Are buying an E-book. The First of 3 that are planned. There is an Ooooozzlemizing amount of NLP information here. Cuz we LIVE and Breath This stuff. So We’ve set up a Separate Website to Hold Everything. Plus – As Always you can JOIN the Big Red Nose Ring and Read About What Buyers are doing with the One-of-a-kind-NLP Secrets in THEIR Copy of “2-Headed Feather-in-Your-Face NLP Copywriting.”



P.S. – As usual. Your Tested Results will be Added in as we tweak, polish and Add Value to what we’ve Already written into the NLP Copywriting Course Book.

SWITCH to NLP Copywriting – in all your communications for just 1587.00

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