“Discover How To Create Unlimited Traffic That Will Bring In Leads And Sales Around The Clock”


Companies and small businesses looking to train employees on how to use display advertising to maximize traffic, leads and sales will benefit from this new training course that includes live workshop footage and video training.

This product covers all aspects of media buying including the different types of media buys, the companies that can be used for making these buys, the different tools that you use for tracking and conversions, market analysis, etc.  Also included is the videos from a weekend event held by Gauher.

What is Media Buying Sumo?
This is my ultimate training program for helping you generate mass traffic to your affiliate promotions, squeeze pages and products or services – all from media buying!

This training is for:
1. Marketers who are fed up with not  getting enough quality traffic.

2. Marketers who want to tap into the  biggest online traffic medium on the planet.
3. Marketers who want to tap into the  exploding world of mobile media  buying.
4. Marketers who are tired of losing web  site visitors and want to learn how  to get them back as customers.
5. Marketers who want to be part of a like-minded community of individuals  who are there to help each other  succeed with media buying.


Media Buying Sumo 2013 Live Workshop

This live workshop was held in Toronto recently and included a line up of stellar speakers to cover the entire topic of successful media buying. Each presentation includes a transcript and powerpoint slides for download.

Introduction – Gauher Chaudhry
(Run time 81 minutes)

Competitive Analysis – Mike Colella
(Run time 79 minutes)

Ad Tracking Technology – Steve Gray
(Run time 85 minutes)

Banner Optimization – Greg Davis
(Run time 79 minutes)

Media Ad Buying – Steve Gray
(Run time 57 minutes)

Real-Time Bidding – Ratko Vidakovic
(Run time 80 minutes)

Retargeting – Matt Sauls
(Run time 81 minutes)

Mobile Media Buying – Matt Sauls
(Run time 39 minutes)

Questions and Answers – Panel
(Run time 22 minutes)

Module 1: Media Buying
This module will give the foundation to successful media buying. You will learn about the different types of media buys and how you can start testing with a small budget with real-time bidding networks.

Types of Media Buys
Direct Buy
Intermediate Buy
BuySellAds Walk-thru
BuyAds Walk-thru
Network Buy
Sitescout – Video 1
Sitescout – Video 2
Sitescout – Video 3
POF Ads Interview

Module 2: Market Intelligence
You will learn about the importance of market intelligence, which includes your customers and competitors, when it comes to buying media in this module. You need to spend time doing market intelligence BEFORE attempting any media buying so that you have a solid strategic plan in place.

Market Analysis
Quantcast Data
Alexa Data
Quantcast Planner
Using Mixrank
Using Adbeat

Module 3: Tracking
Tracking is absolutely crucial to making your media buys successful. This module covers how to use the most popular tracking platforms to track your banners, landing pages and conversions.

Introduction To Tracking
AdShuffle Walk-thru
Tracking202 Walk-thru
iMobiTrax Walk-thru

Module 4: Banners
Banners are the foundation to any media buying campaign. This module covers the factors that make banners successful and how to optimize your banners for maximum conversions.

Banner Sizes
Banner Types
What Makes A Good Banner
Banner Optimization
Using Fiverr
Google Image Ideas

Module 5: Retargeting
Retargeting allows you to remarket to lost visitors. Retargeting is powerful because it allows you to build second list (invisible list) that doesn’t require an opt-in. The best part is that it is free to build a retargeting list that can also be sold to third parties.

What is Retargeting?
Why Retarget?
Where To Place Pixels
Retargeting Techniques
Sitescout Retargeting

Module 6: Mobile Media
Mobile media is growing dramatically and will eventually surpass desktop media buying in terms of inventory. Now is the best time to fully understand mobile media buying so that you can take advantage of this new advertising medium before your competitors do.

Introduction To Mobile Media Buying

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