Business owners are paying freelancer copywriters rates between $20-$200 per email. And if you learn a few simple but powerful tricks, you can join them immediately…no degree needed, no license needed, and not even needing a website, prior experience, or special talent.

These are big claims, I know. But I’ve seen it happen over and over and over.
Take Lachie Kuchel, a student of my programs. He’s 18 years old, and when he started my program, he knew absolutely nothing about email, marketing, or copywriting.
By the time he finished the program, he had:
Paid off the full cost of the tuition
Gotten 3 clients and one repeat client
Sent multiple emails that earned his clients money!
Here are the full program details:

The Science Of High Converting Email Marketing, where I breakdown the 2 Core Email Types and how they’re used to increase sales and retention.

This is essentially my entire email copywriting framework. How to write them, when to write certain kinds, and the science behind making strategic decisions like “what should I write about”
Every business I implement this in sees their open rates double or triple and stay there over time. Their revenue obviously improves as well from this. 🙂
Getting Email Copy Clients, where I show you exactly who the best clients are,
how to find them online,
how to approach them to start conversations,
and how to close $2,000-$5,000 per month retainers WITHOUT hard selling.
Because Email copywriters are the “Hidden Desire” most business owners have, there’s a specific way to talk to them that unlocks this need to hire you at whatever rate you choose.
But most copywriters aren’t doing this, which means you’ll have a Blue Ocean of clients to choose from!
The Gauntlet: The world’s first sales training for email copywriters.
This is a brainchild of Jex’s and mine, because we see copywriters struggle to close deals when they don’t understand sales.
So, rather than giving you a pitch script (which doesn’t work) we decided to do something better:
We’re running a sales gauntlet. You’ll apply to our private “gig”, get real feedback as if you’d sent it to a client, and we’ll critique your approach, samples, and messaging to make you a more effective email copywriter.
It’s intense, and you might not like it. But it will help you understand exactly what happens after you hit “send” on your application or “friend” on Facebook.
Write for LIVE client projects and receive actual results.
IF you fully complete the program, AND you pass the Gauntlet, I will give you access to something no other course can offer:
I will run your email copy to one of the lists I manage, and you will get real-time analytics and data on your results.
If you’ve ever wondered, “how can I get results for clients if I don’t have clients?”…this is the answer.
You will have tangible data to screenshot, use in your marketing, and talk to prospects about. If you perform extremely well, you may even earn a testimonial.
In addition to core curriculum, which is something no other email course has ever offered, you’ll get these bonuses:
🤯 The “Double Your Retainer” mini-course. Once you’ve got your clients, here’s how to persuade them to increase your retainer and stick with you long term.
This is how I built my copy business initially…just stacking up the retainers until I was financially independent.
🤯 365 Email Prompts: never stare at a blank CRM again. I don’t do templates, I think they are overused. And prompts give you what you really need – something to jump off from and create a new, exciting subject line and body copy.
The tuition for this Elite Training + Coaching is $5000
Based on prior student results, it’s likely that you’ll recoup the tuition, but understand this: nothing happens in a vacuum. You need to put forth an enormous amount of effort if you want to succeed at anything. If you don’t use the content, you’ll get zero results. If you only use part of the content, you’ll get subpar results or no results at all. If you don’t avail yourself of all the resources and coaching, you’re on your own and your results are 100% up to you.


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